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On This Day: 25th April

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Sat 25 Apr 2020

  • Australian LGBT+ Community Morn Loss Of Constable In Victorian Truck Crash
    Links: Express
  • Nigerian Policeman Beaten Following Gay Allegations
    Links: Express
  • Puerto Rican Authorities Confirm Murder Of Two Transgender Women
    Links: Express

Sat 25 Apr 2015

  • Givealittle, for Suzi Fray
    One of our favourite front-women, Suzi Fray from The Johnnys, has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which she’s been told is incurable...

Fri 25 Apr 2014

  • Meet: OverWatch members
    To mark ANZAC Day, we’re getting to know some of the members of OverWatch a little better...

Thu 25 Apr 2013

  • Marriage equality satire 'quotes' irk Craig
    Colin Craig Conservative Party leader Colin Craig claims he has a sense of humour despite threatening legal action over a marriage equality-themed satirical blog...

Wed 25 Apr 2012

  • Thats So Gay (Wellington)
    Grizz talks to the cast and crew of Thats So Gay about how the production was devised and performed
  • Where's the power?
    Levi 'Nek Minnit' Hawken, Tamati Coffey, Roseanne Liang, Witi Ashby and Hayley Holt come together to talk about Pink Shirt Day and bullying...

Mon 25 Apr 2011

  • Gaga confirmed as baby Zachary's godmother
    Elton John and David Furnish have chosen pop diva Lady Gaga as the godmother for their baby Zachary...

Sun 25 Apr 2010

Sat 25 Apr 2009

  • USA: Man beat transgender date to death
    A Colorado man who says he beat his date to death with a fire extinguisher after discovering she was biologically male has been convicted of first-degree murder and a hate crime...

Fri 25 Apr 2008

  • UK: Jail for terrorizing gays next door
    A British court has sentenced a woman to 150 days in prison and her daughter to two years of supervised probation for a terror campaign against the gay couple who lived next door...

Wed 25 Apr 2007

  • Tamihere, boycotts and LGBT politics
    John Tamihere If John Tamihere wants to continue to spouting ignorant populist drivel on Radio Live, CanWest may find that bigotry costs money...

Tue 25 Apr 2006

  • Resolution to Wanaka
    A Wanaka businessman has publicly apologised to the gay community for using the denigrating term 'poofter' on a sign he posted on his shop door to protest Easter trading laws...

Sun 25 Apr 2004

  • Wgtn gay group criticises Bishop's CU stance
    GAY ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONALS PRESS RELEASE: CATHOLIC BISHOPS CONDEMN CIVIL UNION BILL BEFORE IT IS PUBLISHED A Wellington organisation representing gay and lesbian professionals has criticised the Catholic Bishops' Conference of New Zealand for condemning the Civil Union Bill before it has even seen it or know what is in it...

Sat 25 Apr 1981

  • "Lesbian Liberation" is painted on a war memorial (Wellington, New Zealand)

Fri 25 Apr 1980

  • A group of lesbians attempt to augment an ANZAC Day service by carrying a coffin and laying a wreath in memory of women raped and killed in wartime (Wellington, New Zealand)

Wed 25 Apr 1979

  • Television news report: a film crew flies to China to make two documentaries on Rewi Alley (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Ref TZP27535.
    Links: TVNZ

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