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[name withheld 4](February 2012)

In this podcast [name withheld] talks about being young and gay in 2012.

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This summary captures insights from an intimate podcast featuring a young individual from Aotearoa New Zealand, who shares their experience of understanding and embracing their gay identity in the face of societal and familial challenges. The podcast, titled "name withheld 4 - Q12," recorded in the Bay of Plenty on February 27, 2012, delves into the personal journey of the individual in question, discussing the complexities of coming out, dealing with homophobia, and seeking acceptance.

Initially, the individual speaks about their struggle with not being entirely out to their family due to encountering deep-seated homophobic attitudes. The immediate family knows of their sexual identity, though reactions vary, with only the individual's mother showing a nonchalant and supportive attitude. The podcast guest grew up in Nelson and has lived in various cities across New Zealand, working mainly in a delivery depot with occasional deliveries on the side.

Self-identification for the individual aligns with being a Kiwi, or New Zealand European, and they openly identify as gay. They recall realizing something was different around the age of eight, and it's highlighted that the first inklings of being gay surfaced during early childhood experiences, solidifying during adolescence. The individual reflects on those times, noting how the attraction to the same gender differed from peers who were interested in the opposite sex.

Addressing the concept of secrecy, the individual acknowledges that, while it was important to keep their identity confidential during their formative years, they have now adopted a more forthright approach, partly enabled by platforms like Facebook. This candidness, however, has led to some complex situations within the family, underscoring the challenges of being openly gay in a sometimes unaccepting environment.

Speaking on personal mental health struggles, the individual acknowledges past instances of self-harm and current efforts to work through underlying mental health issues, without delving into specific details. The happiness found in self-acceptance presents a turning point in their narrative, juxtaposed against earlier adverse feelings about their sexual identity and a self-described "strong suicidal sense."

Regarding relationships, the individual shares the pain of betrayal from a past partner's infidelity, which was further complicated by the need for discretion towards the outer circles of acquaintances and neighbors. Although they had to adhere to their then-partner's preference for secretiveness in public, they speak to a preference for being natural and authentic in expressing their identity.

In addition to discussing personal relationships, the podcast touches on the topic of online social networks as a means for connecting with others within the LGBTQ+ community. Reflecting on social interactions, the individual expresses a definition of virginity that is centered on the act of sexual intercourse, setting it apart from other forms of physical intimacy.

Throughout the conversation, the individual candidly addresses instances of abuse tied to their sexual orientation and gender identity, indicating that while it may not be as frequent or blatant now, it was a pronounced part of their experience during less openly accepted times.

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Record date:27th February 2012
Interviewer:Benji Watt
Location:Bay of Plenty, Aotearoa New Zealand
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-003925).