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Rally for feminism and trans rights

Audio from the rally held on Wednesday 3 May 2023 in Parliament grounds, Wellington. The rally was organised by the Pōneke Anti-Fascist Coalition to counter a rally being held at the same time by Speak Up For Women. Special thanks to the organiser and participants of the PAFC rally for allowing it to be recorded and shared.

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  • 0:00:01 - Alice
  • 0:04:04 - Tiaki Sharp
  • 0:07:20 - Noah
  • 0:10:55 - Marie Russell
  • 0:13:11 - Frank
  • 0:16:22 - Emma-Jean Kelly
  • 0:19:07 - Sandra Marekino
  • 0:22:50 - Speeches begin
  • 0:22:52 - Tristan-Cordelia, MC for the event
  • 0:29:10 - Tiaki Sharp, karakia
  • 0:29:38 - Sarah
  • 0:32:15 - Representatives from the Fired Up Stilettos
  • 0:41:00 - Terry Bellamak, ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa
  • 0:49:00 - Tristan-Cordelia
  • 0:49:15 - Alice
  • 0:53:58 - Tristan-Cordelia
  • 0:54:00 - Speeches end
  • 0:54:20 - Chants
  • 0:55:10 - Eliana Rubashkyn
  • 1:00:45 - Chants
  • 1:01:12 - Verbal confrontation
  • 1:02:30 - Alice
  • 1:03:30 - Chants
  • 1:04:45 - Kayden
  • 1:06:30 - Chants
  • 1:07:06 - Tristan-Cordelia
  • 1:08:10 - Waiata
  • 1:08:50 - Tristan-Cordelia
  • 1:09:35 - Will Hansen
  • 1:15:14 - Willow Heron
  • 1:18:40 - Tiaki Sharp


The recording captures the essence of the event, the concerns, and opinions of people who took part, including interviews and speeches made by various participants who stood in solidarity with transgender rights. It details the atmosphere, the chants, the signs, and the general sentiment of standing against transphobia and advocating for trans rights as an integral part of the feminist movement.

Throughout the rally, attendees emphasized the importance of inclusivity within the feminist framework and the need to fight against hatred and misinformation that targets the trans community. There are accounts from individuals who expressed the sentiment that the struggle for trans rights is deeply interwoven with the wider feminist movement, highlighting common goals like the fight for abortion rights as a matter of bodily autonomy for all genders.

The rally served as a platform to demonstrate unity in the face of an opposing rally, whose beliefs were perceived as exclusivist and harmful to the rights and safety of transgender individuals. The participants rallied not only to affirm trans rights but also to call attention to the global spread of anti-trans sentiments and the necessity to actively combat these ideologies.

References are made to Posey Parker's visit to New Zealand, which is said to have stirred up transphobic sentiments and served as a rallying point for those with hateful views. However, the counter-protesters responded by showing up in numbers and voicing their support for the trans community, highlighting the fact that trans individuals, particularly trans women, face the same challenges and dangers as cisgender individuals, merely wishing for the freedom to exist and be accepted.

One of the speakers provided a historical perspective, reminding the audience that the path of social progress has always involved struggle and resistance, implying that the fight for trans rights is another chapter in the continuous journey towards equality and justice. The hope was expressed that just as past battles for rights have been won, so too will this fight for trans rights eventually be victorious.

Additionally, this year being an election year in New Zealand, there were appeals to politicians and potential political leaders to advocate for and support the trans community not just in words but through policy and action.

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Record date:3rd May 2023
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins
Location:Parliament grounds, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004715).