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Our 2011 New Year's dishonours

Mon 2 Jan 2012 In: Features View at Wayback

After awarding our New Year's honours it's time now to throw metaphorical pies (actually, this year they're metaphorical pizzas) in a few faces...   Hell Pizza, Moa Beer and Peter Williams - for using glbti people to get a sniggering laugh
 Some advertisers and one newsreader just don't seem to get that we're sick and tired of being the ongoing butt of their tatty jokes. While Hell Pizza deserves some credit for its swift response to complaints about the tacky "You Will Marry a Transgender" mis-fortune cookie, Moa Beer is a second-time offender with its strange billboard about there being no lesbians half a century ago. The moronic part is that the company doesn't seem to realise plenty of lesbians like to toss back a nice beer – but Moa is extinct as far as we're concerned now. The Mangawhai Heads arsonist - for dumb hatred 
What kind of a freak gets off on preying on a couple of grandmothers who have never done anything but good in the community? So they're lesbian, so what? Get over it! Whoever you are, we despise you. Your town and probably most of your relatives also despise you. And we all hope you are one day found so you can get the justice you deserve. And please, take a spelling class. Tau Henare MP - for services to being a knob 
While others fight against the endemic use of 'that's so gay' and try to make the schoolyard a little safer for our youth, big mouth MP Tau Henare can only smugly Tweet 'what a gay story' in response. He also attacked Labour's gay MP Charles Chauvel with a weird and stalker-ish 'Driving Miss Daisy' taunt in the House... Tau, maybe it's time to be a big boy and act like a grown up MP. Special mention: Chester Borrows MP, who may not think finding the bravery to be out and proud makes someone a hero, but really, how would he know about that? Murray McCully - for services to international homophobia This is the Foreign Minister who doesn't seem to give a stuff about the rights of glbti people in Commonwealth nations, bucking New Zealand's solid history of going into bat for those who can't always do so themselves. His total silence when our Aussie neighbours and other caring nations proposed addressing the hateful and often deadly persecution of glbti people by our more brutal brother and sister nations was just plain callous. And then to arrogantly ignore requests from gay New Zealanders to please explain? For shame. The justice system - for services to being stuck in 1873 What makes judges and lawyers think describing someone as 'a known homosexual' ok? And why wouldn't 'known homosexuals' hit on other men? Are heterosexuals referred to as 'known heterosexuals'? We know much of the language in court is old timey, but this type of labelling is just homophobic. 
 Special mention: Sitaleki Langi Koloamatangi, who attacked 'known homosexual' Trevor Kaukau for hitting on him on K Rd (of all places!) and left him brain damaged, for adding insult to injury by not even bothering to turn up to court-ordered pre-sentence meetings and who is now languishing in remand prison. - 2nd January 2012


First published: Monday, 2nd January 2012 - 10:02am

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