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Queer Liberation - Vernon Tile Vamaua

To mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of the first Gay Liberation Front groups in New Zealand in 1972, the International Socialist Organisation Te Whanganui-a-Tara branch invited activist Vernon Tile Vamaua to talk about the early years of queer liberation. Due to time constraints, Vernon didn't present his full talk - but it can be downloaded in full as a pdf document.

Vernon draws on Brent Coutts' 1972: a year in focus book. A special thank you to Brent for his research, and to Vernon and the International Socialist Organisation for allowing this event to be recorded and shared.

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  • 10:15 - Society for Human Rights (SHR, 1924-1925), Mattachine Society (1951-1961) and the Mattachine Society of Washington (MSW, 1961-early 1970s)
  • 14:24 - The psychedelic flower power generation free love philosophy - sexual and social liberation, Vietnam War protests, Women's Liberation movement, Anti-racist groups formed – Nga Tamatoa and Polynesian Panthers, HART – stop all sporting contact with South Africa and the 1973 Springbok tour Organisation to Halt Military Service, Save Lake Manapouri campaign, Opposition to Halt Military Service (OHMS) - opposition to conscription and war by a campaign of civil disobedience, Progressive Youth Movement, Little Red School Book and the “Hair” musical touring New Zealand - nudity and homosexuality
  • 19:10 - Auckland Gay Liberation Front Manifesto sections: Family, School, Church, The Media, Employment, The Law, Psychiatry, Self Oppression, And Now Liberation, Aims
  • 19:56 - Auckland Gay Liberation Front Manifesto - Immediate Demands: 1 - End all discrimination against gay people, 2 - All people have the right to sexual self-determination, 3 - We shall oppose all oppression against gay people and support full civil rights, 4 - We shall provide counselling services, legal services and medical services for gay people and raise their consciousness about their own identity.
  • 31:20 - First two office holders in Gay Liberation Front Wellington: President Donal Raethel and Vice-President Laurie Marque.
  • 33:40 - Key people in Gay Liberation Front Christchurch: Robin Duff, Lindsay Taylor, Chris Hignett, Paul Maling, John Wooles and Mike Waghorne
  • 35:28 - First National Gay Liberation Conference in Auckland (26 August 1972). Sessions included Organisation, Action, Media and Publicity, Guerrilla Theatre, Graphics and Printing, Counselling, Communes, Social Function of Gay Liberation
  • 36:15 - Key individuals in Gay Liberation Front. Auckland: Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Malcolm McAllister, Dick Morrison, Janet Roth, Caterina de Nave, Sharon Alston, David Russell, Paul Kells, John Demouth, Graeme Underhill, Ben van Prehn, Nigel Baumber. Wellington: Donal Raethel, Laurie Marquet, Michael Ross, Barry Neels, Robert Lansdown, Bill Evans, Rae Dellaca. Christchurch: Robin Duff, Lindsay Taylor, Chris Hignett, Paul Maling, John Wooles, Mike Waghorne
  • 43:05 - Two books in Vernon's library: Homosexual: oppression & liberation by Dennis Altman and Out of the closets: voices of gay liberation edited by Karla Jay and Allen Young

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Record date:28th June 2022
Location:Kirk building, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004673).