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On This Day: 18th April

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Thu 18 Apr 2019

  • 'Selfish' Israel Folau's homophobia denounced by Wallabies teammate Will Genia
    Israel Folau has been branded "selfish" by Wallabies teammate Will Genia...
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  • Brunei to Europe: Don't worry. We probably won't stone too many gay people to death
    If a law described by the international community as "appalling" is passed but rarely enforced, is it still appalling?Brunei, the Southeast Asian nation that recently implemented just such a law, is evidently hoping that the answer...
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  • Doctors use HIV in gene therapy to fix 'bubble boy' disease
    Eight babies who were born without ability to fight germs cured with gene therapy made from an enemy of the immune system, HIV...
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  • Madonna Unveils 14th Studio Album Titled Madame X
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Wed 18 Apr 2018

  • Craig Watson: Israel Folau's comments harmful
    An Australian rugby player's homophobic comments are equivalent to hate speech because he is targeting a marginalised group, says Craig Watson, an Auckland man who is Christian and gay...
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  • Gay world club rugby champions slam handling of Israel Folau controversy
    Rugby Australia (RA) has been criticised for its handling of the Israel Folau controversy by gay world club rugby champions the Melbourne Chargers...
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  • Nigel Owens tells Israel Folau to judge him on his character, not his sexuality
    Rugby's highest-profile referee Nigel Owens has urged Israel Folau to judge him on his personality rather than his sexuality...
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Tue 18 Apr 2017

  • Chechnya Vigil (Embassy of the Russian Federation in New Zealand, Wellington)
    Audio from the Chechnya Vigil held outside the Russian embassy in Wellington on 18 April 2017.
    Features: Amanduh la Whore, Shelley Te Waiariki Howard
  • African Film Festival Hits Newmarket
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  • Russophilia: Why the Far Right Are Putin's Friends
    Russophilia has become the preferred philosophical and foreign policy position of the world's rightist political and social movements...

Mon 18 Apr 2016

  • Auckland University Students Week Long Celebration of Pride
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  • NZ Transgender Personality to Front Special K Body Positivity Campaign
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  • Takanini Trouble?
    Bad news...

Sat 18 Apr 2015

  • Beyond Rainbows panel discussion (Tapu te Ranga Marae, Wellington)
    Panel members talk about the challenges of being a minority within rainbow communities.
    Features: Emmy Rakete, Tabby Besley, unidentified voice
  • Public voting open for Mr Gay World
    Matt Fistonich will represent New Zealand Public voting is open for the upcoming Mr Gay World competition, as New Zealand's entrant prepares to take on the world...

Fri 18 Apr 2014

  • Rainbow Wellington hunting for helpers
    Rainbow Wellington needs a new volunteer to run its website, while its hardworking Secretary is signalling his intention to stand down a year out, which he hopes will be enough notice for someone to fill his shoes...

Wed 18 Apr 2012

  • Wedding Belles: Straight and narrow (minded)

Mon 18 Apr 2011

  • Straight rapper to call new album “I’m Gay”
    Rapper Lil B has announced while performing at Coachella that he will name his next album “I'm Gay”, apparently to prove that words don't matter...

Sun 18 Apr 2010

  • Gay partners given hospital visitation rights
    US President Barack Obama signed a memorandum requiring hospitals to allow gays and lesbians to have non-family visitors and allowing their partners medical power of attorney...

Sat 18 Apr 2009

  • Review: The Male Figure in the Art of John Z. Robinson
       Review: The Male Figure in the Art of John Z...

Fri 18 Apr 2008

  • Ireland: Sperm donor loses access to son
    An Irish man who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple, enabling one of them to have a baby boy, has lost his High Court bid for guardianship of the boy and access to him, reports RTE News...

Wed 18 Apr 2007

  • USA:"Jesus affirmed gay couple"
    With help from gay-friendly Christian groups Faith In America and Metropolitan Community Churches, a new campaign from Jesus Metropolitan Community Church of Indianapolis, has begun blanketing the Indianapolis area with billboards challenging Christian assumptions about homosexuality...

Tue 18 Apr 2006

  • Kiwifruit's Amanda Rees
    Amanda Ress Kiwifruit presenter Amanda Rees also acts, writes, directs, would love to meet the Virgin Mary and once worked in Jenny Shipley's office! Who are you and what's your background? Amanda Rees and I graduated from NZ Drama School in 1990...

Mon 18 Apr 2005

  • Electoral $$ for Destiny, National Front
    Destiny New Zealand, the National Front and Christian Heritage NZ have been allocated around $70,000 worth of taxpayer funds to seed their advertising and television campaigns in this year's general election...

Sun 18 Apr 2004

  • Three parents for toddler
    The family court has decided that an Auckland toddler will have three parents, his biological mother, her lesbian partner and their gay sperm donor, the Sunday Star-Times reports today under the misleading headline "Gay men win legal fight for toddler"...

Sat 18 Apr 1992

  • The National Gay Rights Coalition Hui Aranga Easter gathering is held (New Zealand)

Sun 18 Apr 1915

  • The Taranaki Daily News reports on the court case of Ellehan Eppheam (a.k.a Miss de Vien) who has posed as a woman for 15 years (London, United Kingdom)
    The report documents a court appearance where the chief constable believes Eppheam has symptoms of insanity.
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