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On This Day: 2nd August

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Sun 2 Aug 2020

  • Rūrangi (Civic Square, Wellington)
    Following the Wellington premiere of the web series/film Rurangi on 2 August 2020, Elz Carrad (lead actor), Max Currie (co-producer and series director) and Craig Gainsborough (producer) talk about the production.
    Features: Craig Gainsborough, Elz Carrad, Max Currie

Fri 2 Aug 2019

  • Government to remove birth certificate gender change fee
    Changing the sex marker on a birth certificate is now free for transgender and non-binary Kiwis...
    Links: Stuff
  • Govt to remove birth certificate gender change fee
    Changing the sex marker on a birth certificate is now free for transgender and non-binary Kiwis...
    Links: Stuff
  • The Week In Review for week ending Fri Aug 2 2019
    A review of the week's news including...
    Links: RNZ

Thu 2 Aug 2018

  • Tell me about your thesis
    Dr Quentin Allan from AUT tells us about his thesis looking at gay men coming out later in life...
    Links: RNZ
  • Trans designer Cecilia Kang steps onto the NZ couture scene
    Trans designer Cecilia Kang steps onto the NZ couture scene DATE: 03/08/2018 Invited by New Zealand Fashion Week to reveal her collection as part of the ‘Emerging Couture – New Generation’ show, Cecilia Kang is a self-taught designer with an eye for ...
    Links: Scoop

Wed 2 Aug 2017

  • 'We worked so hard to bring him into this world': Transgender man gives birth to boy
    A transgender man living in Portland, Oregon, has given birth to a boy with his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Retired military officers slam Trump's transgender ban
    Fifty-six retired US generals, admirals and senior officers say the ban on transgender people serving in the military would be disruptive and degrade readiness...
    Links: RNZ
  • HIV epidemic in Philippines reaches critical level
    Links: Express

Tue 2 Aug 2016

  • Cough Twice with Stu Cook
    Links: Express
  • Hari Nef: First Trans Covergirl for ELLE
    Links: Express
  • ISIS celebrate Orlando shooting
    Links: Express
  • Realty Realities: Will I Ever Own my Own Home?
    Links: Express
  • The Perfect Kitchen, The Perfect Life
    Links: Express
  • When The Law Works for You
    Links: Express
  • The Controversy of Strip Searching
    Once again this year, trans prisoner rights have come into the spotlight, most recently a young woman and ex-inmate revealed that she had been groped on more than one occasion during a strip search...

Sun 2 Aug 2015

  • TPPA: A bad deal for people with HIV?
    Since the eighties and the fall of Muldoon, political orthodoxy has generally held that free trade is good for the New Zealand economy, dismantling unfair subsidies and protectionist tariff barriers- but is the forthcoming Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) going to make life more difficult for people living with HIV/AIDS? At present, Medsafe and Pharmac regulate the purchase and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices between them...

Sat 2 Aug 2014

  • Dance Floor Confessional – Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Pushing Boundaries – Poof bar
    Links: Express
  • Shower Power – Legend Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Ugandan Pride to follow crucial ruling
    Gay rights campaigners celebrate the ruling...

Fri 2 Aug 2013

  • Study: One per cent of NZ students are trans
    One per cent of New Zealand students have reported they are trans, after a question on gender identity was included in an important Auckland University survey for the first time...

Thu 2 Aug 2012

  • Wall's marriage bill tipped to pass first reading
    Radio New Zealand believes Louisa Wall’s marriage equality bill will have enough support to pass its first reading...

Tue 2 Aug 2011

  • The Republican Presidential race
    In an earlier article, I profiled three religious conservative US Republican presidential contenders...

Mon 2 Aug 2010

  • Teen in court over police officer's death
    Denis Phillips 10...

Sun 2 Aug 2009

  • No marriage, no CUs for Aussie gays
    Australia's Labour government has agreed to a review of relationship recognition for same-sex couples, but conceded no ground on marriage or federal civil unions...

Sat 2 Aug 2008

  • Louisa Wall set for lesbian business meet
    Labour's Maori lesbian MP is scheduled to speak about experiences in Parliament at the next meeting of the Auckland Lesbian Business Association...

Thu 2 Aug 2007

  • UniQ Otago plans Dunedin's Pride Week
    Dunedin Pride Week returns on 8th–16th September, and UniQ Otago says it's going to be huge, diverse, entertaining and informative...

Wed 2 Aug 2006

  • Crown Law releases an opinion saying that transgender people are already protected under the existing human rights legislation of New Zealand (New Zealand)
    MP Georgina Beyer had introduced the Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill in 2004 which would have offered specific protection from discrimination on the grounds of gender identity. However, Crown Law felt that transgender people could make complaints about discrimination under the ground of 'sex'. The legal opinion was also backed by the Human Rights Commission.
    Links: Hansard, Human Rights Commission
  • Time for NZAF Board to hear community voices
    However you see the issues raised by the wide-ranging consultation document, we urge you to get involved and make your voice heard RIGHT NOW! We should start by admitting that this is somewhat past the time for the gay media's voice to be heard on the subject of the review of the constitution of the NZ AIDS Foundation...

Tue 2 Aug 2005

  • Triangle TV increases coverage
    On the seventh anniversary of it's inaugral broadcast yesterday, Auckland's community television station, Triangle Television, also commenced broadcasting from BCL's Pinehill site on the North Shore...

Mon 2 Aug 2004

  • Timaru's limits of tolerance
    Debate is raging in local media about the level of discrimination against gays in Timaru after the arrest of five men at the Port Loop Road toilets for offensive behaviour...

Sat 2 Aug 2003

  • Childrens testimonies will be published
    CYFS has failed to halt the publication of childrens' testimonies from the Peter Ellis case in newspapers nationwide tomorrow...

Thu 2 Aug 2001

  • What the Bible Says About Homosexuality
    In biblical times, same-gender sexual interactions could take many forms...

Sun 2 Aug 1998

  • Television current affairs: Chris Arneson is being denied his US pension because of his HIV status (New Zealand)
    Arneson cannot return to the US to collect his pension because his HIV status is regarded under US law as "loathsome and contagious". 20/20, ref F36788.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Tue 2 Aug 1994

  • Richard Leonard kills ex-Aucklander Stephen Dempsey with a crossbow. (Sydney, Australia)
    Leonard later claims it as was an act of self-defence after Dempsey propositioned him. Leonard was finally captured, tried and found guilty of two murders and sentenced to life in prison.
    Links: Forensic Investigators

Tue 2 Aug 1988

  • Television news report: the Government is going to increase spending on AIDS prevention (New Zealand)
    Eyewitness news, ref F94406.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Fri 2 Aug 1918

  • The Colonist reports on the Noel Pemberton Billing libel case in the United Kingdom (New Zealand)
    Billing had implied that the actress Maud Allan was a lesbian associate of German sympathisers. The news report also mentions the Berlin Black Book. It's claimed that the Germans are blackmailing 47,000 highly placed "British perverts". The alleged aim is to exterminate the "manhood of Britain" by luring men into homosexual acts.
    Links: Papers Past, Wikipedia

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