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On This Day: 9th August

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Sun 9 Aug 2020

  • It’s Time To Experience The Gawkiest Threesome Of The Year!
    After a sell-out season at Auckland’s Q Theatre, Gawky Productions is bringing PLAY to the capital...
    Links: Scoop

Fri 9 Aug 2019

  • Air NZ flight attendant applicant believes she's not hired because she's transgender
    A transgender job applicant is claiming gender discrimination at Air New Zealand after the national airline declined her cabin crew application for the third time...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Auckland Grammar's hair rule harmful for gender-diverse students, advocates say
    Auckland Grammar said it was getting ready for trans students, but advocates say its ban on long hair isn't inclusive...
    Links: Stuff
  • Archbishop In Poland Claims A “Rainbow Plague” Is Imminent
    Links: Express
  • Celebrating Christchurch’s Community
    Links: Express
  • King of The Capital | Jac Lynch Talks to Lilly Loudmouth
    Links: Express
  • Meet Our August Hottie: Joel Bray
    Links: Express
  • MINI Man Sets His Sights On Another Award
    Links: Express
  • Ohio Republican Blames Gays and Drag Queens for Mass Shootings In...
    Links: Express

Thu 9 Aug 2018

  • 'Too gay': Man kicked out of pool for inappropriate swimwear
    A man claimed he was humiliated by "homophobic" hotel staff after they kicked him out of the pool for wearing inappropriate swimwear...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Democrats pick gay, Native American nominee in Kansas third Congressional district
    Sharice Davids shattered the mold for a congressional primary winner from ruby red Kansas on Wednesday (Thursday NZ Time), becoming the state's first Native American and gay nominee for Congress...
    Links: Stuff
  • MLB's inclusion efforts must now overcome offensive tweets
    Major League Baseball has made an effort to grow the sport among African-Americans, and there are finally some small signs of progress...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • New CCTV footage captures England cricketer Ben Stokes 'mocking' gay men
    A nightclub bouncer was abused by England cricketer Ben Stokes, who also mocked two gay men and flicked a cigarette at them, a court has heard...
    Links: Stuff

Wed 9 Aug 2017

  • Bang Ep 2: sex and sexuality
    Teenagers and sex...
    Links: RNZ
  • Gay Plebiscites: Australia’s Crisis on Same-Sex Marriage
    What a fabulous mess...
    Links: Scoop
  • HIV Testing Comes Direct to UK Sauna
    Links: Express
  • Warehouse Introduces Gender Transition Policy
    Links: Express

Tue 9 Aug 2016

  • Hippolytus Veiled
    Links: Express
  • Trans Model In Olympics Opening Ceremony
    Links: Express
  • Take fight for glbti rights offshore, says Justice Muir
    Justice Matthew Muir...

Sun 9 Aug 2015

  • Insight: Gay Rights Beyond Marriage
    Many in the rainbow community fear same-sex marriage is being used as a universal solution for the challenges still confronting many in the communities. Alex Ashton investigates.
    Features: Alex Ashton, Anita Brady, Bill Logan, Broden Packer, Chris Piesse, Elizabeth Kerekere, Kassie Hartendorp, Liggs Hoffman, Liz Dutton, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Nicola Wood, Sandra Kirby, Shelley Te Waiariki Howard, Sue Lytollis
  • Backstage at Family Bar
    Links: Express
  • Gay AFL Player to Run For Australian Parliament
    Links: Express
  • GLBT Ugandans Bravely March in Pride Parade
    Links: Express
  • Tap Turns Off
    Links: Express
  • Watch: Marsha P Johnson biopic
    With the trailer for the new Stonewall film sparking massive debate because its central character is a gay white man, here’s a feature-length documentary on revolutionary trans-activist, Marsha "Pay it No Mind" Johnson who was a Stonewall instigator...

Sat 9 Aug 2014

  • Rocky Horror w/ Miss Betty Ford – Poof Bar
    Links: Express
  • Shower Power w/ Miss Kita Mean – Legend Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Wiggling It w/ Anita Wigl’it – Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Rapid tests taken directly to South Akl
    Counsellor Lyndon Moore The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is hoping to normalise testing by offering free rapid HIV, syphilis and Hepatitis C tests in South Auckland each week...

Fri 9 Aug 2013

  • The Romp Project
    A plan to throw a party for queer Aucklanders has led to the birth of The Romp Project, a non-profit initiative that is running regular events such as film nights and games nights, and this weekend’s Mix Tape Sessions, which will showcase some live and alternative GLBTI music...

Thu 9 Aug 2012

  • Vicki-Anne Heikell and Bronwyn Officer - Creating Our Stories
    Vicki-Anne Heikell and Bronwyn Officer talk about various practical ideas for maintaining a personal or group archive
    Features: Bronwyn Officer, Vicki-Anne Heikell
  • Preview: The Pride
    Simon London Silo Theatre’s production of acclaimed play The Pride opens in Auckland on Friday night...

Tue 9 Aug 2011

  • Six Months In: making change
    Shaun Robinson New Zealand AIDS Foundation Executive Director Shaun Robinson has passed the six month mark in the role...

Mon 9 Aug 2010

  • Teen faces execution on false sodomy charge
    An 18-year-old Iranian is facing execution on charges of homosexuality, despite not being gay and having no legal representation...

Sun 9 Aug 2009

  • World's smallest gay pride event?
    A tiny Irish village is 'going gay' for a day in what may be the smallest gay pride event in the world...

Sat 9 Aug 2008

  • Union 'Out at Work' seminars for CHC and AKL
    The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (NZCTU) aims to increase knowledge of how LGBT and employment rights have developed and strengthen diversity in the New Zealand workplace with upcoming seminars in Christchurch and Auckland...

Thu 9 Aug 2007

  • Sydney: Weekend of Oxford St violence
    At least three people were attacked near Sydney's gay centre Oxford St last weekend, in a new spate of anti-gay violence...

Wed 9 Aug 2006

  • Beyer hateful' diatribe
    Two MPs supportive of equal rights for LGBT New Zealanders – Labour's Georgina Beyer and the Greens' Metiria Turei – have hit back at talkback radio host John Tamihere, for his month-long on-air vilification of homosexuals, and for his criticism of Turei's private member's bill that seeks to equalise adoption rights for same-sex couples...

Tue 9 Aug 2005

  • Television news report: the Justin Dalley court case begins (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include Emily White. TV3 news, ref F88290
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
  • Rotten core: The League of Rights and Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda
    New Zealand First's core Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda (BCIR) policy is endangering lesbian/gay and other minority rights within New Zealand...

Mon 9 Aug 2004

  • When you die where are YOU going?
    In his dying days at Radio Pacific the increasingly bizarre publisher Ian Wishart gets a little freaky-preachy when confronted with a pro-gay caller...

Sat 9 Aug 2003

  • Tamaki in homophobic TV tirade
    Television evangelist Brian Tamaki has used his slot on TV2 to launch an anti-gay tirade, attacking MPs Georgina Beyer and Tim Barnett, saying that the Human Rights Act had opened the door for sexual perversions and made New Zealand into a "gullible" experimental laboratory for them...

Fri 9 Aug 2002

  • Auckland police senior sergeant Mark Richards resigns after a newspaper "sting". (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Richards resigns despite being cleared of any criminal wrongdoing after he discussed drug use with a newspaper reporter. The Sunday Star Times headline read "Senior policeman at the centre of sex and drugs investigation resigns before facing internal charges".
    Links: Queer News Aotearoa
  • How gay-friendly is our new Parliament?
    While all attention is on the conservatives in Labour's new partner party, United Future, politics columnist Doreen Agasiz-Suddens casts looks further afield, at the MPs who make up the newly-reconstituted Parliament...

Sat 9 Aug 1986

  • Gay Games II takes place (San Francisco, United States of America)
    Links: Bay Area Reporter

Fri 9 Aug 1985

  • Television news report: a $500,000 AIDS awareness campaign is launched (New Zealand)
    Eyewitness news, ref F85700.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
  • The media reports on an AIDS awareness campaign that will cost half a million dollars (New Zealand)

Tue 9 Aug 1983

  • Television: Petition presented to Parliament in protest of pornographic commercial TV advertising (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP16393.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

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