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Wellington International Pride Parade 2019

Audio from the Wellington International Pride Parade held in May 2019. The parade was originally meant to take place on 16 March, but after the Christchurch terror attacks on the 15th, it was moved to 11 May. A special thank you to the participants and organisers for allowing us to record the parade. This event also marked the Chief of Defence's first participation in a pride parade.

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  • 0:00:05 - MP Jan Logie, Green Party
  • 0:07:15 - Mari North, guest commentary
  • 0:12:04 - Hemi Frires, NZ Defence Force (NZDF)
  • 0:16:35 - Sandy Taylor, Brendan Keys and Blair McDougall, Weta Digital
  • 0:20:54 - Vivian Smith, New Zealand Lesbian Social Group
  • 0:24:14 - Kaine Thompson, Wellington International Pride Parade (WIPP) Board
  • 0:27:50 - Inspector Chris Bensemann, NZ Police
  • 0:30:30 - Kirsty Farrant, Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA)
  • 0:35:12 - Tangi Walsh, Air New Zealand
  • 0:37:15 - Hayley Young, Countdown, and Petrina Chai, National Telehealth Service - 1737 Need to Talk
  • 0:40:51 - Garth Bloomfield, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
  • 0:44:40 - Linda Luong, Jelmer Snijder and Maaike Fisher, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • 0:46:51 - Fraser Carter, Wellington City Council
  • 0:50:08 - Jackson Whithan, St John Ambulance of New Zealand
  • 0:53:50 - Kelly Adams and Tania Bermudez, Dykes on Bikes
  • 0:55:40 - Stephen Phillips, Upper Hutt Rural Fire Force - Fire and Emergency
  • 0:57:18 - Wesley Johnson, Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand
  • 0:59:35 - Katherine Williams, Department of Corrections
  • 1:02:00 - Sam Stead, New Zealand Young Nationals
  • 1:05:00 - Todd Hamilton-Crook, WIPP Board
  • 1:07:10 - Art Daniel, Out at PSA Network
  • 1:11:35 - Sarah Coulthard, Wellington Free Ambulance
  • 1:14:23 - Alan Granville, Bear New Zealand
  • 1:17:48 - Andrea Trueman and Scotty Matthews, Weltec and Whitireia
  • 1:19:28 - Gavin Young, Rainbow Wellington
  • 1:21:40 - Allan Lennie, Fletcher Building
  • 1:23:54 - Anny da Silva Freitas, Wellington Batucada
  • 1:26:15 - Julia Barnett, guest commentary
  • 1:30:12 - MP Chris Bishop, National Party
  • 1:31:25 - Richard Gilhooly, NZ Rugby
  • 1:32:50 - Mayor of Wellington Justin Lester
  • 1:34:12 - Mia Slapper, WIPP Board
  • 1:35:28 - Philip van Dyke, guest commentary
  • 1:38:46 - Gerard Wood, NZDF
  • 1:40:34 - Mira Woldberg, Ambassador of The Kingdom of The Netherlands to New Zealand
  • 1:42:06 - MPs Grant Robertson, Tamati Coffee, Paul Eagle and Louisa Wall, Labour Party
  • 1:45:50 - Amanda la Whore, WIPP Board
  • 1:46:41 - Des Smith and John Jolliff
  • 1:48:19 - Quan and Luna
  • 1:49:55 - Richard Tait, WIPP Board


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Record date:11th May 2019
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins
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