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On This Day: 1st December

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Tue 1 Dec 2020

  • Elliot Page: Juno star announces he is transgender
    The Oscar-nominated star of Juno has announced that he is transgender, introducing himself as Elliot Page in a social media post...
    Links: RNZ
  • Juno star Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page, comes out as transgender
    "I feel lucky to be writing this...
    Links: Stuff
  • UN Urges ‘Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility’ Against Pandemics, Marking World AIDS Day
    UNICEF/Karin Schermbrucker A HIV-positive woman and her baby take their medication on a daily basis at their home in Mbarara, western Uganda...
    Links: Scoop
  • World AIDS Day: When the Lights Went Out
    Links: Express

Sun 1 Dec 2019

  • Israel Folau addresses controversial comments about gay marriage and bushfires
    Former Wallabies star Israel Folau has moved to clarify comments he made earlier this month suggesting the devastating bushfires that ravaged parts of Australia were God's way of punishing the country for legalising same-sex marriage...
    Links: NZ Herald
    Links: Express

Sat 1 Dec 2018

  • Local Focus: HIV isn't a death sentence, if detected soon enough
    It's a standard blood test that screens for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV which can lead to AIDS if not treated...
    Links: NZ Herald

Fri 1 Dec 2017

  • 'I want control over my body': Aussie transgender kids in landmark court win
    Australian teenager Isabelle Langley and her family had been dreading it for years...
    Links: Stuff
  • Age Concern pulls back the covers to talk about sex in Nelson-Tasman rest homes
    An education programme for rest home staff on residents' sexuality and intimacy rights can be blunt, Age Concern Nelson Tasman manager Sue Tilby says...
    Links: Stuff
  • Hakihea / December 2017
    Kia ora and welcome to our Hakihea update, full of lesbian and queer female creativity...
    Links: Lesbian News Aotearoa
  • HIV protection pill to be funded by Pharmac
    Sexual partners of people with HIV in New Zealand could soon have a revolutionary pill to prevent contracting the virus funded...
    Links: Stuff
  • World Aids Day: What I learned from my first HIV test
    I was 24 before I got my first HIV test...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • 3 x Bottles of Snowberry Intensive Renewal Face Serum!
    Links: Express
  • 3 x Double Passes To Family’s Masquerade New Year’s Eve Party
    Links: Express
  • 5 x Copies of Love’s Masquerade by Radclyffe
    Links: Express
  • Loic Kedecc: Through The Looking Glass
    Links: Express
  • Online Tool to Help Break HIV Treatment Barriers
    Links: Express

Thu 1 Dec 2016

  • 3 Double Passes to Family’s ‘Electro Light Party’ on New Year’s...
    Links: Express
  • 3 signed copies of Urzila Carlson’s ‘Rolling with the Punchlines’
    Links: Express
  • 5 Bottles of Snowberry RENEW Body Oil
    Links: Express
  • HIV-Positive Man has Unprotected Sex Without Telling Status
    Links: Express
  • Worsening HIV prevention response "inexcusable"
    Dr Peter Saxton A leading health researcher has described New Zealand's escalating HIV epidemic, with annual new HIV diagnoses at their highest level in thirty years and trending upward, as "inexcusable...

Tue 1 Dec 2015

  • Celebrities Auction Themselves Off For World AIDS Day
    Links: Express
  • Majority of Japanese Now Support Marriage Equality
    Links: Express
  • UN Report Says Mobile Dating Apps Has Spurred HIV Rise in...
    Links: Express
  • Westie’s Lesbian Ball
    Links: Express
  • Review: GALS R Us
    Gals R Us Saturday November 21st, Freemans Bay Community Hall, Auckland Matinee performance If I wanted to review just the GALS R Us show a couple of weekends ago I could have done that within a day or so of the performance...

Mon 1 Dec 2014

  • Luxury in Paradise Found
    Links: Express
  • No Queens Were Harmed in Making this Calendar
    Links: Express
  • Opinion: Victoria State Election Result a Big Win for GLBT Victorians
    Links: Express
  • Our Olympic Dream
    Links: Express
  • Summer’s Hottest Camping Destinations – Uretiti
    Links: Express
  • The Editor’s Oink!
    Links: Express
  • World Set to Mark World AIDS Day
    Links: Express
  • Uganda: 'Hate No More' activist beaten
    A Ugandan gay rights activist is in hospital with multiple injuries, reportedly after being attacked by a homophobic mob...

Sun 1 Dec 2013

  • HIV - Treatment as prevention?
    PART ONE: SUCCESS VS FAILURE PART TWO: DIVERGING PREVENTION PATHS PART THREE: TREATMENT AS PREVENTION? So, why is the NZ AIDS Foundation becoming increasingly vocal about what it believes are the damaging approaches to HIV prevention amongst men who have sex with men being followed or taken up in many other countries? In recent times world health agencies, especially the highly-influential United Nations global HIV/AIDS agency UNAIDS, have begun to push their belief that a new method of preventing the spread of HIV will likely see the end of the HIV epidemic by 2030...

Sat 1 Dec 2012

  • A Thousand Toilet Ladies by Wai Ho (Wellington)
    Wai Ho reads a personal story - A Thousand Toilet Ladies
    Features: Wai Ho
  • Faith Forum - Marriage Equality Conference (Community House/Press Hall)
    Rev Dr Margaret Maymen leads a discussion on the faith-based Christian case for marriage equality
    Features: Margaret Mayman
  • Fighting Homophobia - Marriage Equality Conference (St Andrew's on the Terrace)
    Audio from the panel discussion: Fighting Homophobia in Our Communities
    Features: Bill Logan, Eileen Brown, Jan Logie, Nigel Studdart, Rawa Karetai, Steve Farrow (Rainbow Network)
  • Gay Liberation Movement - Marriage Equality Conference (Community House/Press Hall)
    Ian Anderson leads a discussion about the Gay Liberation Movement, beginning in the 1960s
    Features: Bill Logan, Ian Anderson, Kay Jones
  • Marriage, Adoption and Human Rights - Marriage Equality Conference (Community House/Press Hall)
    Kevin Hague MP talks about the history of human rights legislation - internationally and in New Zealand
    Features: Kevin Hague
  • Nigel Studdart - Marriage Equality Conference (Community House/Press Hall)
    Nigel Studdart talks about the impact of losing his teaching position at Pompallier Catholic College during the Marriage Equality debate
    Features: Nigel Studdart
  • Queer-Straight Alliances - Marriage Equality Conference (Community House/Press Hall)
    Tabby, Griffin and Tommy talk about Queer-Straight Alliances and organising in schools
    Features: Tabby Besley
  • Wilde: Wall needs glbti support in Sth Auckland
    Louisa Wall and Fran Wilde last night A seasoned campaigner for equality for gay people is urging the glbti communities to visibly get behind MP Louisa Wall as she leads the charge for marriage equality...

Thu 1 Dec 2011

  • Late testing for HIV compromising men's treatment
    Almost half of gay and bi men diagnosed with HIV in recent years are leaving getting tested so late their subsequent treatment is compromised...

Wed 1 Dec 2010

  • World AIDS Day: fighting complacency
    Today is World AIDS Day and you can help out by wearing a red ribbon or make a donation to the World AIDS Day appeal...

Tue 1 Dec 2009

  • World AIDS Day marked with events across globe
    A variety of fundraising and promotional events to mark World AIDS Day 2009 are planned across the globe today...

Mon 1 Dec 2008

  • World AIDS Day: Why bother with condoms?
    Scratch the surface of any HIV prevention strategy carried out in New Zealand or any similar western nation where health care includes the availability of effective HIV medications and you reveal a nagging problem...

Sat 1 Dec 2007

  • Schools Out broadcast (Wellington)
    Audio from a Schools Out broadcast on Wellington Access Radio in 2007
    Features: Mike Bryant
  • Rhys, a young Kiwi with HIV
    Rhys Jones Rhys Jones, 24, has been HIV positive since October 2005...

Fri 1 Dec 2006

  • A conference to mark the 20th anniversary of homosexual law reform is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The 20 Years On - Homosexual Law Reform Conference is hosted by LAGANZ at the National Library.
    Links: LAGANZ
  • NZ events mark World AIDS Day today
    A huge range of events will take place across New Zealand today to mark world AIDS Day and raise money for the local fight against the epidemic...

Thu 1 Dec 2005

  • The first ILGA Pacific conference is held (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Links: ILGA
  • World AIDS Day: 22 years of death and hope
    Rod Ellis-Pegler It was 1967 when Auckland's senior infectious disease specialist Rod Ellis-Pegler decided on the career that would eventually bring him into contact with one of the most deadly diseases in human history, HIV...

Wed 1 Dec 2004

  • The Civil Union Bill 2004 passes its second reading in Parliament (New Zealand)
  • Press Release: Brash backs referendum on civil unions
    Press Release: New Zealand National Party Don Brash backs public mandate on civil unions 30th November 2004, 5:33 pm Don Brash MP National Party Leader 30 November 2004 Don Brash backs public mandate on civil unions National Party Leader Don Brash says he supports a public mandate by way of referendum on moral issues as important as the Civil Union Bill, which is likely to be rammed through Parliament under urgency this week...

Mon 1 Dec 2003

  • Honours for Henare Te Ua
    Maori broadcaster and AIDS Foundation Kaumatua Henare Te Ua is to be honoured today with a Lifetime Membership award by the NZAF, in recognition of outstanding contribution to furthering the work of the Foundation...

Sun 1 Dec 2002

  • 30 Years of Gay Liberation (Part 2)
    In the second of three articles marking the NZ gay liberation movement's 30th anniversary, lesbian journalist Claire Gummer looks at some of the movement's earliest and most outrageous activities...

Sat 1 Dec 2001

  • The downside of Viagra
    Viagra can give you a hard on that just won't stop, but it can also cause a variety of unpleasant side effects, especially if it is combined with illegal drugs...

Sun 1 Dec 1996

  • World AIDS Day is commemorated (New Zealand)

Fri 1 Dec 1995

  • World AIDS Day is commemorated (Auckland, New Zealand)
    This year's theme is: shared rights, shared responsibility. In Auckland, the Quilt and Baton of Hope march is held. The Quilt is carried up Queen Street with 400 placards representing people who have died from AIDS related conditions in New Zealand. Events also take place in Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin and Nelson.
    Links:, New Zealand AIDS Quilt

Thu 1 Dec 1994

  • Worlds AIDS Day is commemorated (New Zealand)
    In Auckland, the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is is carried outspread down Queen Street for an unfolding ceremony. The global theme of the day is: AIDS and the family.
    Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

Wed 1 Dec 1993

  • World AIDS Day is commemorated (Dunedin, New Zealand)
    The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is displayed in St Paul's Cathedral in Dunedin to mark World AIDS Day. The quilt remains on display for a week.
    Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

Tue 1 Dec 1992

  • World AIDS Day is commemorated (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Since World AIDS Day 1991, 43 people had died in New Zealand from AIDS-related complications. Father Michael Bancroft leads the first ever AIDS requiem mass in New Zealand.
    Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

Sun 1 Dec 1991

Fri 1 Dec 1989

  • Television news report: the New Zealand AIDS Memorial quilt displayed on World AIDS Day (New Zealand)
    The report is taken from a news compilation tape. The footage will most likely be from 1 December 1988 or 1989. Ref F44883.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television news report: World AIDS Day is marked around New Zealand (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include Darren Horn, Bev Jelicich and Dr Mike Pohl. Eyewitness news, ref: F98109.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Thu 1 Dec 1988

  • Television news report: the first World AIDS Day is marked in New Zealand (New Zealand)
    Eyewitness news, ref F95421.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
  • The first World AIDS Day is held internationally
  • The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is launched on World AIDS Day (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Inspired by the NAMES Project, the New Zealand quilt is established by the People With AIDS Collective. The first panel is presented by Daniel Fielding for his partner Peter Cuthbert who had died in October 1988.
    Links: NZ AIDS Memorial Quilt

Wed 1 Dec 1976

  • Matthew Shepard is born (Wyoming, United States of America)
    Shepard was murdered in October 1998 in Wyoming by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson.
    Links: Wikipedia

Mon 1 Dec 1924

  • Music teacher John Leslie Lander dies in New Plymouth Prison (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
    Lander had been sentenced to life imprisonment in 1915 for committing an unnatural offence, plus 10-years hard labour for indecent assault. He was known to have epileptic fits. His death was recorded as heart failure following a fit.
    Links: Papers Past

This list of events is generated from a number of different sources: media items on, archived pages from, our rainbow timeline and links to rainbow-related stories on other media sites. There may be some inaccuracies - please let us know if you find anything that needs changing. If you would like to see a full list of dates click here