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AJ(July 2012)

In this podcast AJ talks about being young and bisexual in 2012.

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This summary provides an overview of a recording titled "AJ - Q12," made on the 2nd July 2012 in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. The recording's subject is AJ, who discusses their life as a young person identifying as bisexual during the 2010s.

AJ is 19, studying graphic design in Auckland, and has a passion for Hollywood and design, particularly for celebrities. AJ is featured in the podcast for creating the logo for the Q12 tour, and their work will be highlighted in an upcoming magazine called Work. In the discussion, AJ candidly explores their gender and cultural identity, with a focus on their bisexuality.

Growing up in an open and accepting community, AJ realized at a young age, around 15, that they were attracted to people regardless of gender. This realization wasn't so much a moment of epiphany but rather a natural progression towards understanding their preferences. AJ explains that love for them is about the person, not the gender, which leads to a conversation about the similarities and differences between bisexuality and pansexuality.

Coming out was not a significant event for AJ since they did not feel it should be necessary to announce one's sexuality, as it isn't for heterosexual individuals. The challenge of coming out is seen as lesser for bisexual individuals by AJ, considering society's hope that they might end up in a heteronormative relationship.

AJ's friends, who are largely open-minded, have been very supportive of them. AJ notes that while family support has been less forthcoming, their independence has allowed them to rely more on friends. The podcast touches on the idea of parental expectations and the importance of forming self-identity separate from family influences.

During the conversation, AJ confesses to not having had a girlfriend yet, despite being attracted to girls, due to a focus on career goals and previous long-term relationships with guys. The concept of ‘the closet’ is discussed with AJ not relating to the experience, having never had to keep their sexuality a secret.

Moreover, AJ is proactive within the LGBTQ+ community, participating in projects like Rainbow Youth and Stand Up For Love. The latter is a venture to create inspirational merchandise with celebrities' support, with proceeds going to suicide prevention and awareness initiatives.

The recording also delves into AJ's perceptions of virginity, which they relate to sexual encounters rather than other forms of physical affection, like kissing. AJ also highlights the stark contrasts between the atmospheres of gay and straight nightclubs, with a preference for the liberating environment of gay clubs.

Towards the end of the conversation, AJ offers advice to others who may be hesitant to come out, emphasizing the importance of friendship and the increasing acceptance of diverse sexual orientations in modern times. They urge listeners to overcome the fear of coming out and to embrace being supported by the true friends around them.

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Record date:2nd July 2012
Interviewer:Benji Watt
Location:Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-003997).