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On This Day: 13th April

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Mon 13 Apr 2020

  • Coronavirus: Pandemics have shaped history - Covid-19 will also
    From the Black Death to Aids, pandemics have changed the world...
    Links: Stuff
  • Covid 19 coronavirus: US police chief claims virus killed cop because he was gay
    Links: NZ Herald

Sat 13 Apr 2019

  • Folau's career hangs in the balance after meeting
    Israel Folau's rugby bosses have met with the under-seige player, but are still intent on sacking him following his social media post that said gay people would go to "hell" if they did not "repent"...
    Links: RNZ
  • Rugby: Billy Vunipola shows support for shamed Israel Folau and risks RFU disciplinary action
    Billy Vunipola is set to face disciplinary action from both England and Saracens for showing support to a social media post by Australian star Israel Folau in which he said "hell awaits" gay people...
    Links: NZ Herald

Fri 13 Apr 2018

  • Israel Folau comments about gays would not be accepted in NRL: Todd Greenberg
    OPINION: NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg says Israel Folau's comments about gay people going to "hell unless they repent of their sins" would not be acceptable in rugby league...
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  • Sports commentator Brendan Telfer
    Brendan Telfer has a wrap of the the Commonwealth Games so far, including how we're going on the medal table and the sad case of weightlifter Laurel Hubbard; also Israel Folau's Twitter condemnation of gay people, and one of great our All Black fullbacks, Fergi McCormick passes away mid week...
    Links: RNZ

Thu 13 Apr 2017

  • MPs urge Minister to condemn violence in Chechnya
    The Parliamentary rainbow cross-party group is urging Foreign Minister Murray McCully to condemn the detention and alleged murder of gay men in Chechnya...

Wed 13 Apr 2016

  • Australian Web Series Tracks Gay Kiwi Coming of Age Story
    Links: Express
  • Eclectic Mix at EquAsian Video Launch
    Links: Express
  • First on the Scene!
    Links: Express
  • Young Kiwi Entrepreneur says her Plus Sized Shoes are for Everyone
    Links: Express
  • Governor has attempt at amending anti-LGBTI law
    The Governor of North Carolina has signed an executive order amending parts of the states new anti-LGBTI law...

Mon 13 Apr 2015

  • Hillary Clinton Hires Openly Gay Campaign Manager To Run 2016 Presidential...
    Links: Express
  • Mormons Team Up With Evangelical Christians to Oppose Same Sex Marriage
    Links: Express
  • Openly Gay Auckland Mayoral Candidate: “Pride Festival Not Core Council Business”
    Links: Express
  • Review: POETRY Not For The Faint of Heart
    Links: Express
  • Watch: GLBT Ally Hillary Clinton Announces Run For US President
    Links: Express
  • Mauresmo announces a baby's on the way
    Former world tennis number one Amelie Mauresmo has taken to Twitter to announce some happy baby news...

Sun 13 Apr 2014

  • Te Papa to host Candlelight Memorial
    Te Papa's marae is to host an AIDS Candlelight Memorial for the first time...

Sat 13 Apr 2013

  • i'm going to write angry letters about marriage equality
    A beautiful sarcasm-lined poetic response to a Dom Post opinion piece about "how marriage is all about being able to do the sexing and get the babies in the 'proper way'," which poet Rebecca found infuriatingly ridiculous...

Fri 13 Apr 2012

  • US Ambassador sends "hearty congratulations"
    US Ambassador David Huebner US Ambassador to New Zealand David Huebner has sent "hearty congratulations" to New Zealand's Mr Gay World winner Andreas Derleth...

Wed 13 Apr 2011

  • Suave singer hits all the right notes
    Winner Cam (centre) flanked by second-place winners Nerina and Grace, with third place winner Jason at the back...

Tue 13 Apr 2010

  • Meet Kim Lucas: Lesbian scene queen
    Kim Lucas This weekend something rather incredible is going to happen in Auckland...

Mon 13 Apr 2009

  • Dead Rights?
    For some reason, even the most dogged opponents of LGBT rights relent when it comes to end of life issues, with one obvious exception...

Sun 13 Apr 2008

  • Thailand: Gays allowed to donate blood
    Gay men in Thailand will now be able to donate blood, the Red Cross of Thailand announced on Friday...

Fri 13 Apr 2007

  • Stage: The Honey Keeper
    Review: The Honey Keeper In the Shape of a Square Theatre Company Cellar Theatre, Corban Estates Arts Centre, Henderson, Auckland When lovers are pulled apart, what distance can love travel? In this new piece of intimate theatre, a tale of love, loyalty and loss unfolds through three interwoven journeys...

Thu 13 Apr 2006

  • History: My Sweet Lady John
    While investigating London city archives for historical records about fourteenth century sex work, two researchers unearthed the story of one Eleanor Rykener, brought before the courts in 1394...

Wed 13 Apr 2005

  • Fiji pair released on bail
    Two men jailed for gay sex in Fiji have begun an appeal of their two-year prison sentence after being released on bail...

Tue 13 Apr 2004

  • Antigay ad is to "make people aware"
    United Future leader Peter Dunne has defended an anti-gay newspaper ad, for which the taxpayer footed the bill, as awareness raising...

Sun 13 Apr 1997

  • Alyson Murrie-West is licensed as a Presbyterian minister at St Andrews-on-the-Terrace (Wellington, New Zealand)

Sat 13 Apr 1985

  • Large numbers of homosexual law reform campaigners disrupt an anti-reform rally (New Zealand)
  • Television news report: Geoff Braybrooke discusses the public meetings about homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP17401.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television news report: National Council of Churches did not come to a unanimous resolution, but will encourage people to make submissions in favour of homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP129396.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television news report: the National Council of Churches supports homosexual law reform and a report on last night's North Shore meeting (New Zealand)
    6.30 news, ref F80155.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
  • The National Council of Churches votes in support of decriminalising homosexuality (New Zealand)

Thu 13 Apr 1972

  • Television current affairs: homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    Gallery, ref TZP80134.
    Links: TVNZ

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