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Georgina Beyer

In this podcast Georgina reflects on her childhood, various careers and time in public office. Georgina has also recorded interviews about significant legislation (prostitution reform, civil unions and foreshore and seabed), venues and personalities and memorable moments.

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1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, about face: jewel's darl (tv, 1985), abuse, acting, adoption, alfies (auckland), anne kennedy, annie goldson, aotearoa new zealand, april ashley, auckland, australia, bill of rights act (1990), brett sheppard, brian tamaki, butch, carmen rupe, carmen's international coffee lounge, cathy casey, censorship, change for the better: the story of georgina beyer as told to cathy casey (2000, book), chris carter, chrissy witoko, christian heritage party, christine jorgensen, civil rights, civil union act (2004), civil unions, close to home, club exotic, club exotique, community, courts, cracking it, david shearer, destiny church, discrimination, documentary, drugs, employment, equality, exclusive brethren, family, feminism, foreshore and seabed act (2004), gambling, garth mcvicar, gender identity bill (2004), georgie girl (2001), georgina beyer, government, graham capill, growing up, hate speech, helen clark, hero (auckland), history, hiv/aids, homophobia, human rights, human rights act (1993), jacquie grant, john banks, john f. kennedy, john key, jonathan hunt, law, le balcon/the balcony, leadership, malcolm kennedy-vaughan, marilyn waring, martin luther king jr, media, michael laws, mmp (mixed-member proportional electoral system), new zealand labour party, parents, parliament buildings, passport, paul holmes, paula bennett, performance, peter wells, phil goff, police, politics, poofter, pride, prison, profile, prostitution reform act (2003), public figure, public office, pyscho-sexual disorder, queer, ramon maniapoto, rape, raymond hawthorne, respect, royal oak hotel, rural, salvation army, sandra coney, shark in the park (tv), sissy, social welfare, sonja davies, sprung, stewart main, striptease, sue bradford, sue kedgley, suicide, sydney (australia), taranaki, te whiti-o-rongomai, television, theatre, tim barnett, tony katavich, transcript online, transexual, transgender, transphobia, violence, visibility, vladimir luxuria, wairarapa, warren lindberg, wellesley college, wellington, wyatt creech

Record date:21st January 2013
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Interviewer:Gareth Watkins