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Kaleb - Out in the Park (2016)

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[00:00:00] This program is brought to you by pride in [00:00:05] Hi, my name is Caleb, I work for School's out, which is a subgroup of our spaces. And today, we're here to just raise some money for our organizations we have for subgroups. And out of spaces, we have School's out, which is a queer youth group for queer and gender non conforming young people between the ages of 12 and 18, we have transformed which is for trans and gender non conforming young people and the age groups more from about 16 to 30. And then we have, namely New Zealand, which is a new group, [00:00:47] which we put money together to help [00:00:51] people update their identity documents. [00:00:55] How easy is it? or How hard is it to get funding? [00:01:00] From what I've [00:01:02] found as it's been quite difficult for us, we we really rely on donations with, we have a couple of give a little pages. And we mostly rely on donations of people that already know about the groups, but to actually get our groups out there and get people to find out about us is quite difficult, which is what makes it so hard to get funding is because people don't know about groups so well, because we don't have the money to do any advertising. So [00:01:38] if you had all the money in the world, what what kind of things would you be doing? [00:01:43] Yeah, where do we start? [00:01:46] I know one of my dreams is to have a out of spaces house, where we have, where we have rooms that are young people can come stay overnight if they need to, we have a kitchen, we have an office office, we have a huge space that people can just come and drop in because at the moment. Our offices based at evolve and Wellington and we have our groups, how that evolved. And then we have our other groups out in the hot Valley, which we just have other businesses. So it'd be really great to have one place where everyone can come and feel safe. So I know that that's one of my dreams to have an out of spaces house. Can [00:02:35] you talk about some of the hardships because I'm guessing even just getting transport to come to evolve must be an issue for somebody? [00:02:43] Yeah, well, we have. That's why we have transform, especially like is only held at one place. And it's only fortnightly. So that's quite a trouble for a lot of people because they have to wait for nightly. To have that support schools out we have have two groups every week, we have one in the city and one in the hot, which helps with the transport. One of the biggest issues we have with the group is a lot of young people being afraid to come to the groups because of because they're in high school, not being out to their parents. So coming along to the group can be very frightening if they can't tell the parents where they are. So that would probably be the hardest thing [00:03:31] about our groups. [00:03:33] So what role does things like social media and incentives. And [00:03:39] at the moment, now, social media is not too strong. We have Facebook groups that the facilitators can moderate and the young people can come on and ask questions and talk to each other and talk to the and the facilitators can moderate that space. And then we also have our public pages that we can let everyone, everyone know what's what's happening. So but at the moment, yeah, we don't have [00:04:06] a lot of resources for [00:04:08] media and advertising and creating a spice spice on the internet for young people to come and talk outside of groups. [00:04:19] So this year is the 30th anniversary of homosexual law reform and way back the end of the where it seems like there was limited language in terms of description describing kind of identity. But now there seems to be a whole range of words. Can you talk about the change in language? And you know, what, what are people? What words are people using to describe themselves now? [00:04:40] There are so many different just from the time from when I was at high school, which was I'm 24 now so high school for me was seven years ago. And the change in language and just that short space of time is so bug and [00:05:02] I know the words that we have now. [00:05:06] People saying to the young people seem to be claiming a lot of words back that were used as an insult back when I was at high school. So we have [00:05:18] gay queer [00:05:22] found that lesbians not so well used anymore, but a lot of new terms are coming [00:05:29] up like we're not [00:05:31] they're not new terms, but people are just getting to know getting to know them better. So [00:05:37] we have words like queer and [00:05:41] gender neutral pain, sexual a sexual Oh, this are many like I just off the top of my head. I can't even like list them all. But yeah, this paperwork, just getting me to claim a lot of words and give them there are different mission and not letting other people define who they are, which is really amazing. [00:06:06] So it wasn't like going through high school seven or eight years ago. So we're talking about 2019 2008 2009. [00:06:13] I graduated doesn't annoying. [00:06:16] Says seven years ago. Yeah. [00:06:19] So I graduate, graduated, doesn't know I'm [00:06:21] going through high school for me personally was horrific. I went to an all girls faith based school. So that was very, very challenging. However, you identify, it's just quite a challenging environment. So [00:06:42] yeah, I can't really put it lightly. It was [00:06:44] it was a horrific time. And [00:06:48] I just tried to encourage the young people that I work with now to really speak up about how they feel in their environments, and differently, [00:06:59] get divorced, so that they feel comfortable [00:07:01] at school. [00:07:02] So was there anything like a straight Alliance or a new support groups? [00:07:07] No different differently? Not? Not at my school? There were there was schools out I did schools that was around when I was at high school. I didn't wait because I didn't have any queer friends or anything like that. So yeah, but now we definitely don't have any cure size. At ASCO. It was very frowned upon. [00:07:29] And so here we are seven years later out in the park. Can you describe the day and what it was like? [00:07:36] I just feel so warm hearted. [00:07:38] Really? That's everything is just so [00:07:45] running out of words. [00:07:48] Actually, I mean, you you don't need words to describe it. I mean, sometimes things don't have words to describe me better. [00:07:55] Yeah, no, you're exactly right. Yeah, I think that's that's how I'm feeling today. I just feel extreme safe. Just extremely safe and warm hearted with the amount of people that are here and [00:08:10] supporting

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.