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On This Day: 3rd January

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Mon 3 Jan 2022

  • New Year’s Eve At Family Bar!
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Sun 3 Jan 2021

  • Busy Philipps shares her 12 year old child Birdie is gay
    Busy Philipps spoke publicly about her child Birdie's sexual orientation and pronouns...
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  • New Year’s Eve at Family Bar and Nightclub
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  • New Year’s Eve at Uretiti
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  • URGE New Year’s Eve Party 2020
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Fri 3 Jan 2020

  • Marvel boss says the MCU's first transgender character is coming 'very soon'
    Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige confirmed the news during a recent talk with the New York Film Academy...
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  • Martina Navratilova Defends LGBT Community, Following Margaret Court’s Latest Rant
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  • New Years 2020 @ Family | Out and About
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Tue 3 Jan 2017

  • New Year's Dishonours 2017
    Every year, after presenting our New Years Honours, GayNZ...

Sat 3 Jan 2015

  • Meet Our Community – Jess Sayer
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  • US Pride DVD cover wipes gay aspect
    The American release DVD cover for the film Pride has removed any reference to the fact it involves a group of gay activists...

Fri 3 Jan 2014

  • 2013 Honours and Dishonours: Who we're not sure about
    Every year there are a few people who make us scratch our heads and unable to decide whether they are heroes, villains, or neither...
  • NFL's Kluwe blows whistle on homophobia
    Chris Kluwe An NFL player who is also an outspoken gay rights supporter has blasted his former Minnesota Vikings coaches, and expressed his confidence bigotry was the reason he was dumped from the team...
  • Pride to host Youth Leaders Conference
    File Photo Registrations are being welcomed for Auckland Pride Festival’s inaugural LGBTIQ Youth Leaders Conference...
  • Ricky Martin and boyfriend break up
    The former couple at the GLAAD Media Awards Ricky Martin has broken up with his boyfriend of almost five years...

Thu 3 Jan 2013

  • Ak Pride Festival will challenge, says director
    Despite public funding making the Auckland Pride Festival and in particular the Pride Parade possible, the range of events will include plenty to challenge and explore some of the less visible aspects of glbti culture, according to festival director Julian Cook...
  • Catholic Church halts London gay masses
    Bernard Lynch The Archbishop of Westminster has ordered a stop to GLBT-friendly masses at a central London church...
  • The “Man at the Top”
    In a recent article I wrote of how the man at the top of any religious organisation needs to take charge and guide his followers in an unbiased manner, in the same way that the CEO of any corporation is responsible for the management of the staff under his control...

Tue 3 Jan 2012

  • Television item (New Zealand)
    One News, ref: TZP407721.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Quotes of the year - 2011
    QUOTES OF THE YEAR - 2011 Lindsay Curnow and Juliet Leigh The tough times: "However, as one of our friends said, you've got each other and you've still got your fishing rod...

Mon 3 Jan 2011

  • "Wife and wife team" to bolster OUTLine
    There are high hopes for the impact a "wife and wife team" with extensive knowledge, experience and contacts in the mental health and addictions field will have when they join the OUTLine team on a 12 month contract...

Sun 3 Jan 2010

  • Malawian same-sex newlyweds arrested
    Two Malawian men have been charged with public indecency after becoming the first gay couple to marry in that country...
  • Vatican flip flops again on gay human rights
    Despite issuing a statement last year that Catholics should not discriminate against homosexuals the Vatican has just lent its support to a Spanish rally against legalising civil unions for same sex couples...
  • With crix belly life's not a beach
    In March 2006 John Stone, a NZ man living with HIV, chronicled the difficulties of sustaining life on HIV medications...

Sat 3 Jan 2009

  • Damned if they do, damned if they don't?
    We've announced GayNZ...

Thu 3 Jan 2008

  • My first love
    Five gay/lesbian New Zealanders remember the first time they fell head-over-heels for someone of the same gender...
  • Pink shift in South-East Asia
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia South-East Asia contains a spectrum of religious, legal and political opinion related to LGBT rights, from repression to pluralism and indifference...

Wed 3 Jan 2007

  • Television current affairs: a Vanuatu radio show that talks about sex and HIV (worldwide)
    TV3 News, ref F96881.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
  • Taupo: Gay brothers say mob beat them
    Two former Taupo men claim they were beaten up by a mob in the town for being openly gay, the Waikato Times reports...

Tue 3 Jan 2006

  • After Herne Bay House: Where to now?
    The closure of Auckland-based Herne Bay House in November has left a gap in care services for HIV+ people...

Mon 3 Jan 2005

  • "Remove HIV+ man from our community"
    Residents in a Canterbury suburb are battling to have an intellecutally disabled HIV-positive man removed from their neighbourhood...
  • Flesh temporarily homeless again
    Auckland bar Flesh, devastated by a suspicious fire last week, is homeless once again after a temporary move to The Birdcage bar in Freeman's Bay has not worked out as planned...

Sun 3 Jan 1999

Fri 3 Jan 1986

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