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On This Day: 30th March

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Wed 30 Mar 2022

  • Taranaki’s First Ever Pride Festival Is Here!
    Links: Express

Tue 30 Mar 2021

  • Trans Archives Zine launch (National Library of New Zealand)
    Audio from the launch of the second volume of the collaborative zine The Archive is Alive, 30 March 2021
    Features: Awatea Rotherham, Caitlin Lynch, Jack Hitchcox, Jas Brooks, June Stephens, Louie Zalk-Neale, Rei Denee, Roger Swanson, Vee C M, Will Hansen, Yuri Zhigang Zheng
  • $29 Billion A Year By 2025 Needed To Get Back On Track To Tackle AIDS, Say UNAIDS
    A new report from the UN agency dedicated to ending HIV and AIDS ( UNAIDS ) has shown that investing $29 billion a year to HIV response in low and middle income countries by 2025, will put the world back on track to eradicate the virus as a public ...
    Links: Scoop
  • Demi Lovato identifies as Pansexual: 'I'm part of the alphabet mafia and proud'
    The 28-year-old singer-songwriter opened up about her love life and sexuality during a recent appearance on the 'Joe Rogan Experience' podcast...
    Links: Stuff
  • Exclusive: Mika Leaked Email “I will Continue My Support For The...
    Links: Express
  • Mika Haka Named as Entertainer in Rich Lister’s Trial
    Links: Express
  • Petition Launched in Australia to Rename Golden Gaytime Ice Creams
    Links: Express

Mon 30 Mar 2020

  • Voting opens on name for CRL tunnel boring machine
    City Rail Link in Auckland is giving the public the job of choosing a name for its tunnel boring machine...
    Links: RNZ
    Links: Express
  • Miss Geena’s Pop Matters!
    Links: Express
    Links: Express

Sat 30 Mar 2019

  • Pride Stage 2019 (Eva Beva)
    Audio from the Wellington Pride Stage 2019, held at Eva Bevas on 30 March 2019
    Features: Callan James, Chanel Hati, Courtney L'Amour, Drew Hadwen, Roxy Coervers, Steven Mawhinney, Tīwhanawhana

Fri 30 Mar 2018

  • CDC director pledges to bring opioid epidemic 'to its knees'
    NEW YORK — The new director of the top U...
    Links: NZ Herald

Thu 30 Mar 2017

  • 75 Years Of Frock N Roll
    Links: Express
  • Cannabis Miracle Cure For HIV?
    Links: Express
  • Hottie: Kyle Jardine
    Links: Express
  • John Thorp Named As Morrinsville Crash Victim
    Links: Express
  • Purcell’s Dido And Aeneas Comes To New Zealand
    Links: Express
  • Setting the Record Straight: Charlie Tredway
    Links: Express
  • Wild With Wanderlust: Travel Feature
    Links: Express
  • Takatāpui resource focuses on whānau support
    The importance of whānau support in improving the wellbeing of takatāpui youth is highlighted in a newly released, free resource...
  • Wlgtn church shows support for trans communities
    St Andrews on the Terrace is partnering with Rainbow Wellington to continue its support of the local transgender and gender diverse communities...

Wed 30 Mar 2016

  • Indian LGBT Film Wins National Award
    Links: Express
  • Neil Thornton: The Capital’s Funniest Bear
    Links: Express
  • Over $15,000 Raised For Triplings Thus Far
    Links: Express
  • Technicolour India
    Links: Express
  • The LAD Bible Publicly Apologises to Wentworth Miller For Internet Meme
    Links: Express
  • Transgender Day of Visibility’s Most Important Year Yet
    Links: Express
  • Carmen gets the green light
    It has been confirmed that Carmen Rupe will once again light up the streets of Wellington, as council approves four pedestrian lights in her honour...
  • Rainbow WLG call for action on #TransDayOfVisibility
    Tomorrow marks International Transgender Day of Visibility and Rainbow Wellington are calling for the LGBTI community to take five minutes out of their day to show their support for the transgender communities...
  • YouTube star Tyler Oakley heading to NZ
    YouTube superstar and LGBTI advocate, Tyler Oakley is coming to New Zealand...
  • ‘Triplings’ dads crowdfund for return to NZ
    Gay couple, David and Nicky Beard are desperately searching for a way to bring their three newborn babies home to New Zealand from Mexico after extra costs following the premature birth of one of their children has left them stuck in the Northern Hemisphere...

Mon 30 Mar 2015

  • Ask Agony Aunt Lisa: The Age Difference
    Links: Express
  • Foodie Bites: Learn from the Best
    Links: Express
  • Indiana Governor Defends New Law Allowing Discrimination Against GLBT People
    Links: Express
  • Police Investigating Auckland Grindr Robberies
    Links: Express
  • Lynda Whitehead's Agender agenda
    New Agender President Lynda Whitehead is determined to grow the group’s membership back up, telling GayNZ...
  • US state Indiana legalises discrimination
    The US state of Indiana is being widely criticised for introducing a bill allowing people to use religion to discriminate against lgbt people, and other minorities...
  • Wigarama to raise money for Vanuatu
    Wigarama is coming back in May, and this time half the proceeds will be donated to the Cyclone Pam recovery in Vanuatu...

Sun 30 Mar 2014

  • "At long last" gay couples marry in the UK
    newlyweds Peter McGraith and David Cabreza...
  • Coffey wins Labour's Rotorua candidacy
    Tamati Coffey Gay TV celebrity Tamati Coffey has been selected as Labour’s candidate for Rotorua...
  • Review: Angels in America, Act II – Perestroika
    Angels in America, Act II – Perestroika A Silo production, at Q Theatre Auckland 29 March 2014 From Wikipedia: Perestroika(Russian:перестро ́йка,IPA:[pʲɪrʲɪˈstrojkə]( listen))[1]was a political movement for reformation within theCommunist Party of the Soviet Unionduring the 1980s (1986), widely associated withSovietleaderMikhail Gorbachevand hisglasnost(meaning "openness") policy reform...

Fri 30 Mar 2012

  • Carmen's family say they had Facebook page closed
    Carmen during her businesswoman days in Wellington The increasingly contentious Carmen Rupe Facebook profile was switched off during the week after a request by family members seeking to protect Carmen's name and legacy...
  • GABA brings Auckland Lesbian Ball back
    Auckland’s Lesbian Ball has been revived thanks to the help of the Gay Auckland Business Association’s Charitable Trust...
  • Gay community friend Dr Hone Kaa dies
    Dr Hone Kaa Anglican Archdeacon and gay community friend Dr Hone Kaa has died in Auckland...
  • Gay man's beating has Chile pledging change
    Daniel Zamudio was beaten in a Santiago square and died 25 days later Shock and outrage over the horrific killing of a gay Chilean man has the nation’s National Congress promising to speed up anti-discrimination laws...
  • Queer youth sought to share their stories
      Benjamin Watt Participants are being sought for a new youth-led project to record the coming out stories and experiences of queer people aged between 18 and 25...
  • Russia considers nationalising anti-gay bill
    Russia’s Government is to consider a bill that would impose fines for spreading gay "propaganda" among minors, following the passage of such legislation in St Petersburg...

Wed 30 Mar 2011

  • "Keep the peace" pink shirts go on sale
    The men's (left) and women's (right) Mr Vintage design Special edition Pink Shirt Day t-shirts have gone on sale bearing the message “keep the peace – stop bullying”...
  • A taste of Out Takes: Strapped
    A handsome young prostitute learns about life and love during a sex-filled odyssey in an apartment building filled with strange inhabitants...
  • Bars to hand BGO proceeds over to NZAF
    Fun in the sun at BGO 2011 The proceeds from the Big Gay Out initiative of three Auckland venues will be handed over to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation tonight...
  • Out Takes dates and first films confirmed
    Out Takes 2011: A Reel Queer Film Festival is right around the corner, opening in Auckland on 26 May and Wellington on 2 June...

Tue 30 Mar 2010

  • "Gay Jesus" play canned in Texas
    A Texas university play that depicted Jesus as a gay man has been cancelled after a "vile" backlash from a church congregation...
  • "I'm a fortunate homosexual man" - Ricky Martin
    Ricky Martin Latin pop singer Ricky Martin has confirmed he is gay, following years of speculation about his sexuality...
  • The Charlotte Museum: A grand tour
    Miriam Saphira I told my best friend, a gay man, I was heading down to the Charlotte Museum for a tour as I was writing a feature for gaynz...

Mon 30 Mar 2009

  • 1 in 6 psychiatrists tried to 'turn gays straight'
    One in six psychotherapists have admitted they have tried to help 'cure' clients of their homosexual desires, according to a new UK study...
  • Check out the talent at Family's Speedo Night!
    "Hi guys! Now show us your undies...
  • Hero to be wound up and remembered
    A unanimous recommendation that Hero be wound up and consigned to history was tonight whole-heartedly embraced by the organisation's two remaining trustees...
  • On stage: Bud at Wellington's BATS Theatre
    Louis Solino in Bud What to do with a bunch of venetian blinds and a 1950s homoerotic film? Hmmm...
  • Review: My Fair Lady at the Civic
    It is Wednesday afternoon at twelve forty five and I am already seated in the atmospheric Civic Theatre waiting for the advent of My Fair Lady...

Sun 30 Mar 2008

  • Being gay in China or Tibet
    Manse: A Chinese gay magazine Given current debates about China and Tibet, what stances do both societies have on LGBT issues? Before Communist China occupied it in 1948, Tibet was a theocracy, ruled by a monastic hierarchy, whose population growth tended to be low, given the high proportion of celibate Buddhist monks and nuns in the mountainous Himalayan nation...
  • Hunky Heath wins #1 Urge NZ Bear
    It was hot and packed in K' Road's Urge bar at 2am last night, and all eyes were on Heath Jones, 34, as he was presented with his sash and title of Mr Urge New Zealand Bear 2008...
  • Sex and the New Zealanders
    Duncan Fallowell How dare a pompous pommy poofter visit our fair and perfect isles and publish a few criticisms of us and our way of life? The bloody nerve of the man! Didn't he understand that the only acceptable answer from a visiting writer or celebrity or politician or sportsperson to the spoken or unspoken question "What do you think of New Zealand?" is: "Very nice...
  • UK:Police slammed for allowing anti-gay gig
    The Metropolitan Police have allowed a concert by artist Bounty Killer to go ahead, despite his lyrics inciting homophobic hatred and violence...

Fri 30 Mar 2007

  • Dolly Parton reveals lesbian fantasies
    Country singer Dolly Parton, 61, has been telling reporters in Europe that she has lesbian flights of fantasy where she imagines making love to a "hot young woman...
  • New safe sex info service a text success
    “Are you more, or less, likely to get HIV if you're a top?” gay Aucklander Colin Duffin, 20, texted the new ‘Safe Sex Texting' service one evening last week...
  • The vile Mr. Nile
    Fred Nile Fundamentalist partyleader Fred Nile has been re-elected to the Upper House for a fourth term in the New South Wales election, after proposing to freeze Muslim immigration...

Thu 30 Mar 2006

  • NZAF Cautious Over HIV Pill
    The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is greeting the news of a new combination drug to prevent HIV infection with caution...

Tue 30 Mar 2004

  • Accused Pride employee accuses Centre of deceit
    Following revelations first carried on GayNZ...
  • Barrymore's residency speed infuriates
    The apparent ease with which entertainer Michael Barrymore has become a New Zealand resident has irked a Christchurch women who is dealing with immigration issues...
  • Counter-claim of fraud at Pride Centre
  • Pride delays comment and "will stay open"
  • Shit, shit, shit... but wait, there
    Ever wondered what it's like to live with HIV? For our fourth GayNZ...

Sun 30 Mar 2003

  • Apology from Hide or legal action to follow
    MP Rodney Hide has now been asked to apologise or face legal action after claims he questioned a man's sexuality during an ACT party function on Waiheke Island...

Tue 30 Mar 1999

Tue 30 Mar 1993

Sat 30 Mar 1985

  • Roman Catholic Cardinal Tom Williams speaks out against the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (New Zealand)
    Williams appears on TV 1 news.
  • Television news report: Roman Catholic Cardinal Tom Williams speaks out against homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    The report also features MP Geoff Braybrooke and Bill Logan. 6.30 news, ref F62402.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
  • Television: Cardinal Tom Williams opposes Homosexual Law Reform Bill (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP17808.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Mon 30 Mar 1981

  • The Lesbian Gay Media Collective is formed (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The group produces New Zealand's first Lesbian and Gay radio programme during Pride 1981 for Wellington Access Radio. The group later merges with the Pink Triangle Publishing Collective in 1982.

Sun 30 Mar 1980

  • The Metropolitan Community Church of the Resurrection is formed (New Zealand)

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