Proud 2016  [image: supplied]

Proud 2016

Don't Leave Out the I

Audio from the workshop Don't Leave Out the I: Intersex issues in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

This workshop is historic as it marks the first ever intersex workshop held in Aotearoa New Zealand. The facilitators are Mani Bruce Mitchell and Tommy Hamilton, with Denise Steers and Eliana Golberstein (nee Rubashkyn). Note: the round-the-room participant introductions have been removed from this podcast.

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Voices: Denise Steers, Eliana Golberstein (nee Rubashkyn), Mani Bruce Mitchell, Tommy Hamilton

Tags: 1950s, 2010s, adoption, allies, ambiguous genitalia, androgen insensitivity syndrome (ais), aotearoa new zealand, asia pacific outgames, auckland, awhi, badges, binary, bodily autonomy, body diversity, button, chicago, church, cisgender, civil defence, conference, convention refugee, counselling, crystals, denise steers, discrimination, diversity education, dysphoria, education, eliana golberstein (nee rubashkyn), environment, fertility treatment, gender, gender binary, gender dysphoria, gender fluid, gender identity, healing, heterosexual, human rights, human rights commission, hypospadias, identity, identity documents, india, infertility, informed consent, international lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex association (ilga), intersex, intersex conditions, intersex trust aotearoa new zealand (itanz), invisibility, isolation, john money, legacy, malta, mani bruce mitchell, margaret sparrow, media, medicalisation, non-binary, normal, normalisation surgery, pacific, pain, parents, pathologisation, plastic surgery, proud 2016 (wellington), queer, rainbow within a rainbow, rawa karetai, reclaim, refugee, renato sabbadini, salvation army, self determination, sexology, surgery, tabby besley, taonga, tattoo, tokenism, tommy hamilton, torture, trans, transexual, transgender, transition, transvestism, united states of america, university of otago wellington school of medicine, visibility, wellington, xy, yellow, youth

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Record date:11th March 2016
Location:University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine