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Crystal and Harriet(October 2013)

In this podcast Crystal and Harriet talk about identity and relationships.

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This podcast was made possible through generous support from the Rule Foundation


In the audio recording titled "Crystal and Harriet - South," recorded in Nelson, Aotearoa New Zealand on October 14, 2013, the speakers, Crystal and Harriet, engage in a candid conversation about identity, relationships, and the queer experience. Among the topics discussed, the participants delve into the nuances of sexuality and the terminology they connect with, expressing how societal pressures can influence one's willingness to engage with or share their identity openly.

Throughout their dialogue, it’s clear that identity labels carry different meanings and implications in distinct contexts. For example, the term ‘queer’ resonates with one of the individuals as a flexible and inclusive identity, yet they switch to ‘lesbian’ in day-to-day life for simplicity and to avoid intrusive questions. They also discuss coming out, the individual journey of understanding one's sexuality, and the influential role of public figures such as Stephen Fry.

The conversation extends to personal anecdotes about recognizing attraction, the importance and complexity of representation, and the perception and experience of coming out in various environments—including family dynamics, high school settings, and beyond. Relationships play a considerable role in their stories, along with reflections on when they became aware of their identities and how high school experiences might have influenced their personal developments and openness about their identities.

The participants highlight several issues they observe within the queer and trans communities, including a lack of information, support, and general visibility in both society and media. They touch upon the importance of inclusivity within educational settings, denouncing heteronormative assumptions and advocating for improved representation in health curricula. The debate extends to media portrayals where queer and trans characters often face misrepresentation or tokenistic narratives, echoing a desire for more genuine and multifaceted portrayals that resonate with actual queer experiences.

On a personal level, they reflect on their aspirations and concerns for the future regarding employment, family, and overall life in New Zealand. While the participants recognize positive changes, such as the passing of marriage equality legislation, they emphasize ongoing challenges, including the potential difficulties in starting a family and desiring broader support for queer individuals in these endeavors.

Their future-oriented thoughts are tinged with hope but also underscore the necessity for continued progress and cultural shifts. Specifically, the conversation is punctuated by a sense of anticipation for a time when the queer community is more thoroughly integrated into the fabric of New Zealand society without needing disproportionate visibility to assert existence and rights.

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Record date:14th October 2013
Interviewer:Tabby Besley
Location:Nelson, Aotearoa New Zealand
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004280).