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Angela(May 2014)

In this podcast Angela talks about identifying as genderqueer, pansexual poly.

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This podcast was made possible through generous support from the Rule Foundation


This podcast features a conversation with Angela who discusses their experience as a genderqueer, pansexual, and polyamorous individual. Throughout the recording, Angela elaborates on the personal significance of these identities, explaining how their notion of gender is fluid, fluctuating between more masculine and feminine feelings. Angela also emphasizes how being pansexual involves openness to relationships with any gender and being polyamorous means being open to multiple intimate relationships simultaneously.

Angela recounts becoming conscious of an attraction to girls during a heterosexual relationship at the age of 18, while their genderqueer identity became clear around the age of 22. They describe the initial awkwardness of confronting these realizations within the confines of their ongoing relationship, which has since evolved to accommodate Angela's sexual orientation with acceptance.

Despite having supportive friends who Angela is openly out to, a full coming out to family has not occurred. They note that cues about their identity are subtly present in social media interactions and clothing choices. Angela recalls high school in Christchurch, where gender norms were not strictly enforced but acknowledges that sexual education largely omitted discussions of non-heterosexual orientations.

Angela has faced challenges in finding understanding from individuals unfamiliar with gender fluidity but does not report personal experiences of direct discrimination. Their journey to self-understanding included grappling with social expectations and seeking representations beyond traditional gender binaries.

Regarding their relationships, Angela highlights the difficulties of finding individuals who understand and accept polyamory. They also express frustration about the assumption of heterosexuality when in a relationship with someone perceived as cisgender.

Facing stereotypes is an unavoidable part of Angela's experience, with misconceptions about polyamory and pansexuality leading to judgments of immorality or indecision. Angela addresses these through dialogue and education, leveraging their own agency to shape perceptions free from misinformation.

An active participant in digital platforms, Angela discusses the importance of queer representation in the media and the creation of YouTube content that raises awareness on issues like the Roastbusters scandal in New Zealand.

Angela is currently pursuing a university education in psychology, sociology, health science, and human services, while also grappling with mental health challenges. Although not highly active in university Queer Groups, Angela stresses the significance of community and the struggles of dating without a clear queer social infrastructure.

Looking forward, Angela hopes for a society where being queer is less daunting and where their identities can be expressed without fear of discrimination or violence. They recommend that individuals struggling with their own identities find supportive friends as a starting point for the coming out process.

In its conclusion, the recording touches on Angela's appreciation of their unique identities and the joy they find in diverse relationships and expressions of gender. Angela’s story is framed within the broader societal context of New Zealand in the 2010s, indicating the transitional nature of acceptance and understanding regarding gender and sexual identities.

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Record Date:13th May 2014
Interviewer:Tabby Besley
Location:Christchurch, Canterbury
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004318).