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On This Day: 6th October

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Wed 6 Oct 2021

  • Kylie Minogue Planning to Return Permanently to Australia
    Links: Express
  • LGBTQ History in Aotearoa New Zealand
    Links: Express

Tue 6 Oct 2020

  • Election 2020: Judith Collins says she needs to do more research on conversion therapy before making mind up
    National leader says she'll go find out a bit more about gay conversion therapy before picking a position, after being caught out at the Press Leaders Debate...
    Links: Stuff
  • In Her First Gay Media Interview - Judith Collins Addresses Gerry Brownlee’s Past Homophobia
    Featuring in the new issue of Express Magazine - out nationwide today - Judith Collins has spoken about her support for rainbow issues (including banning conversion therapy and the gender-self ID bill), as well as comedian Tom Sainbury’s suggestion that ...
    Links: Scoop
  • Exclusive: Judith Collins on Gerry Brownlee, Tom Sainsbury and what National...
    Links: Express
  • Exclusive: Judith Collins on Gerry Brownlee’s past, her present and your...
    Links: Express

Sun 6 Oct 2019

  • Getting Tested Is Easier Than Ever
    Links: Express
  • Scream Queens
    Links: Express

Sat 6 Oct 2018

  • Mika - Biography of queer performance artist released
    Queer performance artist Mika grew up in Timaru, was adopted into a white family, and learnt Maori culture, he says, "from the back of a cereal box"...
    Links: RNZ
  • Time to end invisibility of LGBT people in Georgia
    Time to end invisibility of LGBT people in Georgia - expert GENEVA (5 October 2018) - A UN expert has commended the commitment of the Georgian Government to address violence and discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans persons, ...
    Links: Scoop

Fri 6 Oct 2017

  • Hairdresser accused of infecting lovers with HIV, sending abusive texts
    A hairdresser deliberately infected four men he met through Grindr with HIV before sending them "mocking and abusive" texts, a court heard...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Promise to end AIDS by 2030: Are we on track?
    Promise to end AIDS by 2030: Are we on track? Shobha Shukla , CNS (Citizen News Service) (CNS): Governments of over 190 nations, including India, have promised to end AIDS by 2030 by adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...
    Links: Scoop

Thu 6 Oct 2016

  • Homelessness in 2016 (Wellington)
    Kassie Hartendorp and Sandra Dickson explore some of the issues around homelessness in relation to rainbow communities.
    Features: Kassie Hartendorp, Sandra Dickson
  • 2017 Wallace Foundation Short Fiction Contest
    Links: Express
  • Big Bear Weekend
    Links: Express
  • Business People Show Up in Droves for Rainbow Auckland
    Links: Express
  • 'Budget blowouts' behind Ministry nixing HIV study
    Health board budget blow-outs, a $18million over-run in the cost of the Ministry of Health's head office refurbishment and an internal restructuring of the Ministry which has allegedly led to the loss of many senior, experienced staff are all being suggested as contributing to the Ministry's inability to find funding for important HIV prevention research...
  • 'How to kill gays' preacher lecturing in London
    An Islamic preacher who has repeatedly preached on how to kill gay people has embarked on 10-lecture programme in London...
  • Coffey looks certain to stand again for Labour
    Gay ex-TV presenter and now Rotorua bar owner Tamati Coffey looks certain to be selected as the Labour party's candidate for the Waiariki electorate...
  • Former Portuguese PM to be UN Secretary General
    Former Prime Minister of Portugal, António Guterres will become the next UN Secretary General after all 15 Security Council ambassadors unanimously voted in his favour...
  • Louisa Wall: We need more HIV research, not less
    Louisa Wall MP Lesbian MP Louisa Wall says more research is needed into the factors driving the HIV epidemic amongst gay and bisexual men, not less...
  • Research loss deals "real blow" to HIV prevention
    Nick Laing Loss of New Zealand's "most important" ongoing research into what's underscoring the worst HIV diagnosis level in the history of the epidemic has dealt a significant blow to the NZ AIDS Foundation's prevention programme...
  • Stressed Fabric: Other Opponents of LGBTi Progress
    Although LGBT New Zealanders are always vigilant about the potential threats that the New Zealand Christian Right poses to legislative and public policy reform, there are other opponents of LGBTI political progress...
  • UN appoints very first LGBTI expert
    The United Nations has appointed its first ever independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI)...

Tue 6 Oct 2015

  • Victorian Government to Introduce Same Sex Adoption Laws
    Links: Express
  • Body Positive: Taking the Long View
    Ructions at Body Positive and unhappy members...
  • Greater police presence coming for K’ Rd
    K’ Rd Community Safety Group say there is soon to be an increased police presence on the Auckland strip...
  • Petition for gender identity rights

Mon 6 Oct 2014

  • Foodie Bites: Taste Auckland
    Links: Express
  • Jesus Christ…Superstar?
    Links: Express
  • The Capital Welcomes Cute New Gay Ambassador!
    Links: Express
  • Two Sides of the Glory Hole
    Links: Express
  • 'So gay' or intolerable tolerance
    According to the latest issue of NZ skateboarding magazine Manual, UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova announced skateboarding as the official professional sport for this year’s observance of World Tolerance Day 16 November 2014...
  • Coleman appointed Health Minister
    A National MP who voted against marriage equality because he believes every child should have a mother and a father, but has also supported Pink Shirt Day, is to be the new Health Minister...
  • GABA Charity Auction moves to Hilton
    The Gay Auckland Business Association’s annual Charity Auction has a new home...
  • Protests planned over Egypt oppression
    People all over the world are being called upon to stand with persecuted lgbt Egyptians by taking part in a global day of protest...
  • Study traces origin of HIV pandemic
    Researchers are almost certain the HIV pandemic originated in the Congo in the 1920s, the result of a "perfect storm" of busy rail networks, migrant labour and changes to the sex trade...

Sun 6 Oct 2013

  • Beyer's work to be honoured at fundraiser
    Georgina Beyer’s work will be recognised in an upcoming tribute evening, which will double as a fundraiser as she remains on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant...

Sat 6 Oct 2012

  • Gay site closing down
    Aaron and Andy Wellington’s gay news, views and gossip website AaronandAndy...
  • Pink calls lesbian friends: "honesty in ocean of bs"
    Pink has described her lesbian friends as her “rootstalk”, and stated she probably should be gay...
  • Presenting: Venus Envy Vaudeville
    Cathie Sheat and Andy Harness As you can tell from this review of their solo show, Wellington’s Cathy Sheat and Andy Harness are two women who really do make us laugh our bits off...
  • Top-ranked boxer pummels history by coming out
    Orlando Cruz One of the top-ranked boxers in the world has made history by becoming the first openly-gay man in the sport...

Thu 6 Oct 2011

  • AUT fraudster to be sentenced today
    Gay former Anglican priest Jonathan Kirkpatrick will today be sentenced for stealing more than $665,000 from Auckland's AUT University...
  • Churches ready to fight UK's gay marriage push
    David Cameron Church leaders have swiftly criticised British Prime Minister David Cameron's steps towards legalising gay marriage...
  • Kirkpatrick jailed for defrauding AUT
    The gay former Anglican priest who stole more than $665,000 from AUT University has been sentenced to three years and two months prison...
  • Students speak out
    One of the students speaking at today's Queer Our Schools rally in Wellington says his school tries to make him wear a skirt to formal functions and refuses to give him a locker because it will be covered with transphobic graffiti...
  • UniQ Victoria to mark 25 years of HLR with ball
    UniQ Victoria is promising to put on one of the most fabulous events this year when it celebrates 25 years of Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand with a Silver Anniversary Ball that will incorporate jazz acts, burlesque and cocktails...

Wed 6 Oct 2010

  • Julz Darroch profile (Wellington)
    Julz Darroch talks about exercise and wellness.
    Features: Julz Darroch
  • Cow "self portrait" a winner for lesbian artist
    The winning creation modelled by Ronnie Lesbian sculptor and special effects artist Magdalena O'Connor has won a first place at the New Zealand Body Art Awards by turning a man into a "horny cow"...
  • Gay man attacked in Stonewall Inn toilets
    Two men have been charged with a hate crime after an attack on a gay man in the bathroom of historic Manhattan gay bar the Stonewall Inn...
  • Rainbow Wellington condemns "vindictive" bill
    Rainbow Wellington has condemned the Government support for a proposed law change, which will make student union membership voluntary...
  • The tragedy of Tyler Clementi
    Tyler Clementi Tyler Clementi was a year younger than mine and my partner's own daughter, Nat...

Tue 6 Oct 2009

  • 'Little Britain' star's ex-husband kills himself
    Little Britain star Matt Lucas's ex-partner Kevin McGee has killed himself, a year after the couple split...
  • Fun week planned for Kiwi Bears in February
    Bear New Zealand - the country's first ever week long events schedule dedicated to bears and their friends - has been announced for February 2010...
  • Glitter artist tackles Coronation Street battle-axes
    If the names Ena Sharples, Bet Lynch, Elsie Tanner, Gail Platt and Vera Duckworth (RIP!) mean anything to you, gay glitter artist Stanley Manthyng understands...
  • Sohomo crew are 'Over the Rainbow'
    The crew who brought us Auckland's popular Sohomo nights out are returning to K' Road next week with a special Over the Rainbow party...
  • UK: 'Anti-gay' slang number plates pulled
    British drivers won't be allowed to bid for 'D1KES' and 'F4GOT' licence plates at auction, reveals the Daily Mail newspaper...

Mon 6 Oct 2008

  • Buckwheat becomes a work of art
    Up-and-coming portrait artist Stephen 'Marty' Welch has asked many New Zealand celebrities to sit still for him while he brushes up a painting – and in an auspicious list which includes Lucy Lawless, Mike Hosking, Suzanne Paul and Russell Brown, who better to represent our colourful K' Road drag community than Buckwheat? Artist Marty Welch, Director Marcus Clayton and Buckwheat on The Sitting "I was sat there for two hours," Buckwheat (AKA Edward Cowley) tells GayNZ...
  • Family bar seeks talent on Wednesdays
    Auckland's gayest nightclub is looking for singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, drag acts, strippers, show-offs and performers of every kind to compete on Wednesday nights for a top prize of $1,000...
  • Takataapui dancers set for Akl Town Hall
    Tickets are selling well for upcoming evenings with two of New Zealand's most acclaimed dancers...
  • The Chop:Lots of haircuts,no HIV-poz results
    The manager of Auckland HIV support service Body Positive says he was delighted to see almost 40 people HIV-tested at The Chop free hairstyling event at the weekend – with no HIV positive diagnoses...

Sat 6 Oct 2007

  • Anger over 'she-male' slur in New York Post
    American tabloid newspaper the New York Post has been condemned by LGBT activists for using the term "she-male" to refer to a transgender person...
  • Beware, possibly unstable cornerstone?
    Taito Phillip Field - photo: NZ Herald At long last, the Police have ruled that Taito Philip Field, Independent MP for Mangere, may face prosecution on fifteen bribery and corruption charges, related to house repairs in Auckland, Wellington, Tonga and Samoa...
  • Dormer's $10,000 bill for police search
    Police say the investigation into Cameron Dormer's apparent hoax disappearance will cost more than $10,000...
  • Sweden moves closer to gay marriage
    Sweden's three opposition parties have put forward a motion in the Swedish Parliament to allow gay marriages...
  • UK: 'Gay' peacock attacks blue Lexus
    A British aristocrat has been forced to warn visitors to his manor home not to park cars painted a particular shade of blue on his property, after his "gay" peacock caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to a luxury car it mistook for a mate...

Fri 6 Oct 2006

  • Chandelier, next door to SPQR, suddenly closed its doors in mid-September...
  • Heroic Gardens back for 11th year
    The Heroic Gardens, an annual event in Auckland's HERO Festival each February, is now in the planning stages for it's 11th year, to be held on the 17th and 18th of February 2007...

Thu 6 Oct 2005

  • Banks: Homosexuality "a loathsome and cancerous growth"
    Former Auckland mayor John Banks desperately tried to put his homo-hating past behind him during last year's local body election campaign, in which he failed to retain the Auckland mayoralty...
  • Narrow election miss for Chauvel
    Wellington lawyer Charles Chauvel missed becoming the country's sixth openly LGBT MP in this year's general election by only a fraction of the party vote, but he says he'll be back again in 2008...
  • Public Outcry Over HIV Decision
    A public outcry has greeted the setting of an international legal precedent concerning HIV+ people...
  • TV2's Outhouse presenter Amanda Betts
    Amanda Betts Offscreen, Outhouse co-presenter Amanda Betts runs a modelling agency and was once Miss Zodiac Inflatables (it's a long story)! What's your background? My name is Amanda Betts and my background takes a long time to explain in one quick email! Ok, here goes: I have just started a new model agency called Red11 with two partners which is one of my greatest and most challenging times (besides having my baby and leaving my ex-husband)! Strange but true, but when I was half my age and half my size, I used to do quite a spot of modeling...

Wed 6 Oct 2004

  • Connell slams Queer Nation
    National MP Brian Connell has turned his anti-gay sights onto the Queer Nation programme, criticizing the funding NZ On Air has allocated since 1996 for the long-running show...
  • How the Heroes creamed the Hustlers
    Ponsonby Heroes lock Sean Aucamp reports on the historic first rugby match between New Zealand and Australian Teams for the BG Williams trophy...
  • MIA... Maxim In-Active?
    Where are the online copies of the Maxim Institute submissions against the Civil Union and Relationship (Statutory Reference) Bills? After all, the Justice Select Committee has already heard the Institute's submission, so it can't be said that its content is secret any longer, as parliamentary submissions can be retrieved via the Official Information Act, and still could be...
  • Pathetic utterance?
    On Sunday (3 Oct), TVNZ's Sunday screened yet another item on Destiny Church and New Zealand...
  • Positive people and whanau casting call
    The NZ AIDS Foundation is searching for volunteer models for and AIDS poster photoshoot on Saturday 23 October in Auckland...
  • TV presenter and singer/songwriter Ramon Te Wake
    Ramon Te Wake Ramon Te Wake is a singer/songwriter and co-presenter of Maori TV's gay Maori lifestyle programme Takataapui...

Mon 6 Oct 1980

  • Television news report: the first Lesbian Liberation week begins (New Zealand)
    The week features events and a march through the city on 10 October 1980, ref: TZP4990.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Wed 6 Oct 1920

  • Eugenia Falleni is found guilty of murdering Annie Birkett (Sydney, Australia)
    Falleni is condemned to death but the sentence is commuted to detainment at the Governor's Pleasure.
    Links: Wikipedia, Papers Past

Fri 6 Oct 1893

  • The Criminal Code Act 1893 is enacted (New Zealand)
    The Act outlaws any sexual activity between men (even if it's consensual). Penalties include life imprisonment, hard labour and flogging (refer Crimes Against Morality, 136-139).
    Links: Early New Zealand Statutes

Tue 6 Oct 1874

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