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On This Day: 9th July

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Thu 9 Jul 2020

  • Corrections worker waiting to find out if he got disease after being spat on during lockdown
    A Corrections officer who was spat in the face by a prisoner during the Covid-19 lockdown has spent months waiting to find out if he now has a serious disease...
    Links: RNZ
  • The Rest Is History: Homosexual law reform
    It's time for our regular Thursday look into the past, The Rest Is History...
    Links: RNZ
  • Challenging Perceptions One Artwork At A Time
    Links: Express
  • Love Has No Borders… Well It Does Now!
    Links: Express
  • Original Pokemon Head Writer Says Professor Ivy Was a Lesbian
    Links: Express

Tue 9 Jul 2019

  • Best In Class: Electric Vehicles of 2019
    Links: Express
  • Transphobic Hate Crimes Rise 81% In The UK
    Links: Express

Mon 9 Jul 2018

  • Warkworth baker refuses to make wedding cake for gay couple
    A gay couple say a New Zealand baker refused to make them a wedding cake because of their sexuality...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Auckland Cake Maker Refuses to Serve Same-Sex Couple
    Links: Express
  • British Government to Ban Conversion Therapy
    Links: Express
  • Early Māori Had Liberal View on Sexual Fluidity
    Links: Express
  • Mr. Gay World Jordan Bruno’s Journey
    Links: Express

Sun 9 Jul 2017

  • Krys Baker talks about MALGRA (Te Manawa Museum)
    Krys Baker talks about the early years of the Manawatu Gay Rights Association (MAGRA), its development into the Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MALGRA) and then talks about the Associations future
    Features: Krys Baker
  • MALGRA welcomed to Te Manawa Museum (Te Manawa Museum)
    Audio from the welcoming ceremony for the Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MALGRA) to Te Manawa Museum
    Features: Andy Lowe
  • Matt talks about MALGRA (Te Manawa Museum)
    Matt talks about the early years of the Manawatu Gay Rights Association (MAGRA), its development into the Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MALGRA) and then talks about its move to Te Manawa
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Rachel Hoskin - Butch: a photographic exploration (Te Manawa Museum)
    Rachel Hoskin talks about Butch: A Photographic Exploration, a social project of reaction to Butch women
    Features: Rachel Hoskin
  • In a radio interview National MP Chester Borrows says he has changed his mind on same-sex marriage (New Zealand)
    The departing Member of Parliament talks about how, after voting against Marriage Equality, now supports it. As celebrant he has married a gay couple
    Links: RNZ
  • Kiwi appears on first gay episode of UK dating show
    The first ever LGBT couple on Blind Date have been paired up together on the hit dating show in the UK...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • The curious case of Charles Mackay
    Former Whanganui mayor Charles Mackay, who served six years in prison for shooting a man who was blackmailing him, was the first New Zealander to come out as homosexual, says Wellington historian Paul Diamond...
    Links: RNZ

Thu 9 Jul 2015

  • Flashback to homosexual law reform
    A short video highlighting some of the people and actions during homosexual law reform in Aotearoa New Zealand (1985-1986).
    Features: Bill Logan, Glenda Gale, John Banks, Linda Evans, Norman Jones, Patricia Bartlett, Tighe Instone
  • ‘Straight Pride’ Logo Unveiled in Russia, Amid Reports The Rainbow Flag...
    Links: Express
  • 29th Anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform Marked
    Links: Express
  • Invitations to Submit Work For Rainbow Poetry Anthology Now Open
    Links: Express
  • The Gay is Gone – GABA Tweaks Its Name
    Links: Express
  • Women's events on the way for Wellington
    A mid-winter women’s dance and pair of film screenings are coming up in Wellington this month, and all women are welcome...

Wed 9 Jul 2014

  • Ask Agony Aunt Lisa – Pet Seperation
    Links: Express
  • Meet Your Community – Amanda Tito
    Links: Express
  • World Cup – Homosexual Abomination
    Links: Express
  • Penny Wong to speak at Wgtn lecture
    The first openly-lesbian member of the Australian Senate, Penny Wong, will be the special guest speaker at this year’s Peter Fraser Memorial Lecture...

Tue 9 Jul 2013

  • Di and Liz: smoother sailing
    After a long battle to conceive their beautiful twins, things were much smoother after the Harding family doubled in size...

Mon 9 Jul 2012

  • Allia - Q12
    Allia talks about being young and pansexual in 2012
  • Antica - Q12
    Antica talks about being young and lesbian in 2012
  • Lush and Legalise Love to stage "kiss in"
    Cosmetic company Lush has joined forces with marriage equality campaigners Legalise Love to stage a “kiss in” this Saturday...

Sat 9 Jul 2011

  • Woman admits stabbing ex's new partner
    A woman has reportedly admitted trying to kill a woman she found in bed with her female ex-partner, immediately after being released on bail by police...

Fri 9 Jul 2010

  • Williams caves in over C of E gay nomination
    Dr Jeffrey John The Church of England has abandoned the latest chance to appoint its first openly gay bishop after the Archbishop of Canterbury apparently caved into pressure from church conservatives in the UK and developing nations...

Thu 9 Jul 2009

  • Kiwis say 'Fuck You!' to homophobia
    New Zealand's own Big Gay Anti-Hate Video is now complete and ready to roll on YouTube...

Wed 9 Jul 2008

  • Six picks from the 2008 NZ International Film Festival
    The NZ International Film Fest starts in Auckland this week, and then heads across the country to 15 other locations...

Mon 9 Jul 2007

  • Tuesday TV's gay, lesbian and intersex stories
    A look at the issues affecting intersex people, an exploration of gay rural life in Northland, and a TV presenter decks himself out in leather – tomorrow night's television features stories from several walks of local LGBTI life...

Sun 9 Jul 2006

  • Television news report: 20th anniversary of homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include David Hindley, Fran Wilde and Metiria Turei. One news, ref F93717.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Wgtn: packed house for HLR party
    Pound nightclub in Wellington reverberated to the synthesized hits of the 80s, as over 500 revellers celebrated the 20th anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform...

Fri 9 Jul 2004

  • Television news report: New Zealand ranked worst in OECD for its small contribution to the global fight against HIV/AIDS (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include Bruce Waldin and Marian Hobbs. One news, ref F83489.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • 10 reasons to support the CU and Relationships bills

Wed 9 Jul 2003

  • Once Were Warriors meets The Rocky Horror Show
    "Once Were Warriors meets The Rocky Horror Show" is a bold tagline for a show, even for internationally-renowned local king of cabaret Mika, whose new show Mika Haka starts a limited run in Auckland from this Saturday 12 July...

Wed 9 Jul 1986

  • Part 1 of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill is narrowly passed by Parliament, 49 votes to 44 (New Zealand)
    Part 2 of the Bill dealing with anti-discrimination measures was lost on 16 April 1986.
    Links: Wikipedia
  • Television news report: the final vote for the Homosexual Law Reform Bill happens tonight (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include, Fran Wilde, Norman Jones and George Gair. Eyewitness news, ref F58077.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Tue 9 Jul 1974

  • Television report: the Prime Minister Norman Kirk will not support homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
    NZBC news, ref TZP86612. Kirk says he won't support any legislation that treats homosexuality as normal behaviour. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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