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AJ - Q12

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[00:00:00] This podcast is brought to you by pride and seed and rainbow. [00:00:06] How are you today? I'm good. That's good. How are you? [00:00:09] Hey, Jay. Are you sure? [00:00:14] He seemed like unsure about [00:00:16] No, I wasn't sure what you want me to say. [00:00:20] Hi. [00:00:21] So how, how old are you? 19 Okay, tell us a little bit about yourself. [00:00:26] Well, I'm AJ and I studied graphic design and Auckland originally from Christchurch and and yeah, basically big fan and taste of Hollywood. [00:00:43] You wanting to be a designer in LA flashing lights and [00:00:49] money designer to the side. [00:00:52] So you're quite special for this toy that I'm doing. Can you tell us why? [00:01:00] Well, have you designed the logo for the keys? to us? Yes. Which is amazing. By the way. Yes. [00:01:07] And also featured and my magazine code [00:01:09] work. Yes. Which is out now. Yeah, [00:01:13] which will be out soon. hopefully hopefully in July [00:01:16] sometime. [00:01:16] August Yeah, sometime soon. [00:01:19] That's become a promotional [00:01:24] work magazine, featuring people. So can you tell us what gender you are? [00:01:32] Female female and culture art industry? [00:01:37] Well, the what? [00:01:40] What culture Do you mainly identify with? [00:01:43] Like European? Yeah. [00:01:47] And your sexuality? bisexual bisexual. You [00:01:53] seen? I'm sure I [00:01:54] can say bye. Bye. [00:02:00] When did you realize that you're a boy [00:02:05] I was quite young maybe like the same [00:02:10] way like what gave us a quick to realizing that you're a boy. [00:02:16] I don't know I was kind of brains but I've always been friends of like a community of people that are quite open and you know different genders and everything and I don't know I just kind of way brown skinned boyfriends any Brown was getting girlfriends in my group. I was just like, Hey, I don't really care about this love. Yeah. [00:02:34] Did you ever thought I was like, Hey, this is new. [00:02:38] I wasn't really a big like progression. Like I don't think there was a moment where I wait. Hey, I think I buy like I think it was just kind of watchers. This is like, [00:02:49] yo, next me You're a girl. I'm a girl. I like guys as well kind of thing or [00:02:54] one kind of I just realized I'm attracted to the person and [00:02:58] I kind of like Pensacola went away not hands. It [00:03:03] was kind of buying this guy's [00:03:06] Well, I was always taught his that his pen sexual, as well as for pen sexual was in love with the person, not the agenda. [00:03:15] But I think that's kind of bias. Wow. I think. Yeah, [00:03:20] some a different way. Yeah. So. So how did you feel when you realize [00:03:27] I was gonna fight about it. I remember, I didn't want to kind of let my friend was like, Oh, you have to come out if come out. And I was like, why is that you wouldn't come out if you're straight. I'm sorry. It wasn't like a big kind of turning point. And I wasn't like upset by the fact or anything. Because I was like, Oh, you know? [00:03:45] So you you never was in that moment is you had to keep a secret from everybody. [00:03:51] Really. I mean, there was a time where I was kind of a little bit his attempt to kind of, you know, when people would ask him, I was a little bit he the 10th. And I think that's just because everyone wants you to turn around that as a girl. You know, everyone kind of wants to turn around and be like, yeah, like, Guys, because it's the, like, court normal things. [00:04:11] But I think by is not as difficult as it would be to come out as, like gay or lesbian. Because it's kind of, you know, you could end up here it's always girl, you could enough of a boy. [00:04:25] is like wishful thinking, [00:04:27] wishful thinking, thinking, wishful thinking, and then fulfill this for? [00:04:33] Sure. Yes. I think like everyone's kind of by until you're with a partner. So I suppose it changes a little bit. Do you [00:04:44] think that parents say want their children to be the golden child to the image of themselves? [00:04:51] And away I think, [00:04:55] I don't know. I think at some point, it's kind of find that place where you're identified yourself, not as the product of your parents. Let's just kind of a hard thing to get past that. Once you get there. [00:05:07] Especially we need changing. We need a different sexuality today. Yeah, yeah, [00:05:11] exactly. But I think it kind of it doesn't come up and like conversation as much as a lot of people can go work like I don't think my parents got what a year. [00:05:24] I think my I think my brother kind of caught on this. Yeah. But yeah, I don't miss me, but I've never had a robot combo some. Yeah, [00:05:32] so. [00:05:38] So you've had a girlfriend in the past? [00:05:40] I haven't had a girlfriend. I've been attracted to girls, but I had like three relationships. And I did a by guy. I that long term relationships. Yeah, I haven't explored as much [00:05:58] for I'm going back to me, humans really in the closet. So you never were in the closet. [00:06:06] The closet is an unknown territory for you. [00:06:09] I bet Well, I don't know why because yeah, like I said, I've never had a point with someone that she asked me to replace that's even kind of come out. [00:06:17] your closet this photo. Yeah, [00:06:22] and I'm looking at it looks like I'm makeup. [00:06:27] Chris Allen? God. [00:06:30] Yes. Chris Allen in the closet. We should come out of there. [00:06:36] man crush with Adams. [00:06:41] That's the child. [00:06:45] So Sure. So how did you feel when you [00:06:50] when you realize that you were bought? [00:06:52] I think kind of quite liberated, in a way because it was kinda like, I don't know. I think he's been like, at some point. I think we all see him whether we realize it or not. You kind of identify with who you are. So I think kind of liberated when you realize who you are. [00:07:08] Yes. [00:07:12] And how did you feel when people started learning about your sexuality? [00:07:17] I see my friends are quiet. They're all Patterson's. They're all quite good about it. I haven't really had [00:07:23] a bad couple of people on my last that will kind of disagree with that. [00:07:27] But they like I said, I've kind of dated guys so they will find me. [00:07:33] So that's what by means. [00:07:37] But I don't know. I think Yeah, you close friends kind of split by you and they don't care. They don't see you for a sexuality. They see you for who you are. Yeah. [00:07:45] So you've got a lot of support in your usual stuff from don't you? Yeah, [00:07:51] for my friends. Not so much family. But I've been kind of away from home long enough to kind of rely more on my friends and my family mindset and your brain to the ones that stick with you, sir. You're very independent. Yeah. Yeah. [00:08:06] Strong competent villain. Yeah, [00:08:08] just [00:08:12] like the guy that post [00:08:14] anything about take my sparkles. [00:08:18] Was Gaga say [00:08:20] you can never take by that up. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. [00:08:24] So you think in relationships are far mainly for guys though? Yeah. [00:08:29] I mean, I've like I know fold around the chicks. But yeah, exclusive kind of relationships. Guys, so yeah, I'm sorry I don't really play I'm quite Korea I am headed and I'm quite goal orientated. So I kind of put them before relationships in a way [00:08:50] so that Yeah, I've been live. What [00:08:53] do you mean by [00:08:55] exclusive? [00:08:58] exclusive meeting like guys as in Why call it relationship? Because you know, you can say that it was a month like awake for a few days, and it doesn't really work out or something. So I think exclusive isn't long term kind of relationships. [00:09:12] No, like VIP exclusive. Not like [00:09:15] that's my that's my main mom. [00:09:18] So go going to suit on limousines everywhere. [00:09:28] escorts [00:09:32] with your? Did any of them with your sexuality today? affecting your relationships? [00:09:40] I'm not really I think there's a few people that when they find that, it's kind of a little bit like, oh, like, I don't know, I think I've had a few friends of mine that have girls kind of gone. Oh, well, I'm not gonna do that. Because it suddenly becomes weird. Like, there's suddenly kind of a barrier but more les I think it's funny. The guy is more. She's attended better than girls last, I feel because yeah, but then again, as I said, I love the people I hang out with I kind of identify as gay or bisexual. lesbians. It's not a new thing. I think we'd be more surprised someone was straight. would be like, what [00:10:28] the grandparents gonna think? Yeah. [00:10:34] Go out with the church for going [00:10:37] straight is not natural. Yeah. You know, I like to flip around like, you know, this that kind of slang thing and like, especially primary school. When kids like all that so gay and they use that as a negative and me and my friends always go a little bit so straight like what you're doing right now because I think the straight lifestyle is a lot more boring. You know, live it off a little bit. [00:10:59] The conversation I had the other guys when you see straight male dancing in the club. That's kind of awkward, awkward thing. Like, [00:11:07] I spent a lot of time in gay clubs. And then I go to a strip club. And that's just the strangest thing, like, just not as fun. [00:11:16] I also found that Xiaomi like straight people in the club. Old girls. They never go straight clubs always go to gay cause because the straight a normal straight clubs are awkward for them. Yeah, [00:11:28] well, I just think there's something about going to a club and I think going to cut this very liberating kind of your chance to be free for a night or a few hours or however long you go. And I think there's more freedom and gay club than there is kind of in strip clubs and strip clubs. Everyone goes there to pick up someone where it's a classy run kind of just goes have good time [00:11:49] while you're still working out. But [00:11:51] just looking at that as more of a it's Marvin potty sale. I think like, because a lot of people just sit at the bar. I'm like someone's come to them. And I'm like, are you really have any good night? Dating your drink? Yeah. [00:12:04] be better be good drink as well. Yeah. Yeah. [00:12:06] Cute about team does. [00:12:11] So how do you meet other people in their community? [00:12:14] I don't really know. I think it's a very it's a crossover. Like you kind of meet someone and they know someone asked and very attracted to you. I've noticed that's quite funny. Yeah, I've. [00:12:25] But [00:12:25] I don't really know, I kind of make them through a trauma, and you're very active in the community. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe I just club at the right places and go to the right. [00:12:37] Felt like rain the youth behind you and stand up for love project that you're doing? Yeah, [00:12:42] I tried to be kind of, I tried to be kind of active in it, because I've had a lot of friends that have kind of, although it hasn't affected me the kind of dark side of it all and, you know, just kind of coming out. And, you know, that's lead to a few people like committing suicide as such. And it's kind of, I don't think anyone should have to feel that way. So I think I find that really important to kind of stand up and kind of stop that from happening. [00:13:09] You want to tell us about your project. [00:13:12] setup, love is kind of what we're doing is we're creating t shirts, and we're pairing up with different celebrities, and particularly musicians around the world. And we're creating walking inspirational messages. So we're splashing song words out of context onto t shirts and clothing. And then we're selling these online with the support of slippers, celebrities, and then all the proceeds are going to go towards charitable trusts that she's bringing for you. And the villain and also Trevor Project, which is in America and kind of more global. And then in turn that can kind of go towards suicide prevention programs, educational programs, awareness, and schools. And, you know, I kind of [00:13:57] came up with a project that was like, we were just one hurts and what is sorry about that, it was just one idea. And we had to kind of, it's harder to make a difference when these just three of us. [00:14:09] But yeah, it's kind of weird things kind of get it into schools. And really, because when people say, so I believe that they're saying, are they gonna listen to them more than they gonna listen to three young girls that are just [00:14:22] gonna listen to you? Would you listen to me or she listens Lady Gaga? Like, she kind of will hook to that. [00:14:30] board as well, don't you? [00:14:32] Please, Lisa, I can't fish too many names at this point. Until it kind of launches that. Yeah, there's been a few people lined up some big names. Yeah. [00:14:45] So going for more personal thing. What is your definition and virginity? [00:14:53] Oh, goodness. Um, [00:14:57] I didn't even [00:14:59] know. Yeah. [00:15:03] I [00:15:07] rephrase [00:15:09] it, rephrase it. [00:15:11] Well, and, and some people, some people and especially in religion, the first virginity is the first time you do something sexual. Or, or some people don't think the first time you have seen some people think it's emotional. Thanks for listening to anything. It's like your land but virginity. [00:15:34] I say this the first time, actually, [00:15:38] spiritually, or anything like that first time for anything? Yeah, I think Yeah. [00:15:41] And the sexual scenes because I think, [00:15:46] you know, just kissing someone has been, like a commitment. I know, what does that make probably makes me like a slap. But I think [00:15:56] what is the climate? Because he's not a contract. And that's true. Because he Are you going to parties, and I go to parties, and [00:16:04] you know, you doing that like kissing body burn, you know, goodbye. And you can just take one night at the club, but I don't think that this is [00:16:14] consistent or the contract. Yeah. Very nice. Yeah, [00:16:17] exactly. But yes. [00:16:20] So do you have any other comments you want to make? [00:16:24] I just think but anyone that's kind of the as by Okay, what I mean by is finishing up and straight, that you should kind of not be afraid to kind of get out there. Because if you've got friends, and they are true, friends, they're going to support you. And I think the fear is that no one will support you. And a lot of people don't wait for that charge to kind of give someone the time to stand up and go, Hey, it doesn't matter. And you'd be surprised how many people don't care about what you identify us because people don't come up here and be afraid. And the first question is, what is your sexuality? And if it has been the not worth your time, sir, I think people are going to stick by you. And especially for young people, you need to get over the fear of kind of coming out because we're in 2012. And it's a different age, and people are more accepting and there's more people out there. And [00:17:18] it's not where we kind of past the point where sexuality was a boundary. And especially in New Zealand, you know, we don't live in a place where you can get fired for your sexuality, and there's not as much discrimination. So I think there's that kind of little voice and evil kids that go, I'm not going to come out. I'm just gonna, I'm not going to do this. I'm going to be really upset and live in my own little bubble, when it's really not that scary on the other side. [00:17:45] As well thank you for the interview.

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.