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On This Day: 23rd October

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Fri 23 Oct 2020

  • 'Determined' gay penguin couple in Dutch zoo steal nest of eggs from lesbian neighbours
    A gay penguin couple at a Dutch zoo have turned to a life of crime to become dads...
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  • Labour MP Louisa Wall calls for homosexual law reform in Cook Islands
    Labour MP and LGBT advocate Louisa Wall is calling on the Catholic church in New Zealand to support homosexual law reform in the Cook Islands...
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  • An URGEnt Need To Party
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  • I URGE You To Dance
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  • Louisa Wall Calls on Catholic Church to Support Homosexual Law Reform...
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  • The URGE To Play
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Wed 23 Oct 2019

  • Jacinda Ardern recognises gay conversion therapy as a religious freedom for...
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  • Marriage Equality Finally Arrives In Northern Ireland
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  • Rainbow Families Take Shape
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Tue 23 Oct 2018

  • Dateline Pacific evening edition for 23 October 2018
    Political parties in Fiji are told to conduct campaigns free from racial and religious intolerance; the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive in Fiji amid concern their visit could influence the upcoming general election; Papua New Guinea's National AIDS Council says five years of budget cuts have caused the number of HIV infections to creep up; public office holders in Vanuatu learn lessons of accountability through the courts; a former Cook Islands cabinet minister warns of the threat posed by a burgeoning public service; more tests on the horizon for Mate Ma'a Tonga...
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  • Fury over reported federal plan targeting transgender people
    WASHINGTON — LGBT leaders across the U...
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  • Lucy Lawless to Attend The First New Zealand LGBTI Awards
    Internationally-known actress and activist Lucy Lawless will be appearing at the inaugural New Zealand LGBTI Awards Ceremony next month, and says she is delighted to be a part of the inaugural event created as a celebration of equality...
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  • Oregon bakery appeals fine for turning away lesbian couple
    PORTLAND, Ore...
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  • Years of budget cuts sees PNG's HIV prevalence creep up
    Papua New Guinea's National AIDS Council says five years of budget cuts have caused the number of HIV infections to creep up again...
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  • Kevin Baker, one half of Iconic Drag Duo Buffy and Bimbo...
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Mon 23 Oct 2017

  • UK tells UN: Don't call mothers 'women' - they're 'pregnant people'
    Britain is lobbying the United Nations to start using the term "pregnant people" on the grounds that confining the description to women excludes transgender people...
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  • British Man Jailed For Brushing Against a Man’s Hip in Dubai
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  • Far North District Council Chief Being Investigated for Referring to Councillor...
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  • Mugabe Stripped of ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ Title
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  • Playboy to Feature First Ever Trans Centrefold Playmate
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Sun 23 Oct 2016

  • The Ghost of Ferdinand Marcos
    Is the current president of the Philippines' 'war on drugs' a harbinger of the days before the peaceful overthrow of the Ferdinand Marcos regime in 1986? And what does it presage for LGBT Filipinos? Over the last thirty years, the South East Asian archipelago has ridden a fractious path to full democratic institutions, and meaningful civil liberties and human rights...

Fri 23 Oct 2015

  • Chile’s Civil Union Laws Take Effect
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  • Sochi Olympic medalist comes out as gay
    Gus Kenworthy, US Olympic freeskier who won a silver medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, has come out as gay...

Thu 23 Oct 2014

  • Awash with Grooming Knowledge
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  • Bill Passed in New South Wales to Extinguish Historic Gay Sex...
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  • GlaxoSmithKline Floating Minority Stake of HIV Treatment Company
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  • Kiwi Women Urgently needed for Historic Study
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  • Shanghai Lil’s Ponsonby Opens Friday
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  • O'Connor and Wainwright for WOMAD
    Sinead O'Connor...

Wed 23 Oct 2013

  • Tony Abbott: The Irrelevance of Australia?
    Last month, Liberal leader and conservative Catholic Tony Abbott was elected Prime Minister of Australia- much to the unease of many Australian social liberals and the Australian LGBT communities...

Tue 23 Oct 2012

  • “Fractured” community to reconnect at Pride12
    Chritschurch Pride has not been held since May 2010 The organisers of Pride12, the first such event to be held in Christchurch since before the earthquakes, hope it will be a chance for the community to reconnect...

Sun 23 Oct 2011

  • Quinto to play gay ghost in horror show
    Heroes and Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto will play a dead gay man in a new series American Horror Story, after he recently spoke for the first time publicly about being gay to New York magazine...

Sat 23 Oct 2010

  • Your guide to Labour Weekend
    For those of you who aren't at the beach, the bach or the campground soaking up the rays this long weekend, there are plenty of GLBT events happening in the main centres...

Fri 23 Oct 2009

  • Volunteers needed for World AIDS Day 2009
    The nationwide annual World AIDS Day street appeal will be on Friday 27 November, and volunteers are needed to help take donations...

Thu 23 Oct 2008

  • Tim Barnett on shortlist for top UNAIDS job
    Long-time Rainbow Labour and Christchurch Central MP Tim Barnett is one of four people recommended for an internationally high-profile role as Executive Director of the UNAIDS programme...

Tue 23 Oct 2007

  • What about a Forum for Real Families?
    National MP Judith Collins Last weekend, the Christian Right gathered its pressure groups to converse about The Family...

Sun 23 Oct 2005

  • Beyer shown where the door is
    MP Georgina Beyer says she's been told by the Prime Minister the door will always be open for her this parliamentary term – the exit door, that is...

Sat 23 Oct 2004

  • Do Gays Cause Hurricanes?
    Pat Robertson Do "Unnatural" Acts Cause Natural Disasters? Pat Robertson, founder of the USA Christian Coalition, warned Orlando, Florida, that it was courting natural disaster by allowing gay pride flags to be flown along its streets...

Thu 23 Oct 2003

  • Lies from witness in Sturm case
    A 21-year-old electrician who alleges that Philip David Sturm drugged and sexually violated him admitted in court yesterday that he lied about the extent of his drug use, for fear it might incriminate him...

Thu 23 Oct 1986

Wed 23 Oct 1985

  • Parliament: second reading debate - Homosexual Law Reform Bill (23 October 1985) - part 1 (Parliament buildings, Wellington)
    Audio from parts of the debate during the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 23 October 1985 (part 1).
    Features: Ann Hercus, Bill Dillon, Frank O'Flynn, Maurice McTigue, Peter Tapsell
  • Parliament: second reading debate - Homosexual Law Reform Bill (23 October 1985) - part 2 (Parliament buildings, Wellington)
    Audio from parts of the debate during the second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 23 October 1985 (part 2).
    Features: Bill Sutton, David Butcher, Derek Angus, Fred Gerbic, Jim Bolger, John Falloon
  • The second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill continues in Parliament (New Zealand)

Sat 23 Oct 1976

  • The fifth National Gay Liberation Conference is held over Labour weekend (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The conference is promoted with the text: repeal all anti-homosexual laws; ban discrimination against gays! The conference takes place in the Student Union Building at Victoria University.
    Links: Salient

Thu 23 Oct 1919

  • The Thames Star reports on a play about Dr. James Miranda Steuart Barry (Thames, New Zealand)
    Barry was a military surgeon in the British Army who lived their adult life as a man.
    Links: Papers Past, Wikipedia

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