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Trans Archives Zine launch

Audio from the launch of the second volume of the collaborative zine The Archive is Alive. The zine was the outcome of an intensive archival workshop. Participants delved into LAGANZ (Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand) to discover posters, leaflets, photos and other ephemera relating to transgender and intersex lives and culture in Aotearoa. The zine reproduced some of this material and reflected on the importance of local queer history to us today. The launch happened at the National Library of New Zealand on Tuesday 30 March 2020. The zine is available as a free pdf digital download

Audio from the launch of the first volume can be heard here

Audio and TextDownload mp3Download HQ mp3


  • 00:01 - Caitlin Lynch
  • 01:56 - Will Hansen
  • 11:40 - Zine launch
  • 12:08 - Roger Swanson
  • 13:50 - Rei Denee
  • 16:45 - June Stephens
  • 19:30 - Jack Hitchcox
  • 22:52 - Vee C M
  • 25:58 - Awatea Rotherham
  • 29:12 - Yuri Zhigang Zheng
  • 31:24 - Louie Zalk-Neale
  • 32:55 - Jas Brooks
Record date:30th March 2021
Location:National Library of New Zealand (Wellington)