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On This Day: 11th May

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Mon 11 May 2020

  • Book Review: The Velvet Rage
    Links: Express
  • Government Funded Foster Agency Facing Legal Battle For LGBT+ Discrimination In...
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    Links: Express
  • Turkish Children Forbidden to Draw Rainbows – “it turns children into...
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Sat 11 May 2019

  • Wellington International Pride Parade 2019 (Wellington)
    Audio from the Wellington International Pride Parade 2019
    Features: Alan Granville, Allan Lennie, Amanduh la Whore, Andrea Trueman, Anny da Silva Freitas, Art Daniel, Blair McDougall, Brendan Keys, Chris Bensemann, Chris Bishop, Des Smith, Fraser Carter, Garth Bloomfield, Gavin Young, Gerard Wood, Grant Robertson, Hayley Young, Hemi Frires, Jackson Whitham, Jan Logie, Jelmer Snijder, John Jolliff, Julia Barnett, Justin Lester, Kaine Thompson, Katherine Williams, Kelly Adams, Kirsty Farrant, Linda Luong, Louisa Wall, Maaike Fisher, Mari North, Mia Slapper, Mira Woldberg, Paul Eagle, Petrina Chai, Philip van Dyke, Richard Gilhooly, Richard Tait, Sam Stead, Sandy Taylor, Sarah Coulthard, Scotty Matthews, Stephen Phillips, Tamati Coffey, Tangi Walsh, Tania Bermudez, Todd Hamilton-Crook, Vivian Smith, Wesley Johnson
  • The Wellington International Pride Parade takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The parade was originally meant to take place on 16 March 2019, but after the Christchurch terror attacks on the 15th March, it was moved to 11 May.
    Links: PrideNZ, WIPP
  • Dustin Lance Black - Mama's Boy
    Dustin Lance Black is an American screenwriter, director, film and television producer, and LGBT rights activist...
    Links: RNZ
  • Katrina Karkazis - Caster Semenya and myth of testosterone
    Katrina Karkazis is a anthropologist and bioethicist whose research aims to challenge entrenched scientific and medical beliefs about gender, sexuality, and the body...
    Links: RNZ
  • Katrina Karkazis - Caster Semenya and the myth of testosterone
    Katrina Karkazis is a anthropologist and bioethicist whose research aims to challenge entrenched scientific and medical beliefs about gender, sexuality, and the body...
    Links: RNZ

Fri 11 May 2018

  • Anglican church allows blessings of gay relationships
    The Anglican Church has voted to allow the blessing of same-sex relationships - but only if the local bishop agrees...
    Links: RNZ
  • Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle says Israel Folau saga is hurting the sport
    Rugby Australia (RA) and the Waratahs appear to be running out of patience with their highest-paid employee, Israel Folau, with the chiefs of both bodies admitting his ongoing commentary around religion and sexuality is heaping pressure on the game...
    Links: Stuff
  • The Panel with Catherine Robertson and Ganesh Nana (Part 2)
    What things that are "bad" for them would the Panelists Catherine Robertson and Ganesh Nana refuse to give up even if it gave them a few more years on Earth? What the Panelists Catherine Robertson and Ganesh Nana want to talk about...
    Links: RNZ

Thu 11 May 2017

  • BarberCraft Brings Us Men’s Grooming 2.0
    Links: Express
  • MascGayRaid: Masked Dance Party
    Links: Express
  • Trans advocate pens story of life with cerebral palsy
    Trans advocate Allyson Hamblett is soon to release a memoir, reflecting on her life living with cerebral palsy and the realisation of also being a transsexual woman...

Wed 11 May 2016

  • A reflection on the past
    Links: Express
  • Young NZ Entrepreneurs Will Help to Find the Right Loo for...
    Links: Express
  • Ze: Queer as f*ck
    "Ze" is a new solo autobiographical work by writer and performer Michelle/Ryan Lunicke that opens tomorrow night in Auckland, tackling the big issues surrounding sex, gender and queer labels and identities...

Mon 11 May 2015

  • Acclaimed Composer Jack Body Has Died
    Links: Express
  • Former All Black Dismisses Homophobic Slurs in Sports as “Banter”
    Links: Express
  • Friday at Family
    Links: Express
  • Friday Night at Eagle
    Links: Express
  • Watch: NRL Game’s Bizarre Crotch Grab
    Links: Express
  • Robbie Keane backs marriage equality
    Irish footballing legend Robbie Keane is supporting a ‘yes’ vote in Ireland’s upcoming marriage equality referendum...

Sun 11 May 2014

  • Celluloid Stunners: I Feel Like Disco
    Links: Express
  • Ladies Night – Encore
    Links: Express
  • Watch: Bearded lady wins Eurovision
    A bearded Austrian drag queen has won Eurovision 2014 with a song entitled Rise Like a Phoenix...

Sat 11 May 2013

  • TV show The New Normal canned by US network
    American network NBC has cancelled its show The New Normal after just one season...

Fri 11 May 2012

  • Website begins 'clamour' for marriage rights
    A website has emerged with a form which allows people to send John Key a message calling for marriage equality...

Wed 11 May 2011

  • Study shows possible cancer and sexuality link
    A US study has found gay men have nearly twice the odds of being diagnosed with cancer than straight men, while lesbian and bisexual women who survive cancer are more likely to have a poorer quality of life than straight women...

Tue 11 May 2010

  • US senator calls for parks to reject gay couples
    An Iowa state senator is calling for state park policies to exclude gay families, saying allowing gay couples to be counted as a family at state parks is going too far...

Mon 11 May 2009

  • The death of the so-called 'Gay Cure'
    Over 100 people protested against an 'exgay' conference in London last month...

Sun 11 May 2008

  • US Idol's Paula:"I fought for gay contestants"
    American Idol judge Paula Abdul has spoken of her fight for the show's openly gay contestants to do well - and reveals she even helped George Michael during his pre-out days...

Fri 11 May 2007

  • USA: Cream pie thrown at anti-gay pastor
    A Colorado Springs teenager faces possible criminal charges after throwing a cream pie at the pastor of an anti-gay breakaway Episcopal parish as the cleric was leading Sunday worship...

Thu 11 May 2006

  • Testimonial to Futility
    Was the Christian Heritage Party ever intended to be anything more than a protest party vote? Recently, I discovered on Wikipedia that there were apparently several Dutch Reformed fundamentalist political parties, such as the Political Reformed Party (SGP) and ChristenUnie (Christian Union)...

Wed 11 May 2005

  • NZ First to support Baldock bill
    A Christian MP's bill banning gay marriage will be supported by all of NZ First through its first reading in Parliament...

Tue 11 May 2004

  • What the critics said about Out Takes 2004 movies
    It's a little over two weeks before Out Takes, NZ's annual gay and lesbian film festival, begins...

Sun 11 May 2003

  • QN presenter revealed as Hoskings' stalker
    Queer Nation presenter Jonathan Marshall has been taken to task for paparazzi-like stalking of TV1 current affairs presenter Mike Hoskings...

Wed 11 May 1983

  • Television news report: An immunologist from Auckland explains the AIDS pandemic (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP115585.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Mon 11 May 1964

  • The six teenagers accused of killing Charles Aberhart are all acquitted by a jury (Christchurch, New Zealand)
    Those acquitted were Zane Leslie McDonald, Anthony Dennis O'Connor, Frank Leicester Reynolds, Raymond Clive Neither, Brian Francis Johns and Roger Malcolm Williams.
    Links: Spinoff,

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