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On This Day: 24th April

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Sun 24 Apr 2022

  • The first same-sex dance couple appear on Dancing with the Stars (New Zealand)
    The show premiered on 24 April 2022 on Three, and featured Eli Matthewson (who identified as gay) and his professional dance partner Jonny Williams (who identified as straight on the show). The pair were voted off after the second public vote (2 May 2022)
    Links: The Spinoff

Sat 24 Apr 2021

  • Nadia Bokody: How I realised I was gay at 36
    A few months ago, I couldn't stop crying...
    Links: NZ Herald

Fri 24 Apr 2020

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s J. August Richards comes out as gay
    Links: Stuff
  • Brian Tamaki Supporters Post Online Death Threats Against Jacinda Ardern
    Links: Express
  • London Fashion Week Goes Online and Gender-Neutral
    Links: Express
  • Worldwide Roar Under Fire for “Diversity” Post
    Links: Express

Wed 24 Apr 2019

  • Aotearoa called out for hate and bullying toward LGBTIQ people
    An open letter has been addressed to Aotearoa, calling for a stop to homophobia and transphobic attacks against takatāpui and LGBTIQ people...
    Links: RNZ
  • Free speech or hate speech? Australia divided over Folau sack threats
    Despite Rugby Australia's official hard line against racism and homophobia, many in the country believe Israel Folau is being victim of "political correctness" gone too far...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • The cross-dressing women at war
    A research fellow at the University of Sydney has looked into the often invisible accounts of intersex soldiers and cross-dressing women who went to war...
    Links: RNZ
  • The transgender men and cross-dressing women at war
    A research fellow at the University of Sydney has looked into the often invisible histories of transgender soldiers and the cross-dressing women who went to war...
    Links: RNZ
  • English Rugby Dish Out Official Warning For Supporting Israel Folau’s Homophobia
    Links: Express
  • express Goes Out and About @Family This Easter Weekend
    Links: Express
  • Lesbian Journalist Killed in Northern Ireland
    Links: Express

Tue 24 Apr 2018

  • The history and politics of Eurovision with Jared Mackley-Crump
    Songs that ended wars...
    Links: RNZ
  • Turin fixes legal loophole, registers babies of gay parents
    ROME — The Italian city of Turin has moved to fill a legal loophole by registering three babies born to gay parents who conceived abroad via artificial insemination...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Shanghai Lil’s
    Links: Express

Mon 24 Apr 2017

  • First ever NZ Boxing title won by queer fighter
    A New Zealand professional boxing title has, for the first time, been won by someone from the queer and gender diverse communities...
  • Five women brutally assaulted in homophobic attack
    A group of lesbian women have been brutally attacked by allegedly more than 15 men in Portsmouth, England...
  • The Way They Were: Global LGBTI Rights
    In this, the second of three farewell Politics and Religion articles, I will deal with the question of global LGBTI Human Rights...

Sun 24 Apr 2016

  • Faith forum - Shift hui (2016) (Tapu te Ranga Marae)
    Audio from the faith forum, held during Shift hui 2016.
    Features: Brittany Hobcraft, Christoph Hackenberg, Jessica-Rose Hopkins, Maggie Shippam, Peter Williams, Torranice Campel
  • Participants (part 2) - Shift hui (2016) (Tapu te Ranga Marae)
    Rowan Moulder talks to participants at Shift hui 2016.
    Features: Elizabeth Kerekere

Fri 24 Apr 2015

  • Gay Ski Week Rival Venues Confirmed
    Links: Express
  • Hero Gives Hope to Conservation Crisis
    Links: Express
  • Auckland Outgames to feature 21 sports
    From roller derby to aquathon, football and swimming, a wide range of sports have been confirmed for February's Asia Pacific Outgames in Auckland...
  • Changes in store for Body Positive
    Body Positive chair Ashley Barratt A sharper focus on advocacy and the needs of its members, and a geographical broadening beyond Auckland and Wellington, are amongst aims agreed to by the country's biggest HIV-positive people's support and advocacy organisation...
  • DeAnne Smith wants you to Get Into It!
    Comedian DeAnne Smith is coming to New Zealand for the first time, and she couldn’t be more excited...
  • UK Uni launches drag studies course
    UK: Edge Hill University in Lancashire will offer a module dedicated to the art of drag...

Thu 24 Apr 2014

  • Brosnahan picked up by modelling agency
    Amy Brosnahan with her contract An “ecstatic” Amy Brosnahan has been signed up by a modelling agency, taking another step in her dream of tearing up the catwalk...
  • Jodie Foster marries The L Word actress
    Oscar winning actress Jodie Foster has married photographer and The L Word actress Alexandra Hedison...
  • Out Takes: Opening night flicks
    The 19th Out Takes film fest is the biggest yet...
  • Parody: Douche to Impress!
    PattyBoy has got together with some friends to create a rather silly take on Mika's Dress to Express! GayNZ...
  • The Adventures of Suzy Boon
    From writers Thomas Sainsbury and Louis Mendiola, and creator Roberto Nascimento comes self-made local web series The Adventures of Suzy Boon...
  • The Black Swan Project
    New Zealand’s Mr Gay World Chris Olwage has launched a project where lgbti people can share their art, and their stories of overcoming adversity...

Wed 24 Apr 2013

  • France passes marriage equality law
    France has become the 14th nation in the world to pass a law extending marriage to same sex couples...
  • Tui mocks ‘dad’s new husband’ in billboard
    Reaction has been swift to a new Tui billboard which says “Dad’s new husband seems nice … yeah right...

Tue 24 Apr 2012

  • "It wasn't because they were gay," bar claims
    A Wellington bar owner claims a lesbian couple was thrown out because they became ‘too amorous’, not because they were gay...
  • Couple to lay HRC complaint against bar
    Rebekah Galbraith A lesbian couple is pressing ahead with a Human Rights Commission complaint against a Wellington bar it says threw them out for a kiss, as the bar sticks by its bouncer who denies he ejected them for their sexuality...
  • Get It On! a wall
    Get It On! is taking its message to the streets with a series of murals in the nation’s biggest cities sharing the pro-condom message...
  • Get It On! a wall
    Get It On! is taking its message to the streets with a series of murals in the nation’s biggest cities sharing the pro-condom message...
  • OUTLineNZ appoints new General Manager
    Timothy McMichael (picture: Duncan Brown Hawkes Bay Today) UK-born health professional Timothy McMichael has been appointed the new General Manager of Auckland-based lgbt support network and phone helpline OUTLineNZ...
  • Public Bar claims CCTV proves its case
    Further action by a lesbian couple who say they were thrown out of a lesbian bar for kissing is in limbo, after the release of CCTV footage and the massive publicity the case has garnered has taken its toll...

Sun 24 Apr 2011

  • "So gay" hits Shortland St
    The divisive phrase "so gay" has been used by a teenager character on soap Shortland Street to describe the name of someone she clearly doesn't like...
  • Tait farewells champion chesnut Ready Teddy
    Blyth Tait and Ready Teddy Equestrian legend Blyth Tait is mourning the death of the thoroughbred who carried him to Olympic gold in Atlanta in 1996...
  • Transwoman bashed as McD's worker films
    Chrissy Lee Polis A transwoman who was brutally beaten as she tried to use a women's toilet at a McDonald's in Baltimore says she has been afraid to leave the house since...

Sat 24 Apr 2010

  • Don and Brendon's Civil Union
    Don and Brendon's Civil Union Kaiapoi, December 29, 2007 Although a cliché, I have to say that our Civil Union was the perfect day...

Fri 24 Apr 2009

  • New Family stage set for Wigorama shows
    New Zealand's busiest gay nightclub has a brand new space for its favourite drag showgirls to entertain the crowds - just in time for tonight's special Rainbow Youth fundraiser...
  • Why go clubbing when you can sit and knit?
    As the weather turns colder, Knitter Knatter is an opportunity for gay Aucklanders to get crafty and have a yarn...

Thu 24 Apr 2008

  • BBQ to launch new Auckland bears' group
    The organiser of a new social group for gay male 'bears' away from Auckland's bar and nightclub scene says he's over the moon that so many people have signed up to attend their first meeting - a BBQ this Sunday...
  • Moscow mayor bans May Day gay events
    The Moscow mayor's office says it will not allow gay pride marches to take place on this year's May Day holiday...
  • NSW: Lesbian parents get new rights
    The government of New South Wales has announced that children born through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) to lesbian mothers will have the same rights as those of heterosexual couples...
  • Parole hearing soon for sex-offender Capill
    Anti-gay 'morals' campaigner and former Christian Heritage Party leader Graham Capill - sentenced to nine years' jail in 2005 after pleading guilty to charges of sexual molestation and rape involving girls between the ages of five and twelve - will soon get a parole hearing...

Tue 24 Apr 2007

  • The Vatican's second-highest ranking doctrinal official has forcefully branded homosexual marriage as ‘evil'...

  • A radio spokesperson for a well-known cleaning product has been severely reprimanded by company management after his homophobic comments on Radio Live led to complaints from listeners...
  • AUS: Victoria relationship register
    The Australian state of Victoria's gay and lesbian couples will have access to the same legal rights as heterosexual couples if the State Government has its way...
  • Chch may have first openly gay councillor
    Tony Milne, last night selected as a Labour candidate for Christchurch City Council, says he hopes to be the city's first openly gay city councillor...
  • Out Takes Film Festival returns for 2007
    Finishing touches are being made to the programme booklets, and the official website is only days away from being updated for the thirteenth annual Out Takes Film Festival, say organisers...
  • Russia: Gays pay tribute to Boris Yeltsin
    The first President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, has died aged 76...

Mon 24 Apr 2006

  • Gay graffiti war breaks out in Wanaka
    A war of anti- and pro-gay graffiti has broken out in Wanaka, after a retailer chose to denigrate gays as part of a protest about restricted holiday trading hours over Easter...

Sun 24 Apr 2005

  • (S)He-Men of Ancient Rome!
    Cleopatra VII of Egypt wasn't the only queen known to the dying days of the Roman Republic, shortly before Augustus established the Roman Empire...
  • Art tells the AIDS story in Chch
    Twenty years have passed since the initial reaction in New Zealand to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and Body Positive Canterbury is marking the occasion with a multi-format art exhibition at Gallery 291 in Christchurch...
  • More women needed for Hero 2006
    Greater representation of women and cultural diversity are needed for next year's Hero festival in Auckland, say the Hero Brand Management Group...

Sat 24 Apr 2004

  • "Marriage will survive civil unions"
    Traditional marriage is sure to survive in the wake of civil unions, says NZ Herald columnist Diana Wichtel...
  • Outspoken: Facing the facts of HIV II
    Maggie Barry The rate of HIV infections in New Zealand increased dramatically last year with a total of 188 people in New Zealand diagnosed with HIV last year, the highest number of new cases in any year since 1985...

Sat 24 Apr 1999

  • Rod McLeod Morrison (Wellington)
    Rod McLeod Morrison talks about his relationship with his partner who died from AIDS related conditions.
    Features: Rod McLeod Morrison

Wed 24 Apr 1996

  • The High Court hears an application by three lesbian couples seeking a ruling on the legality of their marriage applications (New Zealand)

Fri 24 Apr 1992

  • The Sheilas Arms begins a women only night (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
    The Shelias Arms later renames to Club 47. The building is demolished in October 1996.
    Links: Fiona Clark

Wed 24 Apr 1985

  • Television news report: Virologist Paul Goldwater interviewed on his return from an AIDS conference (Auckland, New Zealand)
    ref: TZP134526.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Thu 24 Apr 1980

  • Arthur Ball stabs Miles MacFarlane to death (Wellington, New Zealand)
    MacFarlane is a total stranger to Ball, who is later found not guilty on the grounds of insanity.

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