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Mark(July 2012)

In this podcast Mark talks about being young, transgender and gay in 2012.

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In a 15-minute podcast recorded on July 19, 2012, in Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, the speaker discusses life as a young, transgender, and gay individual during the 2010s. The podcast, part of a series titled "Q12," provides a personal account that addresses the speaker's experience with gender identity, sexuality, and social interactions.

At the outset, the speaker, who uses the name Mark, shares a light-hearted conversation revealing a love for Lady Gaga and a disinterest in religion or spirituality. The narrative quickly shifts to a more in-depth self-perspective, where Mark discusses various dimensions of identity: embracing being gay from a young age, opting to present femininely after a period of identifying as male, and the intention to undergo hormone replacement therapy when the time is right.

The speaker shares the journey of self-acceptance without dwelling on society's approval. With a clear sense of self, identifying as feminine and gay, Mark lightheartedly brushes off any negative feedback and strongly supports personal expression. Family reactions to being transgender are touched upon with the observation that while friends are aware and accepting, family members seem to tacitly understand without explicit conversations.

Mark's hobbies are mentioned humorously, citing social activities like going out and engaging on Facebook, and there's a playful reference to a hangout dubbed "sky's dungeon." The importance of music and personal styling, including a keen interest in makeup, is also a part of the conversation.

The discussion takes a more serious turn when Mark recounts the challenging experience at school, dealing with a homophobic environment, leading to the decision to leave to find more accepting social circumstances.

Despite the sense of isolation at times, particularly after leaving school, the speaker articulates maintaining a positive self-image and finding happiness through self-assuredness, although acknowledging some loss of friendships potentially linked to their authenticity.

Turning to social relationships, Mark notes the difficulty of seeking a romantic relationship within a non-affirming region. Nevertheless, there's a strong connection with a friend called Sky, and a move into Sky's place has been a source of happiness for the past five months.

Family issues are briefly addressed, including a violent incident with a parent that may not have been directly tied to sexual orientation or gender identity but mentions existing tensions.

Additionally, the speaker elaborates on sexuality, addressing the personal perception of virginity and reflecting on experiences of abusive behavior. It's indicated that some abusive incidents may not be directly related to their transgender identity or sexual orientation, as factors like substance use and family dynamics played a role.

The podcast concludes without further comments from the speaker, ending on an appreciative note for the opportunity to share their story.

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Record date:19th July 2012
Interviewer:Benji Watt
Location:Rotorua, Bay of Plenty
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004005).