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On This Day: 8th January

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Sat 8 Jan 2022

  • 'No words': Openly gay footballer Joshua Cavallo calls out homophobic abuse
    Adelaide United footballer Joshua Cavallo has called out homophobic abuse he says was directed at him during Saturday night's A-League match against Melbourne Victory at AAMI Park...
    Links: NZ Herald

Fri 8 Jan 2021

  • Disturbing Details Of Conversion Therapy Recounted By Gay Man In USA
    Links: Express
  • Man Who Murdered Three Gay Men in UK, Motivated by “Violent...
    Links: Express
  • Whanganui Launch Their 3rd Annual Pride Week
    Links: Express

Wed 8 Jan 2020

  • 'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves unveils amazing new look
    Rodrigo Alves is known as the "Human Ken Doll" after spending close to $1 million on cosmetic procedures...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Court Upholds 2016 Ruling Making Homosexuality Legal In Belize
    Links: Express

Tue 8 Jan 2019

  • Auckland Rainbow Community Church’s Peter Lineham Made a Member of NZ...
    Links: Express
  • Ellen DeGeneres Facing Backlash After Supporting and Promoting Kevin Hart
    Links: Express
  • New Years Eve: URGE!
    Links: Express
  • Out and About With express: New Years Eve @ Eagle Bar
    Links: Express

Mon 8 Jan 2018

  • India's top court to re-examine gay rights
    NEW DELHI — India's top court on Monday said it will re-examine its earlier decision not to strike down a colonial-era law that makes homosexual acts punishable by up to 10 years in prison...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Muay Thai fighter 'Nong Rose’ first transgender to enter ring in France
    A 21-year-old transgender Muay Thai fighter was the first to enter the ring in a professional fight in France this week...
    Links: Stuff
  • India’s Openly Gay Prince Opens Palace to Vulnerable LGBT+ People
    Links: Express
  • Queer Couple Abused on NYE Aussie Flight
    Links: Express
  • Straight Couple Crowned Queens of Vinegar Hill
    Links: Express

Sun 8 Jan 2017

  • Embracing change, activism and conflict
    All events evolve with time, they have to to remain relevant and interesting...

Fri 8 Jan 2016

  • Fears held for Nemo, glbti community photographer
    Neleema (Nemo) Craig Grave fears are held for the well-being of a young lesbian woman who several years ago became a fixture of the Auckland glbti scene...
  • GALS festival hosts singers from over Aus and NZ
    This February Gay Bringing together LGBTI singing groups and individual singers from all over Australia and New Zealand, the festival is a chance to hear more than 150 singers on stage...
  • GLBTI Lives: Grant Robertson
    Rainbow Labour MP, Grant Robertson, is the next up for our summer series profiling the great LGBTI leaders and community personalities...
  • ILGA Oceania calling for AGM agenda items
    The second inaugural Regional Conference of the ILGA Oceania Region is set to take place this March and organisers are now calling for agenda items from member organisations...
  • Trans man "humilated" at AUS airport
    A transgender man says he was humiliated by airport staff in Australia who forcibly removed his prosthetic penis...

Thu 8 Jan 2015

  • More Details Emerge on Ihaia Gillman Harris Murder
    Links: Express
  • Winslet in Russell? A Lazy Adventure
    Links: Express
  • Coming to 2015!
    A Rainbow Sport and Culture Weekend, Auckland Pride Festival, Out in the Park and Gay Ski Week are major events already lined up for 2015...

Wed 8 Jan 2014

  • Army man with special place in history dies
    A pro law reform march (File Photo) A gay former high-ranking member of the army who played a unique part in the Homosexual Law Reform fight has died...
  • Dying US marine given honourable discharge
    OutServe-SLDN A 79-year-old man dying from cancer’s military service record has been changes from ‘undesirable’ to honourable, 58 years after he was thrown out of the US Marine Corps for being gay...
  • Lily Tomlin marries longtime love on NYE
    The couple has been together for four decades Actress Lily Tomlin has married her partner of 42 years, writer Jane Wagner, in a New Year’s Eve wedding...
  • Rocky coming to Auckland Pride Festival
    Antici…pation is set to be high for simultaneous city-wide screenings of cult flick The Rocky Horror Picture Show during the Auckland Pride Festival...
  • Stephen Fry's Out There, part two
    In the second part of Stephen Fry's Out There documentary he discovers what life is like for gay people in Brazil, Russia and India...

Tue 8 Jan 2013

  • Ali Mau to co-host TVNZ's new show Seven Sharp
    Ali Mau Ali Mau will be one of the hosts of the new TV One current affairs show Seven Sharp, which is replacing Close Up...
  • NZ Writing: Rainbow town and Jesus land
    Fag! Sissy! He called me every name in the book before he got around to throwing punches...
  • Polygamy claims "wrong, far-fetched, misleading"
    Louisa Wall Louisa Wall is refuting the latest claims that marriage equality will somehow lead to polygamy, pointing out no country which has legalised polygamy recognises marriage equality – and the 11 countries that have legalised marriage equality outlaw polygamy...

Sun 8 Jan 2012

  • Unions see Wellington labelled nation's gay capital
    Wellington has been labelled "the country's gay capital" due to figures showing the city has the highest number of civil unions per head of population...

Sat 8 Jan 2011

  • Aussie cricketers are "poofters", guest says
    Carmen Callil BBC is being criticised after a guest on one of its shows described the much-maligned Australian cricket team as "poofters" for having dyed hair...
  • Aussies rally global support for marriage
    Australian marriage equality advocates are seeking help from overseas, as a YouTube channel designed to persuade the nation's Prime Minister to support equality has been set up...
  • Bear City heading to the Garden City
    The organisers of Auckland's Gay Film Nights are taking their reels on the road, hosting a Christchurch screening of Bear City...
  • Film review: The Kids Are Alright
    Annette Bening and Julliane Moore as Nic and Jules From turkey basters to the 'daddy blues', it sometimes seems like every single TV show or movie which has a lesbian storyline has to delve into the tribulations of two women having a baby...

Fri 8 Jan 2010

  • 'Dan the Good Fairy' starts on Chch's Plains FM
    The gay show on Christchurch's Plains 96...
  • 'Kosmo Krator' - A Stolen Identity
    Almost every day for over eight years, a 44-year-old Christchurch man has been on the internet, gaining online friends by passing himself off as attractive and sporty 20-something 'Kosmo Krator'...
  • New Jersey Senate rejects marriage equality
    New Jersey's state Senate has defeated a bill to legalise gay marriage, by 20 votes to 14...

Thu 8 Jan 2009

  • Beach sex concerns gay Nelson group
    Nelson's long-running gay men's group has told the Nelson Mail that Rabbit Island is often used as a meeting place for gay men, but sex on the beach is "not on"...
  • It's been a summer of 11,000 condoms
    Gay men's health promoters say they've given out a total of 11,000 condom and lube packs in homo hotspots around New Zealand over the Christmas and New Year break...
  • Queer bands unite after Big Day Out
    A party after Auckland's biggest live music event will feature four up-and-coming bands from the queer music scene...
  • Seattle gay bars threatened with ricin attacks
    Eleven gay bar managers in Seattle have received letters warning them that their patrons will be attacked with a deadly poison in coming days...

Tue 8 Jan 2008

  • Fight ends in millionare partner's death
    A millionaire gay businessman is dead and his business and life partner charged with murder after a fight in their Perth penthouse apartment at the weekend...
  • US Republican Identity Crisis?
    The US Republican Party's 'Elephant' logo The United States and New Zealand both have general elections this year- but why is the US Republican Party in a tangle about its frontrunner presidential candidates? For almost thirty years, the US Republican Party has been an unholy mixture of militant fundamentalist Protestants and fiscal conservatives who want to slash central government spending (except on defence)...

Mon 8 Jan 2007

  • UK: HIV+ gay men taking risks
    New research indicates that HIV-positive gay men in north-east London are more likely than HIV-positive black African heterosexual men and women to engage in risky sexual behaviour...
  • Youth Hui's busy schedule announced
    A busy weekend is planned for more than 50 young LBGT community leaders, and there's still time to register to join them...

Sun 8 Jan 2006

  • Security guards at an international cricket game stop two women from kissing (Napier, New Zealand)
    The kiss had screened on McLean Park's big-screen monitor to a cheering crowd. A guard allegedly told the women that they were distracting the crowd, and would be thrown out if they did it again. A spokesman for the company later told media that the kiss "was inflammatory" and had "upset two of my more sensitive staff. It got the boys riled up, to be honest."
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Gay MP defends the Exclusive Brethren
    Chris Finlayson Was an openly gay National MP's speech defending the Exclusive Brethren misguided idealism, a creepy toeing of the party line, or a genuine plea for tolerance? It's late November 2005, and only a week out from the Parliamentary vote on the anti-gay Marriage (Gender Clarification) Bill...

Sat 8 Jan 2005

  • Child abuse at Vinegar Hill
    This year's gay celebrations at Vinegar Hill were sadly marred by child abuse...
  • New Years Honours: For services to the glbt communities

Sun 8 Jan 1995

Thu 8 Jan 1987

Sat 8 Jan 1977

  • A meeting is held to set up the National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand (New Zealand)

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