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On This Day: 5th March

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Thu 5 Mar 2020

  • IOC will confirm its new guidelines on transgender athletes after Tokyo Olympics
    Controversial Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard won't have to consider new guidelines until after Tokyo Olympics...
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  • Cook Islands to Hold First Ever Pride Day
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Tue 5 Mar 2019

  • Decade after first person was cured of HIV, second patient is in long-term remission
    A London man has been in remission from HIV for a year and a half, without drugs, after receiving a stem cell transplant of virus-resistant cells - raising the prospect that he has become the second person to ever be cured of the...
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  • Martina Navratilova has a point when she questions trans rules
    OPINION: Tennis legend and LGBT icon has been vilified for highlighting a real threat to sport, writes Jim White...
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  • Second man HIV free through stem cell therapy
    Timothy Ray Brown was cured in 2003...
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  • Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard back for New Zealand
    Almost a year since shocking elbow injury, controversial transgender weightlifter returns for New Zealand...
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  • Wife's shock discovery: 'I saw my husband in gay porn'
    A wife has shared her horror online, after finding out her husband was staring in gay porn films and hiding a secret life...
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  • 2 x Tickets for Wellington Performance of NZDC’s Kiss The Sky
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  • 2 x Tickets to TEEKS and APO
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  • 5 x Copies of Bohemian Rhapsody
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  • Limited and Censored Version of Bohemian Rhapsody to be Released in...
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  • Out and About: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 2019
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  • Prominent Businessman and Entertainer Accused of Bribing Witness’ in Sex Abuse...
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  • Woof! The Auckland Rainbow Dog Show: in Pictures
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Mon 5 Mar 2018

  • Aussie judge blasts 'illogical' decision that homosexuality is fixed at birth
    An Australian Federal Court judge has blasted a Commonwealth tribunal after it concluded homosexuality is fixed at birth and cannot change over time, branding the decision "illogical" and based on "assumptions, pre-conceptions or pre-judgments" about human sexuality...
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  • Stars flock to Elton John's Oscar party to cheer on winners
    LOS ANGELES — Elton John's annual AIDS Foundation viewing party has attracted numerous entertainers who cheered on the biggest moments of the Academy Awards...
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  • Nic Watt @ Masu
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  • The Range Rover Velar is The New King!
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Sun 5 Mar 2017

  • Wellington Pride Festival Event Guide
    The Wellington Pride Festival ǀ Tū whakahīhī e Te Whanganui-ā-Tara has kicked off this weekend and with 55 events taking place in just over two weeks you know Wellington is the place to be right now...

Sat 5 Mar 2016

  • Part 1 - Opening ceremony at Parliament - Wellington Pride Festival 2016 (Parliament buildings, Wellington)
    Audio from the opening ceremony (part 1) of Wellington Pride Festival, held at Parliament: remembering the Homosexual Law Reform era - 30 years on.
    Features: Alison Laurie, Amanduh la Whore, Des Smith, Elizabeth Kerekere, Fran Wilde, Gavin Young, Jan Logie, Kevin Haunui, Michelle Genet, Tiwhanawhana, Trevor Mallard
  • Part 2 - Opening ceremony at Parliament - Wellington Pride Festival 2016 (Parliament buildings, Wellington)
    Audio from the opening ceremony (part 2) at Parliament: remembering the Homosexual Law Reform era - 30 years on.
    Features: Adrienne Girling, Antonia Watson, Bella Simpson, Celia Wade-Brown, Dana de Milo, Des Smith, Fetu-ole-moana Teuila Tamapeau, Georgina Beyer, Grant Robertson, Karen Harris, Kassie Hartendorp, Malcolm Kennedy-Vaughan, Mani Bruce Mitchell, Rawa Karetai, Tabby Besley
  • NZ Falcons welcome new players at annual muster
    The NZ Falcons are having their annual team muster next Saturday and are inviting new players of all levels to join them...

Thu 5 Mar 2015

  • And Second Place in the Short Fiction express Writing Contest is…
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  • New NZAF worker targeting Asian MSM
    Yun Huang The NZ AIDS Foundation has employed a young Asian man to help it reach out to the country's gay and bi Asian population in an effort to address the rising rate of HIV infection in that group...

Wed 5 Mar 2014

  • Rachel and Stacey - Beyond Rainbows (Wellington)
    Rachel and Stacey talk about identifying as asexual.
  • Craig says he has nothing to hide in emails
    Colin Craig Colin Craig says he has nothing to hide in emails where he’s shared his many thoughts on gay people, after suggestions that’s why he’s backing away from taking legal action over Russel Norman’s dig that he believes ‘a gay man’s place is in the closet’...

Tue 5 Mar 2013

  • Lynda Topp schools Family First over false claims
    Lynda Topp has made it clear she is all on board for marriage equality, slamming Family First for using her upcoming nuptials to try and push its opinions...

Mon 5 Mar 2012

  • Julian Cook - Creating Our Stories
    Julian Cook talks about organising a variety of corporate and community-based events
    Features: Julian Cook
  • Miriam Saphira - Creating Our Stories
    Miriam Saphira talks about establishing the Charlotte Museum Trust
    Features: Miriam Saphira
  • Many schools refuse to answer ball query
    File photo A number of schools are being investigated by the Ombudsman for refusing to answer a teenager’s queries about policy on same-sex couples attending balls...

Sat 5 Mar 2011

  • US navy seeks to discharge sleepover sailor
    The US Navy is trying to discharge a sailor found asleep in bed with another sailor...

Fri 5 Mar 2010

  • The Apprentice starts now!
    His name is The Gay Don and he's here to recruit you...

Thu 5 Mar 2009

  • The L Word goes under the hammer
    A massive auction happening in Canada this Saturday will see props and complete sets from popular lesbian TV drama The L Word go to the highest bidders as the series finale is broadcast this weekend on US television...

Wed 5 Mar 2008

  • UK: HIV scandal rocks gay porn industry
    Three gay porn DVDs have been withdrawn from sale in the UK, following an investigation into the health risks of porn-stars' unprotected sex...

Mon 5 Mar 2007

  • UK: Nail-bomber of gay bar gets 50 years
    A High Court judge has ruled that the Soho nail bomber should not be considered for release for fifty years...

Sun 5 Mar 2006

  • Review: Respect and Equality - Transsexual and Transgender Rights
    Respect and Equality: Transsexual and Transgender Rights by Stephen Whittle; Cavendish, 2002 In April, Georgina Beyer will introduce her gender identity anti-discrimination bill into Parliament...

Sat 5 Mar 2005

  • The Green Party supports the Don't Hate, Celebrate event (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The event is held in the Auckland University Quad in response to Destiny Church's planned Defend the Legacy march. Green Social Services Spokesperson Sue Bradford said "We have proudly supported the Civil Union Bill, the Prostitution Reform Bill, and the Gender Identity Bill. We likewise support the message of this event: that all New Zealanders - no matter their sexuality, gender, race, religious belief, relationship or family status - should be treated with respect."
    Links: Scoop
  • The End of the Yellow Brick Cross?
    The Maxim Institute has finally said something about the Relationship (Statutory References) Bill, but it is little more than an acknowledgement of the inevitability of their defeat on this issue...

Fri 5 Mar 2004

  • NZAF banned from high school
    A speaker from the AIDS Foundation has been banned from Northcote College in Auckland after the contents of a sex education lecture was complained about by parents...

Thu 5 Mar 1998

  • Cabaret artist Mika donates a personal collection of materials to LAGANZ (Wellington, New Zealand)
    A ceremony is held in the National Library Auditorium. The collection consists of manuscripts and typescripts from Mika's shows, audio and video recordings, posters, photographs, personal memorabilia and curiosities. There are also props and costumes from the cabarets, such as Carmen's costume jewelry and "Carmen's aerobics leotards" press kits.
    Links: LAGANZ

Tue 5 Mar 1996

  • The Census forms are constructed so the number of same-sex couples can be counted (New Zealand)
    Every person in a household is provided with their own individual form which includes questions about who they are living with. By cross-referencing data the number of same-sex couples living together can be calculated.
    Links: Stats NZ

Wed 5 Mar 1986

  • Parliament: Committee of the Whole House - Homosexual Law Reform Bill (5 March 1986) (Parliament buildings, Wellington)
    Audio from parts of the Committee of the Whole House during the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 5 March 1986.
    Features: Bill Birch, Doug Kidd, Fran Wilde, George Gair, Graeme Lee, Helen Clark, Jim McLay, John Banks, John Luxton, Maurice McTigue, Merv Wellington, Michael Cullen, Norman Jones, Richard Northey, Richard Prebble, Robert Muldoon, Venn Young, Whetu Tirikatene Sullivan
  • The Committee of the Whole House (Parliament) continues to consider the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (New Zealand)

Tue 5 Mar 1985

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