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Mark - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast [00:00:00] is brought to you by pride indeed. And rainbow you [00:00:06] Hello, how are you today? [00:00:08] I'm good. Thank you. That's good. What's your name? My name is Mark way from Rotorua I've always been from Russia. Poland Brit. Yep. [00:00:17] London Bridge you have [00:00:19] on the I was born this guy. Yeah. Yeah. [00:00:25] Full of my gay [00:00:33] is already beginning of last right? [00:00:36] Oh yes I'm sorry. Yeah, [00:00:37] please tell us a little bit about yourself. Wow [00:00:42] okay I'm pretty [00:00:48] I love love love Lady Gaga because not gay person doesn't you know [00:00:54] someone has no soul. Yeah Christians [00:01:02] I don't know what else to say. [00:01:04] I'm fabulous. Absolutely Fabulous. [00:01:06] So you so you don't like a religious person? Oh definitely not a special [00:01:14] spiritual oh [00:01:17] no no no [00:01:19] like socialized watch [00:01:22] on Facebook Yeah [00:01:24] girl and [00:01:25] not really [00:01:27] lets her Lyft the sky most of the time but that's pretty much it I'm a shy person [00:01:35] and you're sitting on the couch talking to me. [00:01:38] Surprisingly is [00:01:41] this was not supposed to happen. No, it wasn't [00:01:45] and it came for your interview [00:01:51] Okay, so um, you like music? I love music yeah [00:01:58] not only that but others crack as well. [00:02:01] Yeah [00:02:06] yeah [00:02:09] I like [00:02:11] lots of music like different genre [00:02:12] you know hobbies? hobbies. Do you have any hobbies? [00:02:18] Smoking [00:02:21] a hobby. That's a habit. Drinking Starbucks. [00:02:25] Is it is it the Hangouts here in martial arts? was having fun? You know, of course in different locations. [00:02:30] No, the Hangout area is guys dungeon. [00:02:33] Guys dungeon. Yeah. [00:02:35] Also, that's what they call it. The dungeon? Yeah. [00:02:41] Put some chains up. And some What? So, [00:02:50] what is your gender identity? [00:02:55] I was born a male. [00:02:58] I grew [00:02:58] up as a male. I mean, I think was 30 years ago, I decided to dress as a female. So yeah, I'm female. [00:03:06] Identify yourself as a female. Yeah. How do you express yourself? [00:03:11] masculine or [00:03:13] feminine? I'm definitely feminine. Yeah, [00:03:16] express yourself. Yeah. [00:03:18] If you know Madonna [00:03:27] is listening to the you don't break the computer. The laptop [00:03:31] down and brave. [00:03:38] Don't come looking for me either. [00:03:42] So when did you realize, oh, what was your sexuality? my sexuality? Yes. [00:03:49] I'm gay. Okay. I'm just I'm just gay. So when did you realize? [00:03:56] Oh, I think I [00:03:58] grew up again. I [00:04:01] didn't realize till I was like a teenager. And then I'll tell you. I like penis. penis. Penis wasn't always on the mind. Yeah. [00:04:11] So you identify as female? Yeah. Have you actually take any hormones or anything like that? [00:04:17] Not yet. [00:04:20] I'm planning so yeah, I'm just a bit slack at it. You know, I know. I know how to I just need to wait for the right time for what's right for me. I feel right about it. Yeah. [00:04:29] You're looking for your moment. Yeah, [00:04:32] looking for a moment to shine. The moment Jeff mark. I want to pull up that. [00:04:40] Sorry, do you have your name? [00:04:44] We were actually thinking of names. I was gonna go with Nadia. But that's my cousin's name, and I don't want to steal her name. They will Twiggy that's my Starbucks name. [00:04:54] Twiggy. Yeah. [00:04:58] Y'all, y'all get all [00:05:02] nervous. Have an American [00:05:04] y'all. Yeah. American. Not. [00:05:07] Y'all. Yeah, that's Yeah. Isn't Yeah. German. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [00:05:16] Well, Russian, Russian. [00:05:19] Russian jet. Yeah. [00:05:29] So [00:05:31] when did you realize against her? [00:05:34] About? [00:05:36] Well, I didn't. I fully realized about three years ago when I started dressing as a female. [00:05:41] And [00:05:43] when did you accept that? [00:05:47] Oh, I kind of had a feeling that I was gay. I just accepted it anyway. But [00:05:51] you've always acceptable. Yeah. [00:05:53] So there was my window period. We I [00:05:56] think [00:05:57] I don't want to feel this way. No, [00:06:00] no. It's like, I'm gay. [00:06:03] I feel comfortable. So yeah, [00:06:05] I don't really care what people think either. Yeah, [00:06:12] that's right. [00:06:14] So so you save a photo? Is she out? [00:06:20] To my friends but to my family, I think [00:06:25] what what do your family think about you being transgendered? [00:06:30] They haven't said anything about my dad loves me for who I am. He said, he said he's proud, man. I guess it's okay. [00:06:38] Good thing. It's a good thing. Yeah. [00:06:41] I haven't actually told them. I'm gay. But I just know. So what I tell them. [00:06:49] The whole I said that before is your coffee. Yeah, [00:06:52] they've always known [00:06:55] you. I hope so. I just want to tell them, I don't know how to approach them about it. [00:07:01] So just get really drunk in one day. I'm gay. Hi. [00:07:05] So after that, you've got good makeup on. Oh, thanks. Did you do it yourself? Oh, yeah. [00:07:10] I'm assist with makeup. Until you Oh, yeah. [00:07:14] What do you use? What do I use? Yeah, like makeup, makeup. [00:07:21] Whatever I can get my hands on. [00:07:24] I love that. [00:07:27] So [00:07:27] you're out to your friends and you expect to use a suspect. Expect suspect. suspect your parents to know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [00:07:39] So what's the reactions? What were the reactions? Like? from [00:07:43] my friends? Yeah. [00:07:47] They were just like, Okay, cool. Like, they accepted me. [00:07:52] They didn't really care because the guy anyway. [00:07:57] So everything's being positive mainly. Yeah. Yeah. [00:08:01] Well, [00:08:03] not everything but you know. So, [00:08:07] you [00:08:08] know, I left a year ago, a year [00:08:11] ago. Mm hmm. [00:08:14] Okay, I got [00:08:15] picked on and I just had enough. [00:08:17] What school did you go to? [00:08:19] Western high? Yeah, [00:08:21] it was a Harvard Harvard School. [00:08:24] There was some gay people there. But they got along with him. I think they were like in the closet. But I need them again. Because my God, I was digging [00:08:33] this way return? Yeah. Yeah. [00:08:39] I left because I got picked on. I couldn't handle it. I was just like, man. [00:08:43] I'm gonna go somewhere where people except to me, [00:08:46] calm down, [00:08:47] calm down seven people. [00:08:50] So I'm [00:08:52] sorry. How did you feel about people's reactions? [00:08:57] Well, I was just glad because I told him, I was just glad that I was like, Oh, that's disgusting. We're not your friend anymore. [00:09:06] But I think that's the case with some of them. Because [00:09:10] I've actually lost quite a few friends. I'm leaving school, but I think it was from leaving school, but I don't know. If I told them when I left. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. [00:09:22] So um, [00:09:24] you've had a support of severe? [00:09:28] Not really, not really [00:09:29] know, you had your friends so? [00:09:32] Well, they didn't know how to, like, [00:09:34] approach it. [00:09:36] They were just like, Okay, cool. I just carried on living our lives like, like, [00:09:40] normal. Did you have any support system? [00:09:44] And I just had myself I just kept telling myself that. Everything's okay. And you're fabulous. I'm fabulous. Yeah, I can get through it. Yeah, and I did. I still am. And you're happy? Yeah. I'm happy, happy champion. kind of happy as Larry. Yeah, [00:09:58] forever. Larry's, whoever that is. Very [00:10:05] heavy is Larry. [00:10:06] So have you ever been in a relationship? [00:10:10] Not yet. [00:10:12] I mean, I'm looking but it's hard because roadwork as a dump and no one hears K. [00:10:19] Friends and that's the gay group. [00:10:21] Pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they're all these fans. It's hard for gay men to come out because rovers very judgmental about. It's very nice. area. Yeah. They're accepting of lesbians. But [00:10:37] so you've [00:10:37] got an easy bet. Yeah, [00:10:40] buys buys a real nonexistent. So. [00:10:46] So [00:10:47] how, how do you reach other people? Um, [00:10:55] I don't even know I just made them randomly. [00:10:57] Those come to you. [00:10:59] I pretty much but I actually didn't have much friends before I met sky. And then I met her. [00:11:07] And then I just met all her friends that would come over home became friends or they meet all their friends and their friends friends. So yeah, and yeah, [00:11:17] so yellow Scott. I love yellow sky. How that situation came about. [00:11:25] I wouldn't leave. I just wouldn't leave. And I was just like, I don't care. I'm gonna give him some board. I'm gonna stay here. [00:11:34] How long has it been now? What? Four months? Five months. [00:11:39] I wasn't living the the technically, [00:11:41] technically. I went [00:11:42] home for like two days and then came back and instead of living in [00:11:46] five months here. [00:11:48] How did [00:11:48] your parents like that? [00:11:49] Oh, they were happy. They keep asking me asking me if I was gonna live with sky. And I was like, No, I can't thought about this too many people here already. And then I'll just like, Hey, I'm living here. [00:11:59] And you're all yeah. So what is your definition of virginity? [00:12:05] What is my definition of original? [00:12:15] I don't [00:12:15] even know. Is there even a definition? [00:12:19] What's Do you feel is the [00:12:21] What do you feel what photography is? [00:12:24] When you have 601st time? Yeah. [00:12:31] It's not what everyone thinks. So. [00:12:33] Everybody has a dog? Yeah. [00:12:34] Everybody has a different different differentiate. [00:12:39] Everybody has a different definition of legitimacy. Yeah. [00:12:45] So [00:12:50] have you [00:12:51] experience or gotten any abusive or abusive behavior because it's your sexuality or being transgendered? [00:13:00] My baby I'm wants but I didn't think that was because I'm gay. I don't know. We were drinking one night. And it might have been actually because [00:13:10] Yeah, and I for my can at him. And I was like, excuse me for saying this. But I was like, Fuck you. You know, my dad went inside. And then you just come in and said, beating me up and I was like, whoa. kicked him in the face with them on my heels. [00:13:25] and ran. Yeah, [00:13:26] called taxi. Which my Auntie's house. Yeah, [00:13:30] but I didn't think that was because I'm gay. [00:13:35] I don't know if he was drunk. And [00:13:38] was it just a random drunk situation? Yeah, [00:13:40] it was actually. That ruin the night though. [00:13:47] Did you live somewhere else after that? Sure. [00:13:49] I did, actually. I, I think was a month after that. I was sick of it. Like my family because I kept arguing with them. Sam over to Hamilton. [00:14:00] And I lived with [00:14:03] my [00:14:04] uncle's girlfriend's daughter. Casey, [00:14:07] we're going complicated. Yeah. [00:14:12] I lived there for six months. I was doing a course. And then I had to move back because the course ended and I wasn't getting any funding. Because I couldn't find a job for school. [00:14:24] It's like, school pretty much [00:14:27] labor for [00:14:30] I don't even know I can't remember. I was like, well also, like, English stuff. con con. [00:14:40] Que I have pretty much full University insurance. [00:14:46] As I use a car for slang to get [00:14:48] Yeah. When Jake. [00:14:52] Why can't rules. Yeah. Yeah. [00:14:58] And then I was back. And then I think was three months later. I've done with Scott. [00:15:03] And I'm happy. They're happy. Very happy. [00:15:07] So do you [00:15:09] have any other comments here? You'd like to make? [00:15:14] No, no. [00:15:16] Thank you for the interview. [00:15:17] Oh, no problem.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.