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Part 1 - Opening ceremony at Parliament

Audio from the opening ceremony at Parliament: remembering the Homosexual Law Reform era - 30 years on. Note a number of musical performances have been removed from this recording.

This recording has been split into two parts - part 2 can be heard here

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  • 0:00:07 - Mihi whakatau and waiata (Tiwhanawhana)
  • 0:09:41 - Host Amanduh La Whore
  • 0:12:10 - Elizabeth Kerekere
  • 0:18:55 - MP Jan Logie (and the Rainbow Parliamentary Network)
  • 0:22:05 - [Performance by Pump Dance Studios not included in podcast]
  • 0:22:10 - Host Marcella de Tella
  • 0:22:45 - Fran Wilde
  • 0:37:18 - Trevor Mallard
  • 0:47:10 - Gavin Young
  • 1:00:30 - Alison Laurie
  • 1:10:20 - Michelle Genet
  • 1:19:50 - Des Smith

A special thank you to the organisers and participants for allowing this event to be recorded.

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Record date:5th March 2016
Location:Parliament buildings, Wellington
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