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Matt - Q12 [AI Text]

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Hello. How are you today? I'm good. That's good. Who are you? I'm Matt. OK, Matt, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Ok, um I like anime. I a fire spinner. Um, so I like to play with the fire. It's quite cool. Um, I play games on, like PlayStation, Xbox and stuff being a fire spinner. Does that make you a pyromaniac? Yes, indeed. Fire is fun, and playing with fire [00:00:30] is cool and stuff. And yeah, a little bit. Not quite melting. Just like playing with fire in general. Oh, good fun. So what type of anime do you like? A lot. It's more kind of what I get. I watch it. And if I like it, I like it. And if I don't? I don't. It's kind of the pile. Sorry. What was that, then? You put in the fire pile? No, no, no. It just sits on my hard drive. Just look at it. [00:01:00] No, not necessarily. Don't burn all my stuff. It's pretty. I like pretty things. I don't burn the pretty ones. This looks pretty. You got the pie here in the corner there. And the whole final fancy. What is all the stuff here. Um, Victoria Francis posters. So it's Gothic art work. It's quite creepy and cool. Gothic arch. So what music are you into? Music. I'm into [00:01:30] K pop. So I listen to Korean music. Um, including, but he's not my favourite, but everyone knows who he is. Um, because it went viral. But it's more like, um, Wonder girls miss a girl's generation. And shiny because shiny, shiny, shiny, glittery things not necessarily glitter just just shiny. In general, this glitter is too messy for you. Glitter makes a mess. [00:02:00] It's her piece of arts and you know Yes, it is. I know there's more difficult stuff to deal with than that. OK, so you went to the QS a last week in palmy. No, I didn't. You know. So when I say, um, um, what is your six? I'm male. Yes. And when I say a gender identity, Do you know what that is? I guess so. I identify myself as a gay male. [00:02:30] Yes, And your sexuality is gay, obviously, as you just said, uh, cultural identity. Um, I'm kind of New Zealand like. And how do you express yourself in a feminine, masculine twink camp. Toy boy. I wouldn't say express myself. I'm just naturally quite camp. Yeah, your natural, feminine way. Yeah. A natural [00:03:00] or natural way is not always the best, but it's just who I am. So And you, Occasionally you occasionally turn into a black woman. I did not turn into a black woman, and I always sit up like a black woman. But that's what I said. Yes. Um, So when did you realise that you were gay? Probably when I was when [00:03:30] I fully knew I was probably 16. And between 16 and 17, Um, after a straight relationship kind of lasted a year and then kind of broke up, and that whole whole year with her kind of opened myself up to the gay side because she was bisexual and, yeah, open me up to kind of past stuff in my life. Hm. Did you ever have a moment when you were younger, where you saw, like, [00:04:00] a guy in class thinking? Oh, that's not necessarily a going in class. When I was about 13, I did have, um, my best friend kind of come on to me. Um, I did freak out, and we just the friendship kind of went a little bit downhill from there to the point where he now just doesn't talk to me at all. You don't talk to him at all. Well, not really. But he did sort of add me on Facebook [00:04:30] a few weeks ago, and that was really, really weird. He's trying to connect with you again. I don't know. It used to be If I walked past him, he would purposely turn the other way just to kind of be that negative. Um, so it was really weird that he came into my work, talked to me and added me on Facebook purposely purposely. Oh, wait, I think he added me on Facebook when he was very, very, very drunk. So it's hard to tell how [00:05:00] purposely that was or it was an oh, shit moment. Or probably like I need to be drunk before I do this. Click. Possibly, Um, I think at the time he was looking for a ride home from um so he was trying to connect to anyone he could on Facebook to try and achieve that. So there could be some underlying issues there that he wants to reconnect. But it's too far past to try and refix the friendship, considering he identifies [00:05:30] himself as a straight male. Still, even though he's a very closeted gay, very, which makes no sense, not necessarily no, it's I don't know, I said. He is probably bisexual. He's a very kind of a ladies man type person. As everyone knows them, they're annoying and flirty at all times. And it's just a hassle. Yeah. So, um, when [00:06:00] did you come out of the closet I. I didn't really have, like, a big coming out of the closet type thing. It's because I'm naturally feminine. People just kind of guessed it. Um, when I was in a straight relationship, most people were very surprised. Um, that was before I realised I was gay. And then all of a sudden, it's like, Bang. Actually, I am gay, and everyone was just, like, kind of like OK, um and that was it. Um, so there wasn't really [00:06:30] coming out of the closet. It was just a I would float around the closet, but I was never in it. You're like decorating the closet. Yeah, like your finger nail was on the closet. But you didn't actually come out of it. My closet was quite, um, styled for me. Um, like, my room is quite me. It's quite random. It's got different aspects of my life. Kind of like the whole Gothic art anime DVD [00:07:00] S. Yeah, like some soft toys. Most of them did go back in the closet. Um, and then I've got kind of my fire stuff and Big Rainbow Lady Gaga flag, which, Yeah, my brother tries to give me shit about that. But you're like, No, it's like, Nah, it's lady Gaga. It's epic. Have you ever wear a meat dress? I haven't. No, I haven't worn a meat dress. [00:07:30] Um, that would disgust me. No, I I'm not necessarily entirely a really meaty type person anyway, So a meat dress is disgusting. Well, she she's a lady. Gaga is vegan, and she wore a meat dress. You sure she's vegan? She says she is. I'm pretty sure she's not, she says on Ellen, the that perhaps she is in, I don't know. She's kind of lost heaps of weight, so probably [00:08:00] from dancing on stage every single night. Well, not necessarily, because you hear her puffing in between songs. She's not the fittest person in the world. Anyhow, um, we've gone from coming out of the closet to your room to Lady Gaga, as you do as you do. Um, who did you tell first if you could. First person I told was my ex. Um, [00:08:30] so she was the first person I told it. It was quite rocky from then on. Um, but apart from that, it was a few close friends, like the norm tell a few friends and kind of spreads around. So it's that one person that decides to tell the whole entire world your business, and you kind of get annoyed with them. But I was kind of like, Yeah, I didn't actually occur any issues when I was at school. So it wasn't hugely a big deal for me. You became the gay celebrity [00:09:00] again. I wasn't really the gay celebrity. I kind of guess I was. I was more like, Don't fuck with me. Kind of. I'm not in the mood. Yeah, like if you're gonna give me shit. Well, big deal, Like one chick tried to cut in front of me in the line one time, and I said, bitch move. And she was just like, Oh, no, you're gay. And I say, Oh, no, you're a fucking slut and just walked past her because, like, why should I let her shit [00:09:30] kind of get in my way? And she's just some dumb SK. So who cares? You get those around the world a lot in high school, not just high school. I've met a lot of people working and stuff that are just the same. They don't grow out of the high school stereotype of the stupid slut. So, um, what was the main reaction that you got in when you came out of the closet? [00:10:00] Kind of like the Oh, no, shit. I was like, Oh, OK, good for you. A smiley face. Still best friends. Um, yeah, because as an art department student, everyone's quite Cruz to the point where they don't give a shit about people. They're not judgmental because they're quite open minded. Um, probably because they have to, like art students look at art in every perspective possible. So therefore, there's not normally judgmental people there, [00:10:30] so it was quite cool. Um, other aspects. Most people just weren't worried about it. If they had a problem, they just didn't talk to me, and I was fine with that. No one kind of brought it up to cause issues or anything, Which is quite cool, because I know lots of people, Um, don't get that experience. They get the negative side of it, which is the abuse and the bullying. Um, [00:11:00] luckily, I didn't get that side, but I'm always willing to help people who do get that side. Hm. So you had a bit of a support system, I guess. I had a support system. It was mainly kind of a self based support system, but I had friends when I needed them. Um, which is always great to have, like, a best friend that you can just go talk to and sit with and go for a walk or kind of in the middle of that class. [00:11:30] Just walk out because that's what we did, which was quite cool. Simple form. Hm. So, um, you've had a few relationships? Uh, yeah, I've had a few successful relationships, and I've had quite a lot of could have been relationships like that. Kind of not flings kind of short term relationships where I've kind of got to the point where if they're under a month, they weren't a proper relationship. [00:12:00] Yeah, they were. They were more of a fling or just see how it would go. And if it works out, it works out and develops into a relationship or what? It's just, you know, um, it's not gonna work out. So why bother worrying about it kind of thing, Which in some cases, it sounds quite like a negative aspect, Um, to just say, Oh, yeah, whatever. Um, but seriously, a month isn't that long. And if you're gonna have a huge cry over it and hate someone, what's the point? I [00:12:30] believe it's better just to be kind of like friends and go, Yeah, that didn't work out. Still friends? Um, yeah. Um, and I talk to, uh, all of my exes I'm good terms with, which is uncommon for most people, too. So obviously, I didn't have really bad ending relationships. It was more this. This isn't quite working out more mutual. Yeah, this isn't quite working out. It's depressing. OK, a week over. At best, friends [00:13:00] again. Obviously, there's some relationships that are, like, quite choppy for a while, but kind of like a fuck you? Yeah, there has been a few. Fuck you. But normally it's like a after six months. It's like, come across and catch up and Ah, look. Yeah. Ha ha. That was our little thing. Yeah, I remember that time. Yeah. Laughing story kind of thing. Yeah. Totally. Um, yeah. I don't know what else to say. [00:13:30] This relationship. So, um, how do you meet other people in the LGBTI Q community? So there is the obvious way of meeting people, which is NDND. Yeah. Um, I. I don't actually meet people of NDI. I talk to people. Um, it's Yeah. There's a lot of crepes online. It's It's I can normally quite judge people quite well, so I don't normally meet people like ND. Unless I've just been talking to them for a while. Um, I normally just chat [00:14:00] to friends that I've been talking to online for ages, but without meeting them, Um, there is Facebook. Um, I have been kind of associated with a few kind of support gay youth groups. Um, online based, um, at the moment, I've got, like, six or seven. It's getting a bit crazy because all the updates are slightly annoying. Um But I'm always here to help people, which is quite cool. Like I had privileges that other people don't. So I like to [00:14:30] try and make sure people kind of have support because yeah, um other thing is, I normally meet people at, um so which is Yeah, it's more of a friend thing. Everyone there is quite positive people. There is the catty bitchiness that you get through, but yeah, gay associations and all of that, um, is quite different in that way. It's quite funny, because [00:15:00] I What I see of the gay bar, that gay band specifically is that it looks like something that a gay bar would look like. Pre-law form. It was prelaw form. So it was one of the I believe it is the first gay bar in New Zealand. Um, it did start off somewhere else. I have read the history of it, but I can't quite come across where it was from. Like in the sixties sixties seventies. Yeah, when it was still illegal. That's why it's kind of in [00:15:30] a dark, creepy alley. Um, but because it's last so long, Q is a little bit like a family. Um, obviously it's a dysfunctional family, but it it works quite nicely, and everyone is normally really, really good terms with each other. Um, I haven't come across any major drama there. Um, some people think there's lots of drama I personally haven't hasn't affected me at all. I guess that [00:16:00] way, everyone is different. In that way, Drama is generally like exboyfriends car ex ex boyfriend. It's sleeping with the wrong person. It it's gossip in general of all hating for no reason. Um, because it it a members club. Um, everyone is quite close, and it's kind of voluntary work and how everything goes. Um, there's not kind of creeps trying to get into people. I think they babe sick quite a while ago. [00:16:30] Um, apparently it was quite bad a few years ago, but it was before I started going there. So, yeah, so what is your definition of virginity? It's an odd one. I have been with a girl, so I would say, technically, that sort of virginity, um, I yeah, it's one of those odd questions that's yeah, it's It's whatever you feel it would be. [00:17:00] It's It's more of a personal thing. Um, it is kind of an odd thing. It's something that's not really, um, valued so much as it used to be. So therefore, the the question isn't quite as valued as it would used to be as well. Um, I think virginity is to me. It's more based, kind of male female, um, kind of the bond between them, like the whole of marriage and all that, um, [00:17:30] from every religion on this. So it's kind of that, um, I guess if you were bisexual, some people don't count as the same sex as virginity. Um, some people do, Um, if you're fully gay, you probably think your first time would be losing your Vidin. But kind of if you've been to both sides, it's kind of which one would you count? [00:18:00] Like the um, not knowing what I who I was with a straight relationship. I would say, Yeah, that was sort of losing my virginity. But then again, there's the whole opening to myself, to who I truly am. And then there's the kind of gay side of it, too, which could be kind of like a second virginity. But it could also be counted as that was your virginity as because that is the true you. So have you experienced [00:18:30] or received any abuse or abusive behaviour because of your sexuality or gender identity? No. That much? I um not? Not necessarily. I have kind of marginal verbal and physical abuse from my younger brother. Um, but I believe that's more just him coming through his teenage years and just [00:19:00] being a total C, like every teenage boy, is at the age of 15. Um, throughout school, I didn't really receive abuse. There's probably some, uh, verbal abuse. It was I would take it and they would get abuse back. So it it didn't affect me. I don't I don't believe it did. It possibly did mentally, deep down. But it's my outlook is quite positive, so I don't believe [00:19:30] it has, um, through through work. I No, I haven't. I haven't received abuse in any way because of my sexuality. I do get some customers and such because I work in retail, they just don't like me. Um, which it's it's their problem. Um, if they don't like me, they don't have to talk to me. There's other people that can serve them. Um, recently, I've gone through one of this. I don't know if it's because of sexuality, or [00:20:00] she just didn't get her way. So she just behaving on me. But yeah, it's It's just how life is. Everyone gets a their own way. People get teased for almost anything. Um, unless you're like the huge bully. But then again, you probably got abuse somebody else in your life. So it's everyone gets it in in marginal ways. Um, some of it is just uncalled for and una fear some of it's just [00:20:30] something small. And they take it too much to have. So, yeah, I think Yeah. Got a quite a good good life that way. Hm. Yeah. Well, thank you for the interview. Uh, you're welcome. Yeah.

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