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On This Day: 6th September

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Sun 6 Sep 2020

  • Covid 19 coronavirus: Transgender man gives birth to miracle baby after Covid diagnosis
    A transgender father who has just given birth to a baby has made medical history twice...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Auckland Pride 2021 Will be a Month-Long Festival 
    Links: Express
  • Historic Peter Ellis Case to go Before Supreme Court
    Links: Express
  • UK Government Under Pressure to remove ‘Homophobic’ Tony Abbott From Trade...
    Links: Express
  • UK’s Strictly Come Dancing to Feature First Same-Sex Couple
    Links: Express

Fri 6 Sep 2019

  • Song Crush: Lana Del Rey, Channel Tres, King Princess
    Lana Del Rey releases her strongest songs ever five albums in, Lizzo hits the top of the charts with a song released two years ago, King Princess is riding a big gay wave of queer pop - here's the latest crop of song crushes from the RNZ Music team...
    Links: RNZ
  • Out and About | School Of Rock Opening Night
    Links: Express

Thu 6 Sep 2018

  • India's Supeme Court decriminalises homosexual acts in a landmark ruling
    India's top court has struck down a colonial-era law that made homosexual acts punishable by up to 10 years in prison, a landmark victory for gay rights in the world's largest democracy...
    Links: Stuff

Wed 6 Sep 2017

  • RICHARD ORJIS salt felix
    New work by RICHARD ORJIS will explore the fundamental concept of connection, and how everything can be perceived as intrinsically linked...
    Links: Scoop
  • Chanel Clark Leaves express
    Links: Express
  • Drags to Bitches Hits Christchurch!
    Links: Express

Tue 6 Sep 2016

  • Kevin Hague on Historic Convictions (Wellington)
    MP Kevin Hague talks about how we may possibly deal with historic convictions for consensual homosexual activity in Aotearoa New Zealand.
    Features: Kevin Hague
  • Drag Wars Duo Purchase Famous Auckland Cabaret
    Links: Express
  • First Gay Bar Since 2014 Teased for Hamilton
    Links: Express
  • Gay MP Steps Down from Parliament
    Links: Express
  • Sweeney Todd: At Last, The Arts are Complete Again!
    Links: Express
  • Tale of Wahine Toa
    Links: Express
  • Youth Service Submission to Homelessness Inquiry
    Kassie Hartendorp spoke on behalf of Evolve Youth Service at yesterday's Homelessness Inquiry in Wellington and highlighted the issues faced by LGBTI homeless youth...

Sun 6 Sep 2015

  • Celebrating Our Multicultural Community: Tips on Importing a Partner
    Links: Express
  • Falcons Win Purchase Cup
    Links: Express
  • Gay Ski Week QT’s Caluzzi Queens Cabaret Night
    Links: Express

Sat 6 Sep 2014

  • After Work Play Time – Eagle Bar
    Links: Express
  • Family Bar and Nightclub Presents ‘B’ Word Hot Tub Party –...
    Links: Express
  • Family Bar Presents The ‘B’ Word Hot Tub Party – Gay...
    Links: Express
  • Glitter, Smoke and The Thin Blue Line – Family Bar and...
    Links: Express
  • SKYCITY Queenstown’s Karaoke – Gay Ski Week Queenstown 2014
    Links: Express
  • Spring Time Fun – Poof Bar
    Links: Express
  • Gay Ski Week to go out with a roar
    DJs Kate Monroe and Adam Love Gay Ski Week Queenstown will come to a close tonight with a massive circus themed bash, featuring Sydney DJs Adam Love and Kate Monroe...

Fri 6 Sep 2013

  • Sth Ak MP: Robertson's sexuality not discussed
    Grant Robertson In the ping-pong to and fro-ing of opinion over whether Labour leadership hopeful Grant Robertson's sexuality will count against him a prominent Labour MP says it won't...

Thu 6 Sep 2012

  • Smoking healthier than gay marriage: ACL
    Jim Wallace Australian marriage equality advocates are steaming after the head of the Australian Christian Lobby said smoking is healthier than same-sex relationships...

Tue 6 Sep 2011

  • Mr Gay Waikato: Ryan Jones
    Meet the new Mr Gay Waikato, the rather gorgeous 26-year-old Ryan Jones who has recently moved to Hamilton from Auckland and loves the big city with a tight-knit community feel Hamilton offers...

Mon 6 Sep 2010

  • The Australian Christian Right Versus Adoption Reform: The "Research" (Sic)
    The New South Wales Parliament's Lower House passed its adoption reform bill, which still has to pass the upper house before it can become law...

Sun 6 Sep 2009

  • 2 events mark Rainbow Youth's 20th b'day
    New Zealand's highest-profile LGBT youth advocacy service is holding two special nights at Auckland's Galatos venue to mark 20 years of service to the community - an Alternative Ball for ages 18 and under, and a Gala night for its older members and supporters...

Sat 6 Sep 2008

  • Wgtn service for Sister Paula this Friday
    A public memorial service to honour the memory of the late Sister Paula Brettkelly will be held in Wellington next Friday evening...

Thu 6 Sep 2007

  • The Spiked Closet?
    In writing my earlier piece on Marcel Jouhandeau, I noticed that ex-fundamentalist and former conservative Catholic lesbians and gay men have different ways of defumigating themselves from the destructive effects of conservative Christianities...

Wed 6 Sep 2006

  • Facts about depression
    Have you lost interest in almost all your usual activities? Are You Feeling: Down? Unhappy? Sad? Has there been a change in your appetite and/or change in your weight, without planning? Are you constantly tired? Do you sleep a lot more, or a lot less than usual? Do you feel constantly worthless; useless; or guilty? Do you have difficulty concentrating? Are you tired of living, or feel that you have no future? If you have answered 'YES' to at least FOUR of the above questions...

Tue 6 Sep 2005

  • Who are the Exclusive Brethren?
    The Exclusive Brethren are a right-wing separatist group of authoritarian fundamentalists...

Mon 6 Sep 2004

  • Te reo takataapui: The new vocab
    Maori TV's Takataapui programme has had to create a few new Maori terms to cover some aspects of contemporary of gay, lesbian and transgendered life...

Sat 6 Sep 2003

  • The Weak "Case" Against Same-Sex Parenting
    Last week, the fundamentalist Maxim Institute tepidly stepped into ongoing debates over lesbian, gay and trans representation in spousal and parental equality legislation...

Fri 6 Sep 2002

  • 'Toolbox' safe sex campaign launched
    A new national safe sex campaign, called Toolbox, directed at the gay community and further afield has been launched by the NZ AIDS Foundation...

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