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On This Day: 5th October

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Mon 5 Oct 2020

  • Election 2020: Labour vows to end gay conversion therapy and pour $4 million into Rainbow youth mental health services
    If returned to Government, Labour will pass a law banning gay conversion therapy and make it a criminal offence to advertise, offer or perform the controversial practice...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Greens Welcome Labour’s Commitment To Ban Conversion Therapy; Want Office For Rainbow Communities
    The Green Party is pleased to see Labour commit to a long-standing Green stance of banning gay conversion therapy, as part of its Rainbow policy released today...
    Links: Scoop
  • Labour pledges to ban gay conversion therapy if re-elected
    Gay conversion therapy will be banned by Labour if it is re-elected to government...
    Links: RNZ
  • Labour promises ban on conversion therapy, rainbow mental health funding
    Labour will ban conversion therapy, work with schools to provide gender neutral bathrooms and make sure healthcare is responsive to the needs of trans, intersex and gender diverse people if it is elected...
    Links: RNZ
  • Labour Takes Pride In Rainbow Policies
    Ban conversion therapy Invest $4 million in existing Rainbow youth mental health services Ensure healthcare is responsive to the needs of trans, intersex and gender diverse people Work with schools to provide gender neutral bathrooms Review adoption ...
    Links: Scoop
  • Exclusive: Jacinda Ardern Commits To Banning Conversion Therapy In New Zealand
    Links: Express

Sat 5 Oct 2019

  • States must act to stop bullying of LGBT students
    GENEVA (4 October 2019) – UN human rights experts have expressed their grave concerns about bullying, harassment and exclusion of LGBT people at schools, universities and other educational institutions, and called on States to prohibit and prevent ...
    Links: Scoop

Fri 5 Oct 2018

  • Switzerland Set to Send Homophobes to Prison
    Links: Express

Thu 5 Oct 2017

  • Gay teachers put forward case for gender-neutral toilets, uniforms
    First-year teacher Ruby Grant has had homophobic graffiti written on her classroom wall...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Macklemore is Returning to Our Shores
    Links: Express
  • UN condemns death penalty for same-sex relations
    Links: Express

Wed 5 Oct 2016

  • DC’s Strongest Female is Totally Queer!
    Links: Express
  • Preparing for PrEP
    Links: Express
  • Q and A with Michael Parmenter
    Links: Express
  • MOH drops HIV research at 'worst possible time'
    As HIV diagnoses soar amongst men who have sex with men the most important ongoing research conducted in this country into the nature of the changing HIV epidemic has come to a halt after being denied funding by the Ministry of Health...

Mon 5 Oct 2015

  • 2016 Auckland Pride Festival Team Announced
    Links: Express
  • Auckland Pride Announces Community Forums
    Links: Express
  • Ugandan activist wins ‘alternative Nobel Prize’
    A Ugandan out lesbian and LGBT rights activist has won the international Right Livelihood Award - widely known as the ‘alternative Nobel Prize’...

Sun 5 Oct 2014

  • Funky Fresh – Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Making Jesus Relevant
    Links: Express
  • Pleasure Trip – Eagle Bar
    Links: Express
  • Philadelphia attack victims speak out
    The accused trio: 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan, 24-year-old Kathryn Knott and 24-year-old Philip Williams...

Sat 5 Oct 2013

  • Kennedy - South
    Kennedy talks about pan-sexuality, school and Queer Straight Alliances (QSA).
  • Peter Wells profile (Napier)
    Peter Wells talks about the journey as a film maker and writer.
    Features: Peter Wells
  • Spencer - South
    Spencer talks about identifying as butch and gender queer.
  • Tony Smith profile
    Tony Smith talks about being married with children and then coming out in his 50s.
    Features: Tony Smith
  • You go grandad!
    A grandfather’s powerful letter reproving his daughter for disowning her gay son is going viral...

Fri 5 Oct 2012

  • Anti-marriage equality churches up the ante
    File photo A group of church leaders who are dead set against marriage equality are asking for a letter against the bill to be read out in churches across the country...

Wed 5 Oct 2011

  • NZer injured, loses partner, in chopper crash
    Crash victim Sonia Marra Nicholson A New Zealand woman has lost her partner in a New York helicopter crash, which has also left her fighting for her own life...

Tue 5 Oct 2010

  • Ivan Yeo profile
    Ivan Yeo talks about growing up gay in Malaysia.
    Features: Ivan Yeo
  • Mates and Lovers play (Wellington)
    Writer/director Ronald Trifero Nelson and co-producer Ahi Karunaharan talk about the second season of Mates and Lovers - a play based around historical events in queer New Zealand
    Features: Ahi Karunaharan, Ronald Trifero Nelson
  • Stuart Douce profile (Wellington)
    Stuart Douce talks about some of the issues with being a gay teacher at a single-sex secondary school.
    Features: Stuart Douce
  • United Kingdom: Wedding Bells...?
    Insofar as the United Kingdom is concerned, it seems to be in an almost identical situation as far as same-sex marriage proper goes...

Mon 5 Oct 2009

  • OUTLine bucket shakers raised over $3,000
    Money collected from Saturday night's OUTLine fundraising blitz of New Zealand's gay hotspots is still being counted, but GayNZ...

Sun 5 Oct 2008

  • Sean Penn texted Madonna about gay kiss
    Hollywood actor Sean Penn – who will play US gay advocate Harvey Milk in the hotly-anticipated biopic Milk to be released in November – reportedly texted his ex-wife Madonna to brag about his first gay kiss during filming...

Fri 5 Oct 2007

  • Third TV film for Tipping the Velvet author
    UK-based lesbian author Sarah Waters' second book, Affinity, is to be adapted for television by Pride and Prejudice screenwriter Andrew Davies...

Thu 5 Oct 2006

  • Wellington Proud posters ripped down
    In a rare bout of homophobia in the capital, posters for Sub Nine's FAG party—the official after-party for the UniQ ‘High School Prom' Ball—have been ripped down in the Wellington suburb of Newtown...

Wed 5 Oct 2005

  • Justin Dalley is found not guilty of criminal nuisance (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Dalley used a condom during sex with a woman but didn't tell her of his HIV-positive status. It is the first time in New Zealand that anyone is charged with criminal nuisance following protected sexual intercourse. The case set a significant legal precedent: that HIV-positive people can choose not to tell sexual partners about their HIV status, as long as they wear a condom.
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Television news reports: Justin Dalley is found not guilty of criminal nuisance (Wellington, New Zealand)
    One news, ref F89515 and TV3 news, ref F89517.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision (1)
  • HIV+ man not guilty of non-disclosure
    The AIDS Foundation has welcomed the "not guilty" verdict of a HIV+ man who faced criminal charges for not disclosing his status to a partner as a victory for common sense...

Tue 5 Oct 2004

  • Readers respond to Civil Union poll
    Herald readers have continued to respond to the newspaper's weekend feature, which discovered via phone polling and talking to ordinary people on the street that the majority support the Civil Union Bill and its provisions...

Sun 5 Oct 2003

  • The Pope states to the Anglican Church his opposition to homosexuality. (worldwide)

Sat 5 Oct 1991

  • The first unveiling of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is held (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The first unveiling is held as part of the HIV Alive '99 event. 88 Australian and New Zealand quilt panels are displayed at the Auckland City Art Gallery. In the three months leading up to the event the number of New Zealand quilt panels had grown from 8 to 32. Soon after the gallery showing, the quilt panels were displayed at the Aotea Centre.
    Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

Sat 5 Oct 1963

  • Writer James Courage dies (London, United Kingdom)
    Links: Te Ara

Wed 5 Oct 1955

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