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In this podcast Matt talks about being young and gay in 2012.

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In the podcast recording titled "Matt - Q12" from the 12th September 2012, the speaker discusses personal experiences revolving around individual identity and community interaction in the 2010s. The recording, made in Manawatū, Aotearoa New Zealand, captures a 20-minute conversation delving into the speaker's interests and life as a young gay person during the said period.

The speaker expresses a penchant for anime and a unique hobby of fire spinning while playing video games on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. A fascination with fire is candidly confirmed, though clarified as not extending to the destruction of possessions, particularly those the individual finds beautiful. They also describe a collection of Gothic artwork featuring creations by Victoria Francis.

Musical preferences are discussed, including a fondness for K-pop, with specific mention of popular groups and the notion that while the speaker enjoys shiny, glittery things, they avoid glitter due to its messiness. The dialogue transitions to personal identity, as the speaker shares candid insights about their gender and sexual identity, preferring the term gay male. A cultural identity rooted in New Zealand is briefly touched upon, alongside a self-description of exhibiting a natural, camp demeanor.

The conversation becomes more poignant when discussing the realization and acceptance of their sexuality during their teenage years and the influence of a bisexual former partner. The resulting reflections include the distancing from a previously close friend, who apparently made an uneasy attempt to reconnect later in life on social media.

An experience of coming out is portrayed as an almost non-event, with people around the speaker having presumed the truth due to their demeanor. Despite the lack of a dramatic coming-out story, the speaker humorously notes how they "decorated the closet" rather than coming out of it. Their living space reflects their personality, with notable items like anime DVDs, fire-spinning gear, a rainbow flag, and various artworks.

The conversation evolves into a discussion about relationships and engagement with the LGBTQ community. The speaker has navigated several relationships, learning to maintain friendships with exes and valuing short relationships for what they are. Meeting other LGBTQ individuals happens both online and in person, with a preference for establishing connections through friends or safe community spaces rather than through dating apps.

Notably, the speaker highlights the cultural significance of the first gay bar in New Zealand and touches upon the complexities and nuances within the local LGBTQ community, including dynamics between members and the occasional drama that arises.

Towards the end of the podcast, a non-traditional view on virginity is explored. The speaker acknowledges their own experiences with both male and female partners and the personal nature of defining virginity. When asked about any abuse faced due to their sexuality or gender identity, the speaker reports minimal personal experiences, attributing potential negative encounters to others' issues rather than their own identity.

The speaker finishes the interview with a positive and resilient perspective, emphasizing support and friendship as crucial to their experience. They leave listeners with a sense of optimism and the message of being true to oneself amidst varied social interactions.

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Record date:12th September 2012
Interviewer:Benji Watt
Location:Manawatū, Aotearoa New Zealand
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004032).