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On This Day: 4th August

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Tue 4 Aug 2020

  • 'Human Ken Doll' Jessica Alves' jaw-dropping bikini photo after $55K butt lift
    Jessica Alves, also known as the "Human Ken Doll", has revealed her new look in a plunging black swimsuit, leaving her 1 million followers in awe...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Conway Beg named chair of Fiji Rugby to replace controversial Francis Kean
    Former coach takes over after Francis Kean - once convicted of manslaughter - was accused of homophobia and interfering with team selections...
    Links: Stuff
  • Midday Sports News for 4 August 2020
    Halfback Blake Green has been released by the Warriors with immediate affect...
    Links: RNZ
  • Ellen DeGeneres Threatens to Cancel Show After Being Forced to Apologise...
    Links: Express
  • LGBT+ Syrians Facing Extreme Oppression From Both Government And ISIS
    Links: Express
  • Pride Walks: The Gay Liberation Trail
    Links: Express
  • Voting Enrolment Forms to Include ‘Gender Neutral’ Option
    Links: Express

Sun 4 Aug 2019

  • Transgender designer slams Fashion Week's 'inclusivity' goal after it got her name wrong
    A transgender Korean-Kiwi fashion designer is questioning the NZ Fashion Week's ability to be inclusive and diverse after organisers got her name wrong on its official programme...
    Links: NZ Herald

Sat 4 Aug 2018

  • Existence of civil society is under threat
    (CNS): The increasing repression of civil society was a major theme that emerged during the recently concluded 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam...
    Links: Scoop
  • Refugee escapes genocide to be given HIV 'death sentence' in New Zealand
    Judith Mukakaynge survived genocide by hiding under dead people while killers with machetes prowled her village's streets...
    Links: Stuff
  • Venus Envy Podcast: Are We There Yet in the sex industry?
    In the forth part of Venus Envy - made in association with Are We There Yet?, the new women's suffrage and equality exhibition at Auckland Museum - Damaris Coulter, Annah Pickering and Nunu Davey talk about sex work and the law, activism, being trans in NZ, and the #metoo movement- why it doesn't apply to everyone...
    Links: RNZ
  • Australian Study Highlights Greater Difficulty for Bisexual People to Come Out
    Links: Express
  • The California Girl is Coming
    Links: Express

Fri 4 Aug 2017

  • Born this way? Researchers explore the controversial science of gender identity
    While US President Donald Trump has thrust transgender people back into the conflict between conservative and liberal values in the United States, geneticists are quietly working on a major research effort to unlock the secrets of gender identity...
    Links: Stuff
  • TV's Man In An Orange Shirt takes on Britain's 'disheartening social history'
    The emotional conflicts of a homosexual man in the 1940s and 50s being torn between a traditional family life and his love for another man are explored in the drama Man In An Orange Shirt...
    Links: Stuff
  • Census without sexuality and gender question reflects “false reality”
    Links: Express
  • Cook Islands set to decriminalise homosexuality
    Links: Express
  • Retired Generals and Admirals protest trans troop ban
    Links: Express
  • Snickers Launch New Rainbow Label to Promote LGBT+ Acceptance
    Links: Express
  • Youth and Health Strong Focus of Labour’s New Rainbow Policy
    Links: Express

Thu 4 Aug 2016

  • Story of gay WW2 soldier up for intl. recognition
    The short film telling the story of a gay New Zealand World War Two solider is in the running to be named Project of the Month on the leading independent film site, IndieWire...

Tue 4 Aug 2015

  • Home and Living: Home Finance Options
    Links: Express
  • Home and Living: The Benefits of Building a New Home
    Links: Express
  • Home and Living: When it Comes to Renovating – Leave it...
    Links: Express
  • Re-Introducing Tom of Finland
    Links: Express
  • Russian Police Round up and Detain Dozens of GLBT Activists
    Links: Express
  • Games resignations over lack of confidence?
    Ashley Barratt says the Outgames can still go ahead The Board of Auckland’s Asia Pacific Outgames is believed to have resigned en masse due to a lack of confidence in the Executive Committee to deliver...

Mon 4 Aug 2014

  • Award-Winning Young Talent
    Links: Express
  • Editorial: Our Outrageous Icon
    Links: Express
  • Failure to Protect GLBT Kids in our Schools
    Links: Express
  • Nepal wants to recriminalize gay sex
    Nepal has drafted a new law that would recriminalize gay sex...

Sun 4 Aug 2013

  • A Mr Gay World snapshot
    Mr Gay NZ Chris Olwage is stretching the competition in Antwerp! The competitors have been busy so far - check out some of our favourite pics from the competition!     GayNZ...

Sat 4 Aug 2012

  • Tasmanian Premier makes marriage vow
    Lara Giddings Tasmania's premier Lara Giddings has pledged to enact laws allowing same-sex couples to marry...

Thu 4 Aug 2011

  • Voluntary student membership Bill could pass
    As Labour makes last gasp attempts at filibustering, ACT's Heather Roy may leave behind a legacy of voluntary student union membership after all...

Wed 4 Aug 2010

  • “I am not homophobic or aggressive" - Ambach

Tue 4 Aug 2009

  • The Crimes (Provocation Repeal) Amendment Bill is introduced in Parliament (New Zealand)
    The Bill is introduced by the Minister for Justice, National MP Simon Power.
    Links: Parliament
  • "Our Sophie" vs that horny old fag
    The unsuccessful use of the provocation defence greatly moved the public and politicians yet a successful case against a gay-killer remained invisible...

Mon 4 Aug 2008

  • Record profit for Sydney Mardi Gras
    Sydney's Mardi Gras will announce a stunning profit of almost AUS$500,000 from event over the last year and a range of community donations at its upcoming Annual General Meeting...

Sat 4 Aug 2007

  • Moments of Gay Movie Magic
    When a recent GayNZ...

Fri 4 Aug 2006

  • Out Games: medals keep flowing for Kiwis
    Kiwi athletes continue to add to their impressive haul at this year's Out Games in Montreal, Canada...

Thu 4 Aug 2005

  • Synergy Queer Dance Party
    A dance party with an entry fee under twenty bucks? Outside of a blue light disco (do they still have those?), it's not likely you'll find one, particularly one specifically targeted at gays and lesbians, but the organiser of this weekend's Synergy Party in Auckland, John Christie, has managed to do it...

Wed 4 Aug 2004

  • Name suppression lifted in Hunt case
    Police want to know more about the teenager accused of murdering 55-year-old stamp collector Robert Hunt in a frenzied stabbing attack at his home earlier this month...

Mon 4 Aug 2003

  • Television news report: anger in South Africa about access to AIDS drugs (New Zealand)
    One news, ref F59275.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Website for Ellis transcripts
    Publisher Barry Colman is setting up a website this week which will make available transcripts of all of the childrens' testimonies from the Peter Ellis case...

Thu 4 Aug 1988

  • Photographer Brian Brake dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Links: Wikipedia

Mon 4 Aug 1958

  • Politician Tim Barnett is born (Warwickshire, United Kingdom)
    While in Parliament Barnett introduced the Prostitution Reform Bill 2003 and was also heavily involved in the Civil Union Bill 2004.
    Links:, Wikipedia, Parliament

Sat 4 Aug 1917

  • The NZ Truth reports on homosexuality in Germany (Berlin, Germany)
    The newspaper reports that 30,000 people with homo-sexual inclinations reside in Berlin, and that 90% of the males in the city have at one time or another, been afflicted with the "sexual disease".
    Links: Papers Past

Tue 4 Aug 1908

  • The Crimes Act 1908 is enacted (New Zealand)
    Section 153-154 (p.598) states that everyone is liable to life imprisonment with hard labour if convicted of buggery, and upto ten-years imprisonment with hard labour for a male convicted of indecently assaulting another male.
    Links: Early New Zealand Statutes

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