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Tag: Glenda Gale

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In: Homosexual Law Reform

A short video highlighting some of the people and actions during homosexual law reform in Aotearoa New Zealand (1985-1986). Images courtesy of David...
Published: July 2015

In: Butch on Butch

Glenda talks about growing up in a single-parent household in the 1950s, homosexual law reform and identifying as an effeminate lesbian feminist...
Published: April 2015

In: Homosexual Law Reform

Glenda Gale
Glenda talks about the gay liberation movement, homosexual law reform and the support group Breathing Space...
Published: September 2015

In: Events

Out in the carPark
Participants, stall-holders and the public talk about attending the Love Parade and Out in the carPark. 0:00:05 - Karen Harris, parade co-ordinator 0:02:25 - Adrienne...
Published: March 2015

In: Homosexual Law Reform

Prue Hyman
Prue takes Jac Lynch through a personal archive of newspaper articles, letters and submissions made in support of homosexual law reform...
Published: November 2015

In: Homosexual Law Reform

Radio Gala (8 July 1990)
This Radio Gala retrospective programme contains a rich collection of audio actuality from the 1985-86 period of homosexual law reform. Much of the material...
Published: July 1990

In: Locations - Wellington waterfront walk tour

Te Aro Park
The park has been the gathering point for many rallies and protests. In the mid-1980s it was the scene for a large pro homosexual...
Published: January 2016

In: Butch on Butch

Val talks about lesbian movements in the 1990s, visibility and co-founding The Drag Kings...
Published: April 2015