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On This Day: 24th August

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Mon 24 Aug 2020

  • The first ever National Schools Pride Week takes place (New Zealand)
    The theme is "Celebrating Pride in every school." The week is co-ordinated by InsideOut.
    Links: School Pride
  • Dad gets engaged to daughter's ex boyfriend while on family holiday
    One of Britain's "first gay dads" has proposed to his daughter's ex-boyfriend while on a family holiday...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • “Undeniably Bisexual” | What New Research Has Revealed About William Shakespeare
    Links: Express
    Links: Express
  • Netflix Gives A Sneak-Peak Of New Gay Drama Featuring Jim Parsons
    Links: Express
  • Pool Patrons Attack Gay Couple for Wearing Tight Swimming Trunks In...
    Links: Express
  • The Pleasure Police
    Links: Express

Sat 24 Aug 2019

  • Friday Night @ Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Out and About @ Auckland’s Staircase Bar
    Links: Express
  • Palestinian LGBTI Rights Group Under Threat From Authorities
    Links: Express
  • Rainbow Pride Auckland Still Planning February 2020 Pride Month Celebrations
    Links: Express
  • This Friday Night … At G.A.Y
    Links: Express
  • Trump White House Attempts To Remove LGBTI Employment Protections
    Links: Express

Fri 24 Aug 2018

  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post: Chloe Grace Moretz shines in Gay conversion therapy drama
    The Miseducation of Cameron Post (M)...
    Links: Stuff
  • Zimbabwe LGBTI Rights Group Optimistic Following Latest Election
    Links: Express

Thu 24 Aug 2017

  • 2 Texas men plead guilty to hate-crime assaults on a gay men
    PLANO, Texas " Two men have pleaded guilty to assaulting men because of their victims' sexual orientation...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • A 1995 TV show surprised him with his gay secret admirer; this week he leaves prison
    When the camera snapped on, Jenny Jones - the daytime 1990s US talk show host responsible for mining tabloid drama and human outrageousness for ratings gold - laid a hypothetical on the viewers back home...
    Links: Stuff
  • The Laramie Project
    In October 1998 a twenty-one-year old student was kidnapped, severely beaten and left to die, tied to a fence on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming...
    Links: Scoop
  • Transgender Singaporean, friend jailed in UAE for dressing in feminine way
    A transgender Singaporean and her friend have been sentenced to a year in prison in the capital of the United Arab Emirates for dressing in a feminine way, friends and family say...
    Links: Stuff
  • High schoolers attack 10-Year-Old Because of Gender Expression
    Links: Express
  • Jacinda-Mania
    Links: Express
  • NSW Has Lowest Rate of New HIV Notifications Since 1985
    Links: Express
  • Student Life And Experiences: The University of Auckland
    Links: Express

Wed 24 Aug 2016

  • Flash Day RY Fundraiser
    Links: Express
  • Queer Kiss for Jaden Smith in New Series
    Links: Express
  • Local Bodiless?
    In October, New Zealand local authority voters will head off to the polls to elect mayors and local Councillors for another four year term of office...

Mon 24 Aug 2015

  • Family Celebrates 10 years! (Part 1)
    Links: Express
  • Senegal Jails Seven Men For ‘Being Gay’
    Links: Express
  • Yana Alana’s queer, bare cabaret
    Australian cabaret artist Sarah Ward has brought her on stage alter-ego Yana Alana to New Zealand and will perform at the Auckland International Cabaret Season next week...

Sun 24 Aug 2014

  • Whaledump and Whale Oil - a gay reading
    It's been an interesting week in politics as revelations centred on the Whale Oil political blog contained in investigative journalist Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics have been aired, and with the subsequent publishing of some of the Facebook conversations on which the book is based...

Sat 24 Aug 2013

  • Remembering Marcus Craig, aka Diamond Lil
    Diamond Lil Remembering: Marcus Craig aka Diamond Lil (1940 - 11 August 2013) [Editor's note: The following brief sketch of Marcus' life was provided through associates in Queensland  It appears that when he died he was out of contact with any New Zealand relations and the person attending to his estate is eager to contact any NZ kin or friends...

Fri 24 Aug 2012

  • Singapore: anti-gay law to be challenged
    Singapore's highest court has cleared the way for a constitutional challenge against a law criminalising sex between men...

Wed 24 Aug 2011

  • Ghana: Homosexuality 'not a human rights issue'
    Lauretta Lamptey The new head of Ghana's Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice says she doesn't think homosexuality should be legal, and claims it's a criminal law issue not a human rights issue...

Tue 24 Aug 2010

  • Vivien Leigh a "serial bisexual adulterer"
    Vivien Leigh A new biography claims Gone with the Wind siren Vivien Leigh was bisexual – and liked to sleep with male prostitutes...

Mon 24 Aug 2009

  • University silent on gay 'joking' concerns
    Otago University is maintaining silence in the face of concern over its allegedly lax position on co-worker jokes about a person's sexuality, as indicated by evidence in the recent Weatherston trial...

Sun 24 Aug 2008

  • Website gives westie lesbians the Lowdown
    A new website launched this month aims to keep lesbian and bi women living in West Auckland connected and informed...

Fri 24 Aug 2007

  • The provocation defence in criminal law
    Charles Chauvel MP The recent debate over allegations of historical sexual offending and the Child Discipline Bill reminds us that there are groups, such as women and children, who suffer from unacceptable levels of bullying and outright violence in New Zealand...

Thu 24 Aug 2006

  • HRC: opinion timely as inquiry underway
    The Human Rights Commission says the Crown Law opinion on protection against discrimination for transgender people is “timely” as they have just launched an inquiry into the human rights situation for transgender people...

Tue 24 Aug 2004

  • Georgina Beyer and Brian Tamaki debate civil unions
    Georgina Beyer and Brian Tamaki debate civil unions, live on the Holmes television programme
    Features: Brian Tamaki, Georgina Beyer
  • Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki is interviewed about the Enough is Enough march in Wellington. (New Zealand)
    The interview broadcasts during the Holmes programme on TV1.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision, TVNZ
  • The Tamaki Teachings: Brian's messages on gays
    Brian Tamaki Here's a few excerpts from Pastor Brian Tamaki's Destiny Church TV programme speeches illustrating his teachings on glbt "perverts...

Sun 24 Aug 2003

  • Teenagers will testify against Ellis
    Teenagers who have expressed a desire to testify against Peter Ellis in a parliamentary select committee hearing will have access to the financial support they need for legal representation...

Tue 24 Aug 1976

  • National MP Marilyn Waring is outed by the NZ Truth newspaper (New Zealand)
    The headline on the front page reads "MP's Odd Love Affair". The story begins "Marilyn Waring, National Member of Parliament for Raglan, is a lesbian. Her lover is a former Hamilton housewife and mother of three, who left her husband and children about three months ago to share a Wellington love nest."

Thu 24 Aug 1972

  • Television current affairs: sex education in New Zealand (New Zealand)
    Gallery, ref TZP87786.
    Links: TVNZ

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