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Remember Stonewall: Rally For Trans Healthcare

Audio from the rally held on Saturday 1 July 2023 in Parliament grounds, Wellington. The rally was organised by Queer Endurance/Defiance. Special thanks to the organisers and participants for allowing the rally to be recorded and shared.

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  • 0:00:01 - Tristan-Cordelia, Queer Endurance/Defiance
  • 0:03:52 - Elle Brocherie
  • 0:06:35 - Margot
  • 0:09:04 - Anne Russell
  • 0:11:40 - Tristan-Cordelia, official speeches
  • 0:15:32 - Safety briefing
  • 0:16:00 - Will Hansen, Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand Te Pūranga Takatāpui o Aotearoa
  • 0:19:13 - List of demands read by Kate, Queer Endurance/Defiance
  • 0:23:58 - Tristan-Cordelia
  • 0:28:50 - Vera Ashborne
  • 0:35:20 - Serah
  • 0:40:20 - Open mic
  • 1:15:00 - Closing
  • 1:15:50 - Interviews continue after the event
  • 1:15:52 - Reidenne
  • 1:18:40 - Tricky
  • 1:21:00 - Ana Jurado and Belén Cupeiro

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Record date:1st July 2023
Interviewer:Will Hansen
Location:Parliament grounds, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (reference number to be confirmed).