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Georgina Beyer

In this podcast Georgina remembers some of the clubs, venues and personalities in Wellington from the mid-1970s and her time in Auckland in the 1980s. Georgina has also recorded a life history and interviews about significant legislation (prostitution reform, civil unions and foreshore and seabed) and memorable moments.

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10 o'clock closing, 1970s, 1980s, alcohol license, alfies (auckland), ali baba's nightclub (aka the cave, wellington), anita daniels, aotearoa new zealand, arrest, art-a-rama, art-a-rama of poses, arthur baysting, auckland, australia, batique, bedroom gymnastics, big teds, billie holiday, bistro bar (royal oak hotel), bloomers review (alfies), boarding house, breast augmentation, brett sheppard, brian le gros, burgundy's (auckland), burlesque, ca d'oro (auckland), cabaret, caluzzi bar and cabaret (auckland), carmen miranda, carmen rupe, carmen's curios shop, carmen's international coffee lounge, carol de winter, chrissy witoko, clown's restaurant (auckland), club exotic, club exotique, coffee bar, cuba street, dana de milo, dana depaul, debbie dorday, deviant, dinah priestley, dolores del rio, drag, egyptian tearooms, el matador, emmanuel papadopoulos, evergreen cafe, exploitation, family bar (auckland), felonious intent, finances, gender dysphoria, gender reassignment surgery, georgina beyer, ghuznee street, great northern hotel (auckland), hole in the wall, homosexual law reform, hormone breast, hospitality, howe street public toilet (auckland), hutt boys, imperial hotel (wellington), intolerance, jacquie grant, johnny coolman, language, law, le balcon/the balcony, les girls (auckland), les girls (sydney), malcolm mclaren, marcus craig, marlene dietrich, media, michael fowler, mojo's (auckland), murder, new zealand party, nicole duval, nightclub, objectionable material, out (magazine), out bookshop (auckland), pasi daniels, peep show, phil warren, plucked, polari, police, powder puff (referred to as the powder poof, wellington), psychosexual disorder, queen, rainton hastie, red mole (performance group), rion mckenzie, robert jones, ron brierley, roy stacey, royal oak hotel, sailor, saloon door, salvation army citadel, san francisco bath house (wellington), sex work, sickness benefit, sly grog, snake dancing, soliciting, sorrento coffee lounge (wellington), sprung, staircase (auckland), starlight express (musical), stilboestrol, striptease, sunset strip (wellington), sydney (australia), sydney by night (bus tour), tavern bar (royal oak hotel), teacup, the dole (unemployment benefit), the purple onion, thomas ongley, tony burton, tony katavich, tranny, transcript online, transexual, transgender, trick strip, unspring, velvet painting, venues, vivian street, wally martin, wellington, white house strip club (auckland), wig

Record date:27th January 2013
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Interviewer:Gareth Watkins