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Love Parade and Out in the carPark

Participants, stall-holders and the public talk about attending the Love Parade and Out in the carPark.

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  • 0:00:05 - Karen Harris, parade co-ordinator
  • 0:02:25 - Adrienne Girling, parade co-ordinator
  • 0:03:51 - Baden, traffic marshall
  • 0:04:50 - Braya
  • 0:06:16 - Tohia Love
  • 0:06:53 - Sydney Lehman and Stephanie Garvey, Women's Refuge
  • 0:11:35 - Paul Boland and Frank, Different Strokes Wellington (DSW)
  • 0:14:39 - Freya, Fresh Fruit
  • 0:17:21 - Kay Jones
  • 0:19:30 - Jessie Scherf [sp?]
  • 0:23:44 - Liam
  • 0:24:55 - Amanduh la Whore speaks to the parade participants
  • 0:27:33 - Georgina Beyer
  • 0:28:20 - Adrienne Girling
  • 0:28:30 - MP Jan Logie speaks to the parade participants
  • 0:30:15 - Adrienne Girling, countdown and parade start
  • 0:30:48 - Shelley Te Waiariki Howard describes the parade
  • 0:32:00 - Lilly Loud Mouth
  • 0:32:36 - Lesbian community radio programme
  • 0:33:21 - Unidentified spectator
  • 0:34:24 - Unidentified participant
  • 0:35:03 - Unidentified spectator
  • 0:35:50 - MC LaQuisha Redfern with Lilly Loud Mouth, Fifi Fabulous, Amanduh la Whore and Marcella de Tella
  • 0:38:40 - Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown
  • 0:40:27 - Georgina Beyer
  • 0:42:24 - Maggie Shippam, InsideOUT
  • 0:45:00 - Daisy, School's Out
  • 0:46:38 - John Jolliff and Des Smith (they talk about their civil union - the first in New Zealand - and upcoming marriage)
  • 0:52:10 - Lesley Bola and Woiwoi Williams, Body Positive
  • 0:53:45 - Clynton Payne, New Zealand Police - Diversity Liaison Officers
  • 0:57:11 - Emma Anderson, Electoral Commission
  • 0:58:23 - Ron Irvine, Body Positive
  • 1:01:45 - Little Miss Cinnamon, Love Your Condom - New Zealand AIDS Foundation
  • 1:03:44 - Shane, ANZ
  • 1:05:14 - Chris Rogers and Bev Berryman, Wellington Cats Protection League
  • 1:06:40 - Alan Kwok and Paul Rigby, Wellington Frontrunners
  • 1:07:32 - Damian Strogen, AsiaPacific Outgames (Auckland 2016)
  • 1:10:29 - Angela Wells, body artist
  • 1:12:35 - Ellen Faed, Lesbian Information, Library and Archives Centre (LILAC)
  • 1:14:58 - Elizabeth Marshall, Colour Me Kitchen
  • 1:17:00 - Neill Ballantyne, Faith Communities United in Love (talks about gathering signatures for the petition on historic homosexual convictions)


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Record date:29th March 2015
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Interviewer:Gareth Watkins