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On This Day: 9th January

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Thu 9 Jan 2020

  • Kiwi looking for love used as 'money mule' by international crime syndicate
    It might surprise some to know a 56-year-old beneficiary from Gore played a vital role in an international cyber-crime syndicate...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Michael Stevens to Depart Rainbow Tick
    Links: Express

Wed 9 Jan 2019

  • Auckland Pride Announce Date for ‘March’ to Replace Parade
    Links: Express

Tue 9 Jan 2018

  • Australia's first ever same-sex marriage
    Today the first crop of legal gay weddings took place around Australia, a month after it became the 26th country to allow same-sex marriage...
    Links: Stuff
  • Gays marry in midnight wedding ceremonies across Australia
    CANBERRA, Australia — Same-sex couples have married in midnight ceremonies across Australia after the last legal impediment to gay marriage expired...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • India's top court to re-examine gay rights
    India's top court said it will re-examine its earlier decision not to strike down a colonial-era law that makes homosexual acts punishable by up to 10 years in prison...
    Links: Stuff
  • A trip to Charlie’s Laundry
    Links: Express
  • Ask Agony Uncle Eli
    Links: Express
  • Come Out With Olly
    Links: Express
  • Foodie Bites
    Links: Express

Mon 9 Jan 2017

  • Shanghai Lil’s Moving to K’ Road
    Links: Express
  • Update on Coachella’s Owner’s Stance on LGBT+
    Links: Express

Sat 9 Jan 2016

  • Staircase 'originals' to feature at reunion party
    Two years after they first came together for a reunion party some of the big names of the fondly remembered Staircase glbti nightclub will return next month for another glittering party recreating some of the ambience of the original venue...

Fri 9 Jan 2015

  • Kid Rock Comes Out
    Links: Express
  • Ladyhawke Tying The Knot in Masterton
    Links: Express
  • Pride VIP Glam Stand Returns For 2015 Parade
    Links: Express
  • Tickets on sale for Parade Glamstand
    Hosts Suzanne Paul and Miss Ribena Tickets are now on sale for the Auckland Pride Parade's GlamStand, which will be hosted by Miss Ribena and Suzanne Paul...

Thu 9 Jan 2014

  • Security coming for next Vinegar Hill NYE
    This vehicle's window was smashed There will be security and a police presence at Vinegar Hill for the next New Year’s Eve, after complaints from campers about vandalism and theft as they saw 2014 in...

Wed 9 Jan 2013

  • Mr Gay New Zealand 2013 contestants sought
    Mr Gay World and Mr Gay NZ Andy Derleth The organisers of the 2013 Mr Gay New Zealand competition are looking for entrants, who want the chance to represent New Zealand on the world stage...

Mon 9 Jan 2012

  • Tropical Fruits presents Tribe – NYE11
    A party can be in a gorgeous venue with idyllic lighting and spellbinding music but it’s nothing without the right crowd...

Sun 9 Jan 2011

  • Ditto teams up with Tea to write memoir
    Musician and lesbian diva Beth Ditto is teaming up with award-winning queer author Michelle Tea to pen her memoir, Coal To Diamonds...

Sat 9 Jan 2010

  • High-placed Irish homophobe admits adultery
    The stridently anti-gay and born-again Christian wife of Ireland's First Minister has publicly admitted having had an adulterous affair with a younger man...

Fri 9 Jan 2009

  • Waterfront Wigs to raise breast cancer cash
    Auckland's Wigs on the Waterfront day of drag shows at the Viaduct Basin will return this February, with organizers proud to announce this year's event will raise funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation...

Wed 9 Jan 2008

  • The Best Queer Reads of 2007
    Literary detective Claire Gummer reveals her favourite books of the past year...

Tue 9 Jan 2007

  • Taupo attack anger:
    A former Taupo man says the police have been inactive and deceitful in investigating an alleged ‘homophobic mob attack' on him and his brother...

Mon 9 Jan 2006

  • Gay MP defends Exclusive Brethren
    Openly gay National MP Chris Finlayson admits that likening public criticism of the Exclusive Brethren to anti-Semitism in a speech he made in November defending the Exclusive Brethren was a bit hyperbolic...

Sun 9 Jan 2005

  • Phantom suffers at hands of hit and miss director
    Phantom Of The Opera Dir: Joel Schumacher, 143 mins Reviewed by Chris Banks The films of gay director Joel Schumacher have always been hit and miss affairs...

Sun 9 Jan 1966

  • Carmen Rupe is arrested with behaving in an offensive manner in a public place (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The offensive manner was because Carmen was wearing female clothing: a black frock, black silk stockings and high-heeled shoes. "His face was made up with cosmetics and his hair was dressed in a feminine style."
    Links: WorldCat, Google Books

Tue 9 Jan 1923

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