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On This Day: 2nd January

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Mon 2 Jan 2023

  • Eagle Bar’s Wild NYE Party Pictures
    Links: Express
  • Exclusive: Popular Wellington Gay Club Forced To Close Before Midnight on...
    Links: Express
  • Hottest Pics From G.A.Y Auckland on NYE
    Links: Express
  • Popular Wellington Gay Club Forced To Close Before Midnight on NYE
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Sat 2 Jan 2021

  • The Year That Was 2020
    Links: Express

Thu 2 Jan 2020

  • Jazz Jennings 'is proud' to share photos of her gender confirmation surgery scars
    Transgender right activist and reality TV star Jazz Jennings reflected on 2019 with an empowering message about accepting herself from the inside out...
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Tue 2 Jan 2018

  • 1 x Double Ticket to QUEEN + Adam Lambert Show
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  • 1 x Double Ticket to The Pride Parade Grandstand
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  • 4 x Double Tickets to Auckland City Limits Festival
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Mon 2 Jan 2017

  • Campers heading home from glbti campgrounds
    Some campers are beginning to head away from the two main  summer holiday camping areas which have been host to hundreds of glbti people in the Manawatu and Northland...
  • Listen: James Leuii's mix for Summer 16/17

Sat 2 Jan 2016

  • Wellington waterfront walk tour (Wellington)
    Take a self-guided circular walk tour around the Wellington waterfront and discover some historic rainbow sites
    Features: Roger Smith
  • New Year Dishonours for 2015
    As we gaze optimistically into the new year let's not forget that in 2015 some folks did some really shite things to glbti folk, either individually or as a group...

Fri 2 Jan 2015

  • Grindr – The Things You Teach Us
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  • New Year’s Eve – Uretiti Beach
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  • Bangladesh: GLB people living in fear
    A survey of more than 750 gay, lesbian and bisexual people in Bangladesh has found many are living in fear...
  • Mum protects adult gay son from nude woman on TV
    A 22-year-old gay man has posted a picture on Reddit of his mum holding a towel in front of the television to protect him from seeing a woman's breasts during a movie...
  • NZAF nominated Smith for NY Honour
    The New Zealand AIDS Foundation has revealed it nominated Jonathan Smith for a New Year’s Honour for services to people with HIV/AIDS...
  • Review: The Imitation Game
    The Imitation Game Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Charles Dance and Alex Lawther Directed by: Morten Tyldum Now showing in theatres throughout New Zealand Alan Turing In a mystifying way the Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game both glorifies Turing's homosexuality and airbrushes it out of the way...
  • Use Leela's correct name, petition pleads
    Nearly 60,000 people have signed a petition calling for the parents of Ohio teenager Leelah Alcorn to use her chosen name on her gravestone...

Thu 2 Jan 2014

  • Big Gay Out 2014 headliners revealed
    Goodshirt are back together and making new music Reunited Kiwi band Goodshirt, dream-pop duo Kittens of the Internet and Lavina Williams of Ma-V-Elle fame will headline this year’s Big Gay Out...
  • 2013 New Year's Dishonours
    Yes, it was a wonderful year, but there were still some people who got under our skin with their particular brands of judgement, disrespect and discrimination...
  • Hateful laws remain in Presidents' hands
    Yoweri Museveni and Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria and Uganda’s bills vicious anti-gay bills remain in the hands of their Presidents, who are deciding whether to sign them in to law...
  • Staircase to be revived for one night only
    The Auckland Pride Festival will open with a tribute to the past, with a reunion and revival party for ‘golden era’ venue Staircase...

Wed 2 Jan 2013

  • Camp medic is new Queen of Vinegar Hill
    Continuing a decades-long tradition a new Queen of Vinegar Hill has been chosen during a night of revelry and entertainment on the banks of the Manawatu River to see in the New Year...
  • Icelandic rights and democracy campaigner to visit
    Hordur Torfason A gay man credited with turning Iceland on its head, in many ways, is coming to New Zealand for a speaking tour in March...
  • NZ prison escapee wanted for UK gay murder
    A South African man, an escapee from Rangipo Prison in the central North Island, is wanted by UK police as the primary suspect in the killing of a gay man there...
  • Stroking horses “cures” gays, Virginia church says
    The “Cowboy Church of Virginia” has reportedly decided that stroking a horse can “cure” people from being gay...

Mon 2 Jan 2012

  • Our 2011 New Year's dishonours
    After awarding our GayNZ...

Sun 2 Jan 2011

  • The 2010 Dishonours
    It's nice to report that it was much easier to decide on honours than dishonours in 2010, which surely shows it has been a pretty good year...

Sat 2 Jan 2010

  • New Hampshire same sex couples rush to marry
    Same sex couples have rushed to marry in New Hampshire after, at the stroke of the new year it became the fifth U...
  • NZAF ramps up opposition to HIV self-test kits
    "Serious concerns" about the efficacy and reliability of HIV rapid screen test offered to adult shops and some gay sex on site venues last year have been passed on to the government's medical device safety authority...

Fri 2 Jan 2009

  • New Year's Dishonours 2008/09
    Welcome to the dark side, a place inhabited by people who sometimes just don't get it that glbt people are just like themselves, except for one aspect off our lives which doesn't actually affect them or their own lives in the slightest...
  • Survivors: The End of Whose World?
    Surviving: Anya, a young lesbian doctor The BBC has remade Survivors, the classic seventies SF series that dealt with the post-apocalyptic aftermath of a devastating mutant virus...

Wed 2 Jan 2008

  • Gay actor in New Year's honours list

Tue 2 Jan 2007

  • Hot stuff at Vinegar Hill
    A big bang, lots of smoke and then a huge amount of heat – this year's Vinegar Hill New Year's Eve bonfire was one to remember...
  • Terrifying sex attack on Wellington man
    Wellington police are hunting a man who subjected another man to a "prolonged and terrifying" sexual assault early on New Year's Day...

Mon 2 Jan 2006

  • Bain Divine's Gay Auckland Venue Guide Pt3
  • Barrymore Back in UK
    Michael Barrymore's promoters say he and his partner are back in Britain only for a short time, and plan to return to their home in New Zealand; quelling rumours that the pair have turned their backs on their new country...

Sun 2 Jan 2005

  • Gay parent numbers double
    Heterosexual marriages are crumbling in ever-increasing numbers, and once again its time for the moral right to blame the gay parents, whose numbers have nearly doubled in the past five years, according to new Statistics New Zealand research...

Thu 2 Jan 1997

  • Morals campaigner Keith Hay dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Hay took a lead role in campaigning against homosexual law reform in 1985/86.
    Links: Te Ara

Thu 2 Jan 1986

  • Artist Leo Bensemann dies (Christchurch, New Zealand)

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