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In this podcast Paul talks about growing up in Australia in the 1950s, sex work in New York City, cruising Rudolf Nureyev, serving beer to Marlene Dietrich, modeling in Vogue and being HIV+ since 1983.

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1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, acon (new south wales), activism, addiction, ageing, alcohol, alcoholism, aldo gennaro, alternative therapies, amphetamines, angels in america (play), ann wigmore, anti-azt, anti-medication, aotearoa new zealand, arts, australia, ava gardner, azt, ballet, bisexual, body positive, books, brinley newton-john, california, canada, cannabis, caregiver, cd4 count, chez ivy's (sydney), christian dior, christianity, christopher isherwood, civil rights, closeted, complementary therapies, continuum (magazine), countertenor, creativity, cruising, dance, death, death wish, denial, derek jarman, detoxification, disability, drag, dream, drugs, education, elder care, elder issues, elders, equality, family, farm, fate, film, food, fortune telling, france, free spirit, french, gay, germaine greer, german, gosford, grim reaper (advertisement), growing up, hasheesh, head prefect, health, health system, hitchhiking, hiv/aids, homosexual, hospitality, indigenous rights, interfaith, jean-paul sartre, kaposi's sarcoma, kelver hartley, labels, law, life force, london, love, maori, marcel proust, marlene dietrich, marriage, masturbation, medications, melbourne, minority, modeling, morocco, movies, new york city, night sweats, nightclub, nina simone, pansexual, paris, passport, past lives, personal ad (newspaper/magazine), peter blazey, photography, pneumocystis pneumonia (pcp), police, poofter, pornography, proof of the pudding (nyc), purple onion (sydney), reincarnation, relationships, rex cramphorn, richie havens, roy cohn, rudolf nureyev, rural, salvador dali, saunas, serendipity, seroconversion, sex, sex addiction, sex work, sexual revolution, ships, simon townsend, spain, spirituality, stonewall inn, stonewall riots (1969), support, sydney (australia), sydney gay solidarity group march (1978), sydney mardi gras, tangier, tasmania, theatre, theorem: a dream of change (film), timothy leary, travel, trick, tunisia, united kingdom, united nations, united states of america, university, university of newcastle (australia), values, vancouver, venues, violence, virginity, vogue (magazine), warialda, wellington, wheatgrass, world aids day, world war 2

Record date:12th April 2015
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Interviewer:Gareth Watkins