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  • 29th March, Paul Rigby, Ron Irvine, SHELLEY TE WAIARIKI HOWARD, Stephanie Garvey, Sydney Lehman, Tohia...
  • 18th April
    .... Features: Amanduh la Whore, SHELLEY TE WAIARIKI HOWARD Links: PrideNZ.comAfrican Film Festival...
  • 23rd June
    ...Elizabeth Taylor, Ruth Mundy, SHELLEY TE WAIARIKI HOWARD, Sian Torrington, Vaughan Meneses Links...
  • 9th August
    ...u, Nicola Wood, Sandra Kirby, SHELLEY TE WAIARIKI HOWARD, Sue Lytollis Links: PrideNZ.comBacksta...
  • 18th October
    ...: Sun 18 Oct 2015 SHELLEY TE WAIARIKI HOWARD - homosexual law reform (Lower Hutt) SH...
  • 2nd December
    ...y, Sam Humphrey, Sara Fraser, SHELLEY TE WAIARIKI HOWARD, Tabby Besley Links: PrideNZ.comReport ... article archive (2001-2017)

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