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On This Day: 12th April

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Fri 12 Apr 2019

  • Folau's career hangs in the balance after meeting
    Israel Folau's rugby bosses have met with the under-seige player, but are still intent on sacking him following his social media post that said gay people would go to "hell" if they did not "repent"...
    Links: RNZ
  • Groundbreaking local webseries in production
    A powerful new local web-series has wrapped principal photography this month, offering genuine representation of Aotearoa’s transgender community in both performative and production roles...
    Links: Scoop
  • Israel Folau was a poster boy for gay rugby's biggest tournament
    Plenty of irony as Wallabies star condemning gays to hell once helped front their rugby world championship...
    Links: Stuff
  • Israel Folau was once the poster boy for a gay rugby tournament
    Israel Folau was once the poster boy for the world's biggest gay rugby tournament, but his career is now likely over because of a string of anti-homosexual online posts...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Israel Folau was once the poster boy for a gay rugby tournament
    Israel Folau was once the poster boy for the world's biggest gay rugby tournament, but his career is now likely over because of a string of anti-homosexual online posts...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Hundreds Protest Gay Execution Law Outside Hotel Owned By Brunei’s Sultan
    Links: Express

Thu 12 Apr 2018

  • Kyle MacDonald: Why Israel Folau's gay comment is hate speech
    As a one-eyed All Black fan and rugby tragic, I don't generally like Australian Rugby players...
    Links: NZ Herald

Wed 12 Apr 2017

  • Christian Rock Music Video Features Gay Kiss in Church
    Links: Express
  • Gay men flee Chechnya as others are tortured
    Gay men are beginning to flee Chechnya as Russian activists say more than 100 gay men are being held in a detention centre, some even tortured...

Tue 12 Apr 2016

  • ‘Bully Tactics’: Republican Hypocrisy
    Links: Express
  • Bruce Kilmister to Chair Expansive New Body Positive Board
    Links: Express
  • Fake Prince Joel Morehu-Barlow Still 8.5 Million in Debt
    Links: Express
  • The UK Government and Anal Sex
    Links: Express
  • UK concerned more young people are trying anal
    The UK Government say they are concerned that more many young people are trying anal sex and are pushing for pornography to be regulated...

Sun 12 Apr 2015

  • Glenda - Butch on Butch (Lower Hutt)
    Glenda talks about growing up in a single-parent household in the 1950s, homosexual law reform and identifying as an effeminate lesbian feminist.
    Features: Glenda Gale
  • Paul profile (Wellington)
    Paul talks about growing up in Australia in the 1950s, sex work in New York City, cruising Rudolf Nureyev, serving beer to Marlene Dietrich, modeling in Vogue and being HIV+ since 1983.
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Lick Auckland
    Links: Express
  • Review: Stroppy Old Women
    Links: Express
  • Swanky Lunch Bargains!
    Links: Express
  • Zakk d’Larte’s 21st
    Links: Express
  • Trailer: Grace and Frankie
    In upcoming Netflix show Grace and Frankie, characters played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin find out their husbands are in love with each other! GayNZ...

Sat 12 Apr 2014

  • Concern remains about prison abuse risk
    A youth-led group pushing for change in the criminal justice system remains worried about the risk of abuse of the rights of transgender prisoners...

Fri 12 Apr 2013

  • Out Takes film fest to spread wings
    File photo New Zealand’s GLBTI film festival will run for longer than usual this year, which organisers say is to make room for “some amazing queer films”...

Thu 12 Apr 2012

  • Flags are flown at half-mast in memory of Corporal Douglas Hughes
    Flags are flown at half-mast on the final day of his tangi. Hughes committed suicide in Afghanistan shortly after being questioned about a situation with a subordinate soldier.
    Links: MCH
  • The smile's genuine
    His face may hurt from smiling so much, but Auckland’s Mr Gay World Andreas Derleth still can’t wipe the grin off his face after returning home laden with trophies...

Tue 12 Apr 2011

  • O'Connor apologises for "gaggle" quip
    Damien O'Connor Damien O'Connor has apologised to the Labour caucus for his choice of words, in claiming the party's list is dominated by a "gaggle of gays and self-serving unionists", but it's unclear if he apologised for the sentiment...

Mon 12 Apr 2010

  • Review: MOS Electro House Sessions 3
    It's not often I hear a cd that makes me want dance in an incredibly over-the-top fashion on my kitchen bench on a Sunday afternoon...

Sun 12 Apr 2009

  • Transgender workshops in Palmerston North
    In conjunction with the Assume Nothing exhibition on display at Palmerston North's Te Manawa gallery, the Human Rights Commission is offering free workshops for and about transgender people...

Sat 12 Apr 2008

  • Schwarzenegger has gay marriage rethink
    California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says that if an initiative to ban gay marriage qualifies for ballot this November, he's prepared to fight it...

Thu 12 Apr 2007

  • Corner 4am and Cuba by Ronald Trifero Nelson premieres, Wellington
  • USA: Gays more prone to eating disorders
    Gay and bisexual men may be at far higher risk for eating disorders than heterosexual men, while women seem to be equally affected regardless of their sexual orientation, a new study from New York suggests...

Wed 12 Apr 2006

  • Sturm case "disturbing, homophobic"
    A jury verdict which found Auckland bar owner Philip Sturm guilty on charges of stupefaction and violation, has wide-ranging implications relating to social behaviour, drug use and sexuality, according to gay social commentator David Herkt, who has followed the progress of the case with interest...

Tue 12 Apr 2005

  • What Transsexuality Is: Definition, Cause, and History
    INTRODUCTION: Transsexuality, also termed 'Gender Dysphoria' is now reaching the point of being reasonably well understood, though many myths and general foolishness about the subject still abound...

Mon 12 Apr 2004

  • The games we play
    The games we play: soccer, rugby, netball and swimming No, Virginia, sex is not strictly speaking a sport...

Fri 12 Apr 1985

  • A public meeting is held on the North Shore to debate homosexual law reform (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
  • Television news report: church groups support homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    Features interviews with Reverend Peter Beck and Geoff Hill. Eyewitness news, ref F80139.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
  • Television news report: public meetings are held on homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    Features an interview with MP Geoff Braybrooke and reports on the Council of Churches voting in favour of reform. 6.30pm news Top Half, ref F57595.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
  • Television news: interview with Freddie Mercury and Queen (New Zealand)
    Ref TZM4869 and TZM4870.
    Links: TVNZ (1), TVNZ (2)
  • Television: gay activist Peter Wall interviewed about the meeting of opponents to homosexual law reform, which he disrupted (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP134039.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television: interview with rock group Queen before their Auckland concert (Auckland, New Zealand)
    ref: TZP448217.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television: National Council of Churches executive meeting will discuss homosexual law reform (Christchurch, New Zealand)
    ref: TZP129576.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Mon 12 Apr 1976

  • Television feature: Big Brother, Little Sister by Witi Ihimaera (New Zealand)
    Winners and Losers, ref TZD569.
    Links: TVNZ

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