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Summaries created with Generative AI

In December 2023, PrideNZ began implementing text based summaries of the audio recordings on this site.

Gen AI Summaries

The summaries are created using Generative AI, via a customised ChatGPT. The plain text version of the recording (example here), which features names, dates, tags and a transcript, is fed into the Artificial Intelligence language model. The language model's configuration is:

Your role is to create abstracts from the original text provided via the supplied website url, using the Bing Browser tool. Your knowledge is strictly limited to the original text. The abstract must be completely gender neutral. Replace any "she" with "their", replace "her" with "them", replace "he" with "their" and replace "him" with "them". The abstract should be between 300 - 400 words in length.Your task involves analyzing the original text and distilling its key elements into structured, engaging abstracts. Your abstracts should not directly copy any text. Instead, focus on summarizing the main points of the original text in your own words, while maintaining the original text's integrity and intent. Adapt your writing style to be formal, professional, and accessible, tailored to the subject matter of the text.

We explicitly specified gender neutral language in the model to avoid the misgendering of people (we do not hold a list of pronouns for everyone in the recordings). Subsequently, some summaries have been updated at the request of participants.

While we try and check all of the text, some inaccuracies may occur. We are very happy to amend the summaries upon request. Please get in contact if you have any feedback.