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MALGRA welcomed to Te Manawa Museum

Audio from the welcoming ceremony for the Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MALGRA) to Te Manawa Museum. MALGRA is New Zealand's longest running LGBTI rainbow rights and social organisation. It has been running since 1977.

A special thank you to MALGRA and Te Manawa Museum for allowing us to record this event and to Jac Lynch for recording it.

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The recording documents a welcoming ceremony of the Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MALGRA) at Te Manawa Museum, Palmerston North, that took place on July 9, 2017. Andy Lowe, the Chief Executive of Te Manawa Museum, addressed the gathering, noting the significance of the event coinciding with the international day of law reform in New Zealand. The ceremony celebrated MALGRA, an organization that has been a pioneering force in advocating for LGBTI rights since 1977.

The proceedings reflected on the milestones achieved by MALGRA, acknowledging its crucial contributions during challenging times within a conservative community. The audio captured the transitions and developments within the organization, from its origins to present actions geared towards visibility, community support, and celebration of its history. Rachel Hoskin, the then-president of MALGRA, detailed the organization's emphases on increasing its visibility, providing a hardship fund, and organising more community events. The hardships faced by the organization after closing Club Q—a safe space for the LGBTQI community—was also mentioned. Despite such challenges, the shift to Te Manawa Museum was viewed as a fresh opportunity to focus on community needs.

Hoskin emphasized the intense volunteer-led efforts to prepare for MALGRA’s 40th anniversary, highlighting the organization’s resilience and the strong bonds within the community that had enabled its longevity without paid personnel. In addition, the plans to hold anniversary events at Te Manawa Museum and the creation of exhibitions showcasing MALGRA's history were discussed. These exhibitions were intended to support the organization's visibility goals while also educating and engaging the wider community on the organization's extensive contributions over the years.

Throughout the speech, there was an expression of gratitude for the support and dedication of individuals, both from the local community of Palmerston North and those who traveled from places like Wellington for the event. The recording served as a testament to the progressive and inclusive intentions of the museum, embracing MALGRA's history and future endeavors. The earnest determination to continue promoting visible, positive change was a key theme reiterated by both speakers.

The audio recording ended with a note of thanks from Hoskin to Lowe and Te Manawa Museum for their support in helping to advance MALGRA's goals.

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Record date:9th July 2017
Location:Te Manawa Museum, Palmerston North
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004489).