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Kaleb talks about School's Out, OuterSpaces, Tranzform and Naming New Zealand.

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In an audio recording titled "Kaleb - Out in the Park (2016)," which took place in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand on March 12, 2016, an individual named Kaleb discusses the challenges and initiatives related to supporting queer and gender non-conforming youth. Kaleb, an advocate working for School’s Out, a subgroup of OuterSpaces, highlights the work of this and other associated organizations, specifically addressing their activities, goals, and obstacles in generating support and awareness.

The recording details how OuterSpaces comprises various subgroups catered to the needs of queer youth. School’s Out serves individuals aged 12-18, Tranzform focuses on trans and gender non-conforming youth aged approximately 16-30, while Naming New Zealand assists with updating identity documents. One of the significant challenges mentioned is the difficulty in securing funding, with the majority of financial assistance stemming from donations and limited options for advertising their cause due to financial constraints.

Kaleb outlines the aspirations of having an OuterSpaces house that offers a safe space, accommodations, kitchen facilities, offices, and a youth area. The establishment of such a hub would streamline the efforts of the different subgroups and provide a welcoming environment for the youth they support. The difficulties faced by these organizations are not limited to budget constraints; logistical issues like transportation to their current meeting venues can be challenging for many individuals. Moreover, a significant concern for high school students is the fear associated with attending support groups because of not being out to their parents.

Social media plays an essential role in connecting and engaging with the youth, although Kaleb reveals that their online presence lacks resources. Existing spaces like Facebook groups are moderated by facilitators, allowing for communication among youth and providing a safe environment for discussion outside of in-person meetings.

In discussing the evolution of language concerning gender and sexual identities, the recording reviews the significant changes and expansion of terms used to describe personal identities. Kaleb reflects on how words that were once considered derogatory are now being reclaimed and redefined by young people.

Kaleb shares personal experiences from attending high school seven years prior, which was a difficult time due to the intolerant atmosphere of a faith-based single-sex school. This personal narrative accentuates the necessity for safe, supportive environments and the importance of youth advocacy in schools.

The recording concludes with Kaleb expressing a sense of safety and warmth evoked by the community support present at the "Out in the Park" event. Despite some details left unfinished at the end of the recording, the sentiment of community solidarity is palpable.

This abstract outlines how Kaleb and related organizations aim to create a more inclusive and supportive framework for queer youth in New Zealand. It also reflects on the progress made in language and acceptance, the needs of queer youth, and the continuing endeavors to develop safe and nurturing spaces for these individuals.

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Record date:12th March 2016
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins
Location:Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004435).