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Angela - South

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride in Gareth support from the rule foundation [00:00:08] How do you describe the identity? [00:00:11] gender queer pen [00:00:12] sexual poly? [00:00:15] What are those [00:00:16] words mean? TI 10 six show is that means I'm really open to anyone have any agenda that I don't really discriminate on base agenda could be with a transsexual could be with the gender queer person, I could be with this sis person, whatever. [00:00:38] gender queer Oh. [00:00:44] And to me, it means my gender fluctuates, it's not really the same each day it changes from being you though. I'm feeling a bit more boys or girls one day and, or somewhere in between. and pi means that I and [00:01:06] open to have more than one relationship at a time, an intimate relationship. [00:01:14] When did you first become aware? That's very [00:01:19] um, [00:01:21] I came aware of my pen and my Well, kind of my attraction to goes [00:01:32] when I was about 18. And [00:01:38] my gender queer identity is a little bit more recent, it's probably [00:01:45] 22 it's just a rough case. [00:01:52] And probably [00:01:55] probably 23 [00:01:58] What was it like when you [00:02:03] Oh, [00:02:08] it was awkward. And just like I was at the time I was [00:02:15] in a heterosexual relationship and it's like, oh, one trick to gills. [00:02:21] I can't happy with your own be with the girl and they can't because I'm going to renew their relationship and it's just like oh, so I had to pretend the guy was a girl [00:02:36] and what happened to that [00:02:40] I'm still in the same relationship so he's kind of accepting of that reality and that idea of attraction to the opposite sex and he's fine with it. So it's so good [00:02:57] to be here but you're coming out there to [00:03:01] I am a got really nice friends who are really open and like understanding so I'm at to them but are not really at my family. I kind of I don't actively hide it like so my Facebook is phone with me. Same become putting flutist FLOTUS FLOTUS comments on gills Facebook, comments, patches and stuff. And we like trying at drag queen kind of a tight drag King attire. So [00:03:41] there's some colors Hold on. [00:03:45] To the graphic crafted, yes, yeah. What was it like at your high school? [00:03:50] physics ondemand. [00:03:53] Well, the thing is, in high school, I was really just I [00:04:01] today was not aware of my sexuality or my gender identity at the time. So don't really know what it was like to be. OO at ASCO was kind of a right to be like to for the girls to dress up in a boys uniform. So that was pretty good. And just as so more practical, [00:04:26] who wants to back around and account. [00:04:31] And so like, and it's all right for the girls to participate in sports and stuff. But there was still some, like soft skills just set out set out besides sport instead of the benches and talk, which was boring. [00:04:47] And so [00:04:50] but I think in sexuality education that I experienced that there really was much mention of [00:05:01] orientations rather than heterosexual. [00:05:04] Do you remember any kind of [00:05:07] messages when you were younger? About what it meant to be? [00:05:15] What kind of ideas like when you first realizing that [00:05:20] it wasn't really talked to talked about in my environment, either in a negative or positive way. So it was just something like I had no kind of pinpoint or information about it was just like I am. This, I kind of have to find out that my own information and [00:05:46] some of this stuff is implicit. Especially when you get into black queer discrimination and [00:05:53] transphobia and all that kind of stuff. Let's say reality for some [00:06:00] Have you experienced much discrimination personally because of your success? [00:06:03] Um, [00:06:06] I wouldn't say discrimination, but I have to explain some things to people when they're very, like 16 dead. And so I don't really understand what it is to not have your, your body in line to bit intense agenda. And so they kind of like it's a foreign kind of concept for them. And they did they find it really hard to relate to. So is the difficulties or relate, I get a lot. But otherwise, I don't really feel discriminated against, personally, but I know there's termination out there sounds a little bit closed off and Home app too. So I'm wouldn't be on so I'm not as open about my sexuality or Tinder as I would like. [00:06:53] When did you first realize that you were doing degree? [00:06:57] What kind of thought process to go through how to deliver, that's the thing you could be. [00:07:02] I'm [00:07:05] just like, how I kind of liked boyish things. And I felt more identifiable with male things. And I mean, I was kind of, but I didn't want to reject my femininity. So I still wanted that baby. So it wasn't like transgender, where I was like, is won't be the opposite gender. [00:07:28] Just this mixture of them and together. [00:07:34] And apart from not understanding what other kinds of reactions do you get from people like how to partner with me? [00:07:43] He's pretty sick game he tries to understand and he likes may explain things and he listens. And [00:07:53] it kind of respects me for me doesn't, doesn't try and change me and doesn't try me Make me fit into this pre prescribed mode of what a bar? I shouldn't be? [00:08:04] Sorry, it's pretty good. [00:08:07] And and have you had relationships with women? [00:08:13] Not a lot to Hey, [00:08:19] that makes me sad. [00:08:22] Do you think it's hard to find other people who are interested in non monogamous relationship? [00:08:27] Yeah, I think it is hard, as I said, another thing you have to explain. And it's like, you have to explain the roles and how it works. And because people aren't really familiar with it. And it's also it's kind of hard to get connected into the PM named him get to mingle with gay people. Because you have to find it. And can we find it? I find it a little bit hard when I'm not very much of a social person in my bars and parties and stuff? I don't, it's not my strong point. Yeah. [00:09:09] Do you find the [00:09:12] primary relationship? [00:09:16] Yeah, yeah. Do you often get to people assume that you're heterosexual insisted because of [00:09:23] the relationship here. Um, [00:09:27] I probably don't come across as says gender a lot of the time, because because the way I dress like, I'll normally dress kind of a little bit masculine some days and so down tomboyish. And so they're this system that they would probably assume that I'm heterosexual pass by looking at my partner and stuff. But I normally use Tinder for referred him as my partner all the time, so can't quite say go by that with a prominent patron relationship. [00:10:07] When people don't seem right, how does it feel? [00:10:13] Feels like a lie. [00:10:15] It feels like a lie. Because I'm know and i [00:10:23] i want to be recognized as the orientation that I personally feel that I am. Even though I'm not [00:10:32] just like it's an oxymoron, isn't it? [00:10:38] DC many kind of stereotypes about [00:10:42] kind of what you know, like bisexual people, [00:10:45] or the people who do know that you have sexual Do they have a challenge there or be like, you know, [00:10:53] greedy, any of those kind of scary? [00:10:55] Yeah, I get some lot of stereotypes that being Polonius, like [00:11:03] it's immoral. Let's greet a [00:11:07] peasant the two main ones I feel I get in terms of say [00:11:13] pension should probably get the greedy one again. And [00:11:20] awesome. undecided. I think [00:11:24] and I think there's not enough kind of Jeannie queasiness in a media or between the many for people to pick up a stereotype so they just have no information about it. So you just have to explain and so you get your you get to explain it in a way that you lock and free of those stereotypes. [00:11:47] How do you respond to people who kind of stereotype you in that way? [00:11:53] So far it's just be my friend so it's been pretty easy to create a dialogue and challenge the discourse so you can actually say to them hey on that's not really is it something else and you can actually sit down it's not too hard to explain to them so [00:12:12] what have you been doing since you left school? [00:12:16] getting over a mental illness [00:12:19] that's no fun and time consuming. [00:12:23] So that was kind of really had [00:12:28] and then I'm then I went into into uni. So I've been doing your new for the last three years. And [00:12:39] psychology sociology, [00:12:41] health science and Human Services. [00:12:46] Yeah, what kind of [00:12:50] my go to unique you which is universities come Canterbury, queer verb, [00:13:01] haven't been much to their events should probably take a page. [00:13:08] And, as I'm going to teach have, like a sense of community. [00:13:12] Yes. Because it means like, you can [00:13:19] know who you can date [00:13:23] is a feeling that this community is kind of like you left out in this world, and you have to go hang on RUOIQIU and the [00:13:36] people with a game thing you have to yourself, you have to come at them as being gay and it's like, ah, [00:13:44] kind of lazy, and the space where you know, they're [00:13:48] not necessarily not this is a good chance. So these people here are going to be non EXHHO [00:13:56] and have you experienced any kind of [00:14:00] university was absolutely no [00:14:05] pretty supportive. [00:14:09] DC and things like Facebook and social media and YouTube and the internet playing more of a part in the way that we can train young people connect with others and find [00:14:21] the thing like I [00:14:23] I love watching YouTube, and the good thing about YouTube, it's anyone anyone can make content so there are queer people making content. And I do like to follow some of these peer queer people on YouTube like Queer as a cat which she's doing to create a sexual [00:14:48] girlfriend boyfriend and everything in between [00:14:52] which is a lesbian [00:14:57] and talks about pen sexual [00:15:01] there's been issues and [00:15:05] and then there's [00:15:10] there's a few other ones as well. How many of the names [00:15:15] have you been involved in? Making your call? Okay. [00:15:19] Yep, I do and I like to focus on my on data video on the two videos on the rice busters, one about the peer group that they were in and they weren't was actually wrong with the first buses and what was wrong with the behavior of the road busters. And then I'm Road [00:15:42] The bros busters was a group of [00:15:46] boys home, slipped with drunk and [00:15:53] often under rain skills, and then posted the exploits on social media titled Facebook. [00:16:02] So what was doing this videos about, um, [00:16:07] I was about putting like, [00:16:13] putting New Zealand issues out there on the internet, and how like, sexuality really is played out in New Zealand and also creating processing what I thought about the road buses and current taking them and having a look at my they, they I had a Pankratz kind of a kind of okayed it and kind of said all we don't have, they're just being boys and they're not they just kind of made excuses for them not really changing their behavior and kind of reinforcing that behavior and saying, Yeah, [00:16:52] we're not challenging it. What other kinds of videos [00:16:56] another one I just did I [00:16:59] go 16 no shake, [00:17:00] which is a poem about [00:17:07] safe sex, but using [00:17:12] the milkshake is the middle six. [00:17:17] And what do you what do you get out of what do you hope to prefer making YouTube videos? Um, what do you get from watching other [00:17:28] and what I get from watching other people's videos is that there are people out there like me making videos. And so I feel like there's that that content is kind of catered to me awaited because these are the people who have experienced some of the things to me and I said in the situation, style identify in a different on an unknown, normative way. [00:17:58] How do you feel about the way the mainstream kind of media and pop culture portray queer and trans people? [00:18:06] It's, it's a bit hard for me to say [00:18:08] because I'm, I'm kind of connected in quite well into like, the queer media. And so I kind of do a lot of like, I'm subscribed to Queen, [00:18:23] k star and [00:18:26] Queen [00:18:27] nation and [00:18:31] and all these other games z and all these other Queen new sites are I get [00:18:38] a lot of media from the queer community and such, but he had some like, [00:18:44] but he sick. And lots of those would be like International. [00:18:49] Yes, yeah. So I kind of make an effort to be connected into queer information. [00:18:56] Why is that important? [00:18:59] to it, tackles issues that affects me. And [00:19:06] it gives me to understand what's going on [00:19:09] in my community, and how [00:19:12] the issues that I might experience if I come at as come out as whatever I come at us to nuclear pensive show, and [00:19:23] it's kind of its way to kind of gauge how people react. But when you get a lot of American stuff [00:19:29] that like oh, scared as hell. [00:19:36] And DC, your identity is reflected in any movies or tv shows? Have there been any characters or storylines that you can relate to? [00:19:46] Um, [00:19:49] there was the R word, which was a while ago, which was about a group of lesbians, which is co [00:20:00] Stanley when I can think of what you said. [00:20:04] And did you say any gender queer people at all? [00:20:11] There was the year this year's Eurovision [00:20:15] winner was a drag queen. Sorry. [00:20:21] And my example isn't it is [00:20:27] DC and lots of stereotypes of trans people. [00:20:34] Yes. [00:20:36] stereotypes that are easy to [00:20:40] reproduce and easy for people to write to because they create this kind of [00:20:47] idea of what a queer person is, and some assumptions about them. So you can go Okay, this is a queer person, they're going to be like this. That's nuts. And then Okay, then you don't have to explain all those things to them data and data, because we had these assumptions about them. [00:21:04] What would you like to see more from the media? [00:21:07] diversity of race, orientation, gender, [00:21:15] the able bodied, disabled bodied? [00:21:21] How you feel about the marriage equality bill that passed last year? [00:21:27] Yeah, I think it's important step forward, because it's a [00:21:33] legitimising these are life in chat saying yes, you can be married. Yes, [00:21:38] you recognizes you having a long term relationship with a stable one at that, that you recognize that [00:21:47] your relationship is recognized as [00:21:52] something important to us something [00:21:57] that QM face then and also sorry, like I was saying, if you break app, or somebody dies, there's some legal stuff around with with her the stuff goes to had the status divided up and all that kind of stuff. [00:22:15] Will you invoke the tool and make a submission or celebrating it whatever you're writing? [00:22:19] And [00:22:22] what do you think as someone who's polyamorous What do you think about people who also have legal rights marriage rights for polyamorous people [00:22:37] think before we even do that, it needs to be more talked about in the public eye and recognizes this way you can also have relationships and it's okay. It's not I don't think it's taught enough in the public for [00:22:56] for that state to be even thought of yet as got some steps that needs to take before that. [00:23:05] What do you think are some of the most important policy issues facing current 2013? [00:23:12] mental health, bullying and discrimination? [00:23:16] What do you think is some of the solutions to those issues and [00:23:25] having queer lines and queer Alliance, straight and queer eyes and skulls where you [00:23:34] have a [00:23:37] group which kind of [00:23:39] straight people in gay queer people can go to and they can stick up for the rights of other queer and then to kind of clear things and so it's not assumed that when you're sticking up for gay rights or queer rights, that you will queer yourself that you can you can be straight and still stick up for queer rights and [00:24:12] I think health workers in schools like like mental health people like [00:24:23] like more health promotion and [00:24:27] in schools and also encouraging those things to be in the community as well so it's not just relying on the skills to kind of fix the children is like okay like having like a mental health after school program where you learn how to code and stuff without doing like workshops and stuff. So he says not relying just on the school to tackle is tech a more broader community approach to it. [00:25:00] Ladies acquit might be in 10 years time [00:25:03] Oh, [00:25:08] they still discrimination or acceptance, maybe a little bit more open and less scary coming out as queer [00:25:21] your personal for the hope for your future [00:25:23] and [00:25:26] that I can just that I can be made without any worries. [00:25:31] And I don't have to worry about people discriminating against me attacking may or [00:25:39] unsafely may for what I am. [00:25:44] If you could give a message to Jefferson struggling to come out this clarity clear, what will we [00:25:53] get people find people who accept you to begin with like kind of like just to kind of talk about these issues of light and queer and see how people respond if they're kind of [00:26:09] on your side and say okay, and this way and would you support a and be there for me and stuff. And kind of halfway through this process and just finding good friends just contrast to start off with and then [00:26:28] slowly coming out and then people and then [00:26:32] if some people then you got people to fall back on. [00:26:36] Coming out process coming up to someone who's been a while and not pleasant? [00:26:45] What's your favorite thing about being a contextual declared police officer in the New Zealand [00:26:54] I've been denied acquitted because I can, I can wear any clothes I want. [00:27:00] Just like I can chop an ad section to probably the kids section. [00:27:06] And I can we what I want. [00:27:09] I like thing paying for it because I get to know all these different varieties of people and that that aren't space Lyft of her that because then again, I get to know them because I want to get to know that person and kind of in the same price because I just like giving love and caring for people and having pic club people close to me.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.